11 thoughts on “GoliathCover

  1. um. i thought Dereyn was blonde? why does the hair under the cap look brown? is it like a diry blonde? or is the picture upposte look black and white-ish

  2. I to am quite confused. Deryn is Blond is she not? Also point of why I hate covers with photo real pictures of the characters–especially when there is sketch art in the book–this looks nothing like how I imagine them.

  3. Maybe some of you don’t know how textures and overlaying affects a photo; But it does make some things darker- Like her hair;
    Besides- blonde people do tend to have dark roots and eye brows. :]

  4. >:D Regardless of Deryn not being blonde, I think that it is brilliant and I am still counting down the days till I can hold the copy in my hand and scrutinize it myself.

  5. Think Positively guys! Blond/Brown haired Deryn is still manly enough to whip Alek’s but. No matter how tall he thinks he is on that box XD
    And yes, I as well cannot wait to get my hands on what I’m expecting to be the best book of the trilogy 🙂 XD

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