So Yesterday in French! (with contest)

Just heard this morning that the new French publisher Panama has made an offer on So Yesterday.

The French have been very, very good to me. This is the fourth of my books to be published there, after Evolution’s Darling and Risen Empire/Killing of Worlds. I’ve gotten great reviews in mainstream papers like L’Express and Le Monde, and one of my translators won an award for his work on ED. Much more of this, and I will become the Mickey Rourke of science fiction. But you can’t argue with excellent Google-translated reviews like this.

Interestingly, the title of Evolution’s Darling was translated as L’I.A. et son double, or The A.I and Its Twin. This has historical precedents in a whole sub-theme of French titling, most famously The Theatre and Its Twin, by Atonin Artaud.

This whole weird title-transaltion thing reminds me of when I first got to college. I was on the same floor as a woman from Italy. Whenever we talked about American films, she would crack us up with the literal translations of the Italian release titles. All I remember is that Airplane was called “The Craziest Airplane in the World.”

After learning this, my friends and I spent the next four years refering to all movies this way.
The Godfather became “The Craziest Family in the World.”
Jaws: “The Craziest Fish in the World.”
Terminator: “The Craziest Cyborg in the World.”
All the President’s Men: “The Craziest Quaker in the World.”

So here’s a contest for you all: The first commentor to correctly guess the name of So Yesterday in French will win:
a) A signed copy of the trade paperback edition of So Yesterday, or;
b) If you already own SY, you can have whatever else you want (that’s on my author’s copy shelf).

Only one guess per commentor!

My guess is “The Craziest Cool-Hunter in the World.”

Note: I don’t know what the title will be yet. So the contest will end when the translator and publishers make up their mind.

Bon chance!

19 thoughts on “So Yesterday in French! (with contest)

  1. Um, “It’s serious at Club Serious”?

    A sheepish request: please provide literal English translation for those of us who are devastatingly monolingual.

  2. I am going with something simple: Très Hier

    Very Yesterday

    I know it’s not very creative, but my french is aweful! 🙂

  3. Since I didn’t take French either (or is it Freedom now?) I don’t know that I can give a faithful translation. I found it on a BBC website of French slang, and as best I can tell it’s the type of thing one says if something is out of fashion. (They said it loosely means “boring”.)

  4. The website I visited had this to say:

    “Again it can be used on its own, in which case it means boring, sad, awful: Les boy bands, c’est grave de chez grave. Also after another expression: J’ai pris une claque grave de chez grave.

    I just did a google on ‘BBC French slang’ and found that under Music…

  5. I’ll go with “Depeche Mode,” which is French for “Fast Fashion,” and would be rather appropriate here, plus it’ll hitch a free ride on a certain popular music combo.

  6. oops, translation: Very Unfashionable.

    They’ll probably go with a more fashionable title though. hehe

  7. Super Passe, which needs an accent grave on the last e, but I am too dense to do that on this computer, sorry. Means ‘very unfashionable’ as well, though I wouldn’t take my word for it. I like ‘Sacre Bleu!’ very much, too, as a title. And congratulations on the wonderful news!

  8. Je chasse cool, cool me chasse

    “I hunt cool, cool hunts me,” with the naughty/trendy anglicized use of cool instead of detendu or whatever the hardcore “protectors” of French would use.

    I don’t know how to do accents and diacriticals and so on in a Windows environment, sorry.

  9. Check that shinizzle out, I misspelled my own name! Also didn’t mean to capitalize the “j” in “Je,” because lower case is so hot with the french kidz.

  10. just curious…isn’t there a word in French that means So? I know Malay and Chinese both have a word for it…but I don’t take French.

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