I Live to Horse

Sorry for the lame posting rate these days. Wiscon, supposedly three days long, has expanded for Justine and I to an entire week. It started last Thursday morning at 4:19, then came the trip to Taliesin, and then the next five days seem to have been spent in the Governors’ Club, as far as I can remember. (And as far as photographic evidence suggests.)

That’s all well and good, in fact, it was an excellent week. But after such a schmooze-fest, the last thing I needed was to return to NYC and find myself in . . . another schmooze-fest. Yes, but Book Expo America waits for no man to recover, and it’s all publishing parties all the time here in the Big Apple. Even though my schoozing clothes are still at the dry cleaners.

I’m signing tomorrow at 3:30, in a t-shirt. Still, it’s the first time I’m seting foot in a big book fair, which is quite exciting.

Other good things since our return: Justine won a book at the litblog party, and when we got back Wednesday night, I found that ex-patriot Lawrence Schimel had brought me two copies of El Empirio Elevado from Madrid. For which he is much thanked.

Surely even the most monolingual among us will recognize that as the Spanish title for Risen Empire. Yay, Spain! I really like the strangely light-hearted colors of this cover. It makes me glad that every country has different ideas of what sf books should look like.

The Spanish reviews seem pretty good. And although I know at an intellectual level that Google tranlsations are a cheap shot, but I can’t resist posting this author bio:

Scott Westerfeld is one of the authors of the sort with more literary quality at the present time. In fact, one of its novels was selected by the New York Times like the best one of the year, by its care of the personages, the attention to the language, and its eagerness to create histories full of rate and sense of the wonder. It was born in Texas and lives to horse between New York and Sidney.

Yes, I do live to horse. But for the moment, I live to schmooze.

13 thoughts on “I Live to Horse

  1. Huh?

    There was a fake David Moles posting. (The one who can’t spell, with no link on his name.) He will be dealt with soon, because all sf writers have mad skilled hacker friends. Ignore him.

    Accept no substitutes!

  2. Mine neither, but the upside is, if it isn’t, I’ll never know.

    So far the only books I’ve read cover-to-cover in Spanish have been Neuromancer (Neuromante) and the first Harry Potter (— y la piedra filosofal). (Okay, and a children’s book called Los animales no se visten. The pictures were cute.) It seemed to me at the time that Neuromancer’s Spanish prose wasn’t as good as the original and Harry Potter‘s was better, but I think that might just be because Spanish uses more long words.

  3. I start taking spnish classes this year. I was actually suppose to take them this year but descided to wait until i was a sophmore.(I’m in high school)

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