Drunken Skeleton

To my continuing series of Things I Will Miss In Mexico, allow me to add Skeletal Bathroom Tile Guy!

Our whole baño here is tiled with fanciful tiles, but none is more fanciful than Skeletal Bathroom Tile Guy. His most popular tile, in which he rides a bicycle, happens to be exactly at eye level (seated). It thus lends itself to dutiful contemplation, including such questions as:

1. Is a skeleton riding a bike funny enough? (No, it has to be a drunken skeleton!)
2. Is the skeleton wearing a hat, or some sort of bubble-making device? (Oh, right. It’s a hat. Those bubbles are drunkenness.)
3. Is the skeleton smiling? Laughing? Screaming in a terrifying way? Singing drunkenly?
4. Am I really sitting here contemplating a skeleton?

But wait, there’s more! Skeletal Bathroom Tile Guy doesn’t just ride bicycles. He also plays football:

Oddly, American-style football, not the local gooooooal-oriented version.

And he engages in wrestling-type activities with his friends:

(At least, I hope wrestling is what this is. Unless it’s that really cool Brazilian martial-arts dance invented by guys in chains. Nah, probably wrestling.)

But best of all, Skeletal Bathroom Tile Guy is a totally cool surfer dude:

So as I contemplate returning to my drab America bathroom with its non-delirious tiles, I know that I will miss him.

Hasta luego, Skeletal Bathroom Tile Guy!

PS. Kids, don’t ride bikes drunk. Also, wear a real helmet, not a comical hat, even if it does make bubbles. Skeletal Bathroom Tile Guy doesn’t have to worry about safety issues because, you know, he’s already dead.

3 thoughts on “Drunken Skeleton

  1. i think you should hit the market and see if there’s anyone there selling skeletal bathroom guy tiles. wouldn’t it be cool to pry a tile out of every bathroom you visit in the next year and insidiously grout in a skeletal bathroom guy, somewhere below eye level and out of reach of your commonly lazy housekeeper?

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