Gone to Scotland

Like the rest of the Tribe, I’m headed off to Scotland for the World Science Fiction Convention. Worldcon will consist of about 6,000 of us skiffy-heads talking about the death of publishing, the probable shape of the future, and the state of Scottish cuisine. And possibly we’ll also be drinking beer.

I may or may not be posting much, but like all such affairs, Worldcon will be extensively photoblogged, warblogged, and real-time transcribed. Five minute’s research will no doubt turn up embarrassing photos of me or any other sf writer you’d care to google.

Actually, it doesn’t start until next Thursday, but in the meantime we’ll be staying in London with Justine’s sister Niki and our pals Lauren and Andrew. Have to make up for all those lost tourism dollars, bravely ride the underground, stiff upper lip and all that.

Here’s my Worldcon schedule:

Thursday 8:00pm The Military – Getting It Right
Does it matter if we don’t get the equipment right? Is it ok for fictional military characters to sound like boy scouts? Is there a military ethic that we have a duty to get right? What matters to readers in uniform? With Simon Bradshaw (M), Paul Chafe, Richard Morgan, Scott Westerfeld, and Karen Traviss.

Ever since I wrote the space operatic Risen Empire, I’ve been put on military panels. This topic is a bit more focused than most, however, and look interesting. Of course, the answer to all the question depends on what you mean by the military: Imperial storm troopers grown in a vat? Or 19-year-old reservists with Arab phrase books trying to quell 4,000 years of Babylonian bloodshed?

Friday 11:00am Why Write for Children/YA?
A recent advertisement for a Canadian first novel award included the line “if you have previously written children’s books, you are still eligible.” With that kind of attitude, why do we bother? With Julie Bertagna, Oisin McGann, Janet McNaughton, Sharyn November (M), Scott Westerfeld, Jane Yolen.

Dude, I’m on a panel with Jane Yolen! This should be fun, although the petulant tone of the description strikes me as odd. Didn’t they get the memo about how YA rules the world? And how everyone and their dog is switching over? (Except Walter Mosely’s dog, who’s writing a science fiction novel. Sucker.)

Saturday 1:00pm Autographing
Me and James P. Hogan, Justina Robson, Liz Williams, and Charles Stross.

Monday 11:30am-12:00pm. Reading
I’ll probably read from Risen Empire, seeing as that’s my only book out in the UK this year. Uglies doesn’t reach those shores until spring 2006.

That’s it. The rest of the time I can be found in the bar. You know, that bar in Scotland.

Church sign courtesy of the Church Sign Generator.

7 thoughts on “Gone to Scotland

  1. Oh my god, you found the church sign generator too?!?! Me and everyone at this Idina Menzel forum have been having so much fun with that this week! We’ve mostly just been having fun with stupid Idina inside jokes, thus these two:

    Fun things, those church signs are.

    Anyway, I’ve always wanted to go to Glasgow. I wrote a short story that took place there once…. okay, it wasn’t that short really. But whatever. Have fun with your busy schedule… in SCOTLAND! *

  2. Sigh. Gerard Butler was born in Glasgow (the movie-phantom from phantom of the opera). Oh, and what’s scottland’s deal with Science fiction authors? (No offence scott- the title doesn’t give you justice). I swear, so many are either from scottland, their stories are based in scottland, or often visit scottland. I’ll have to look into this. Wait….HA! SCOTTland! I made a funny! (lol)

  3. It seems to me that you’re very proud of the fact that you get the chance to visit a Scottish bar. Are all authors on-the-verge alchoholics? (don’t tell me, I know the answer)

  4. We’re here in Glasgow and having a great time. Lots of beautiful Rennie Mackintosh architecture to see. Haven’t really hit the con yet, except to register. Did meet my British editor fro the first time, though, a random encounter in a pedestrian overpass.

    First panel’s tonight.

    Scottish food is excellent so far! Had the most amazing beer last night . . .

    Are all authors on-the-verge alchoholics?

    No, we never drink. That Hemingway fellow was all talk.

  5. I would kill to go to Worldcon.* Lucky, lucky dog. Did you dress up any? And if so, do we get to see pictures?

    Sheesh, Scott. Do _all_ your friends have websites? I like Justine’s a lot, by the way–I’m going to track down _The Battle of the Sexes…_ soon.

    *Not a person. Any kind of invertibrate, reptile, or amphibian, yes, because they’re not very good at making pleading eyes. I’d only kill a mammal if it was a relatively painless way of killing, and it wasn’t an animal I was closely attatched to.

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