Justine Commits Bloggery

Justine, my wife, has been my great inspiration in going online. She had a website before me, has introduced me to most of the cool blogs I read, and has been my excellent web mistress for the last year. For this she has all my thanks, and so much love she would need buckets.

And now, at long last, she has her own blog. Which starts by revealing the way-cool cover of her next book, Magic Lessons. (Sequel to the fantabulous Magic or Madness.) Most authors don’t really have too much to do with their covers, but we actually took the pictures for this one:

But here is not the place for that story. Especially since all this online praise from me is as nothing . . . Justine gets plenty of that in the real world. All that matters now is a big hit count, and maybe lots and lots of comments.

So please go say hi to Justine.

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