Library Event, Uglies in French

First, some event news.

On Tuesday, July 12, Justine and I will be appearing at the Donnel Library in New York City. This is a Teen Central event, which means that only people 12-18 are allowed in. (No littlies or crumblies.)

We’ll be talking about Magic or Madness and Uglies, and generally attempting to be entertaining. Here’s where it is:

Donnell Library Center
20 West 53rd Street
(212) 621-0619.

In other news, Pocket Books in France has made an offer on the Uglies trilogy.

Yay, France! They have now taken all three Uglies books, plus So Yesterday, Evolution’s Darling, and The Risen Empire. They are now ahead of all non-US countries in publishing my work, including Britain and my adopted Australia.

Also, I get great press there. So, I’m like the Mickey Rourke of science fiction, or something.

People studying French, what will the title be?

10 thoughts on “Library Event, Uglies in French

  1. The Mickey Rourke link is to laugh with much mirth. He is the “largest actor” of his generation” . . . “He trembles much”! I know, I know, laughing at google translations is very much of the cheap chot. But, I don’t care, it’s funny.

  2. Maybe Pas si joli (not so pretty) but probably, laid (Ugly). I know that was incredibly unoriginal, but I seem to be experiencing a rash of that lately. 🙂

  3. If I could spell in english I might have had a chance of spelling in french –
    Degolas – slang faul/ bad/ prehaps ugly – spelling someone ?

  4. Vos registre être bien écrit-and it would be perhaps Affreux (dreadful, hard on the eyes, ect.)?

  5. Dios Mios. Yo no se Frances. Sigh. Poor little ol’ cubanita me stuck in the midst of people who know how to speak French. Any word about it coming out in Spanish? I wish I had known about the French book, ’cause I was just in France. I coulda looked for it. That is, if it was already out. OH! I might just be slow on the news, but did you just mention that there was to be THREE Uglie books????? SHARE!!!!! I got hooked ever since I stole my friends copy! But then again, she stole my fave skirt and my head phones, so it’s really self-inflicted. So what is the 3rd book called????? Share!!!!!! Or else I might have to go all salsa and meringue on you (and don’t even get me started on the tango!)!!!!!!!!! ok…..calm down…..So yeah. Be warned. Love y’all! (did I mention I’m also southern? If southerners are called crackers [sometimes], and I’m also cuban…then that makes me…..a cuban cracker! HA! those are really tasty….They’re like really ultra yummy sweet-ish salty-ish round ritz crackers….but not really Ritz crackers. Even batter. Wasn’t I going to leave????? I lost my train of thought… >_

  6. * I meant better when I said that cuban crackers are batter. DUH! They don’t play baseball!

  7. Mary-The third Uglies book is called SPECIALS. Or at least it’s supposed to be. It’s changed a couple of times already. Let you know for sure when its, like, written.

    Everyone else-The titles isn’t “Ugly,” it’s “Uglies.” We need plurals, people!

  8. HA! I already feel more speacial and important now that I know what the 3rd book is! Ah-te-he!!!!

  9. The french word for ‘ugly’ is ‘laid’ or ‘laide’ (which is the feminine adjective) I’m not possitive and I don’t know how to change french adj to french nouns but I guess you could add an ‘s’ at the end and throw a ‘les’ in front which would be ‘Les Laids’. Though, after 3 years of highschool french I’ve come to learn that french translation usually isn’t literal so it will most likely be something obscure.

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