Pretties is OUT!

A trip to my local Barnes & Noble today reveals that PRETTIES IS OUT! On the local favorites table, there was a stack of ten, right between Eragon and Sisterhood of the Unwashed Pants.

And I also hear that Amazon is shipping them right now.
Excellent . . .

And now as part of Pretties Week, a quick note on fun with facial symmetry.

In Uglies, there’s a scene in which Tally and Shay choose which side of their faces is prettier, and use that side to base their future pretty-face on.

You see, everyone’s face has two different sides, but the pretties in my world have perfectly symmetrical features. So the two sides are exactly the same. Scientists think that symmetrical faces are more attractive (to most people) because major differences between the left and right half of your face can result from malnutrition and other developmental problems. Attraction to symmetrical faces is evolution’s way of steering you toward well developed mates.

But it’s really fun to see what you’d look like with symmetrical features. Take a picture of yourself, then take one side and flip it over. However, as the result above shows, you have to get a good, straight-on photo. And as these pictures from a Regents Exam Facial Symmetry activity page show, make sure NOT to tilt your head when taking facial symmetry photos!

Because this:

can turn into this:

Which is not a good look.

28 thoughts on “Pretties is OUT!

  1. Here is the conundrum I face, Mr. Westerfeld. Either read your book or do a writing marathon to get out my next proposal. Can I wait for December for more Tally? (Maybe I’ll have my boyfriend buy it and hide it somewhere, though that failed miserably with Peeps.)

  2. “Did you get all tingly when you saw Pretties in the wild for the first time?”

    Most of the tingle came from the placement: dead center in the “Local Favorites” table, and ten books high. I can’t act too blase, because I did go into the store just to see if they were there . . .

    “Can I wait for December for more Tally?”

    Well, you could look at it as an investment in not having to wait as long for Specials. (Which comes out May 2006. What am I, a machine?)

    And as an update, the Slush God has blessed us with a symmetrical image of his holy and slushy visage:

    To which I say again: Make sure your head is not tilted in the original photo!

  3. I’ve been looking forward to reading Pretties ever since I read Uglies, which I learned about on……Uglies is one of the greats

  4. Congrats on pretties scott! And about that midnighters series, im a little bummed out, because i started reading midnighters like a few years ago, right when it came out. But now its years later, and im almost an adult,…so its like i have to wait for blue moon to come out next year and by then I will just feel to old to read the series 🙁 🙁 But I know i will still read it becuase I wont be able not to rip it off a shelf somewhere. And scott you really are a writing machine. Im not sure who writes more books in one year, You or Laurell K. Hamilton. Good luck with Pretties sales

  5. whoa. it’s already out?!? man i freaking to my mom tonight just because i thought it was only 3more days til it came out but it’s already out!!! i know what i’m buying tomorrow.


  6. Ohmygosh!! Pretties is already out?!? I thought it wasn’t coming out for like, another five days!!! -shquealsie-
    I picked up Uglies as a random find at the library when we were about to leave, and I just grabbed something. And boy – did I grab the right grab!! Ever since then I’ve ventured into all of your other series and I think that you are the best author /ever/. Hands down. You are incredible, and everyone I know loves you.
    Now I am off to go run to Borders and get Pretties before it’s all sold out!! Mucho congratulations, you are a fantastic author, and keep writing forever and forever and forever!!

  7. Scott,

    First off, you are an amazing writer. I’ve only read one book, but every one knows that I couldn’t put it down!

    The librarian came into the 2nd hour Honor’s English class and said that since we were the Honor’s kids, we got first pick of what books we wanted to rent out of the library. (we had a Book Fair just recently, and we kept/bought a LOT of books) Well, I walked into the library and looked on the shelves. I had barely started to scan when I saw “Uglies”. I don’t know how it attracked to me, but it did. I picked it up and read the back. I was so … intruiged so I rented it out of the library.

    It usually takes me forever to read a book. But, I couldn’t put this one down. My teachers let me read in class while they talked because they knew I loved it so much, and I’m a good student. 😉 Well, I finished it in the first week I’d rented it out.

    When I read the preview for Pretties, I walked into the library the next day and told McGee (My favorite Librarian, best friend) that he HAD to order the next book in the series because I HAD to know what happened.

    Once again, Scott, you are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to read ALL of your books. Trust me, it’s one of my goals now to read all of your books.

    Keep it real.


    ps. I have no clue what you meant by “Mail”, so I put my address. Was it supposed to be my e-mail address?

    Oh yeah, I’m telling everyone to read your books. 🙂

  8. I got Uglies from a book club booklet with a few other books. It looked like the most interseting and I read it first and loved it! I was trilled to hear there would be another and even more excited when I found the first chapter in the back! Because we had a book week this week and I got 3 books,I don’t think my parents will let my get another so soon (especially with exams coming up!) but I can’t wait until I’m allowed to get my own copy!

  9. Thanks to everyone for all the kind, kind words on this post. I hope you all know that I read and enjoy them.

    It’s always exciting to have a new book come out, but it’s even better when I get comments like these.

  10. Heya Scott!
    Pretties – the US paperback edition – hit us yesterday as part of a big airfreight shipment (not sure when the Oz edition is due – think it’s a few months away!). Very exciting 🙂

  11. Excellent, Ron. Glad you’re importing the pure stuff. The Oz version of UGLIES won’t be around until April, I hear, so who knows when PRETTIES will come out . . .

  12. I just got Pretties yesterday and finished it minutes ago. I must say, it is amazing. The books I read are either of the trashy teen variety or something science fiction and totally nerdy. I think your Pretties/Uglies/Specials series is really a hybrid of the two genres, (only more intelligent than trashy) and therefore PERFECT for me. I really love the cover of Uglies, I think that girl is gorgeous. The cover of Pretties is kind of creepy because they are so perfect looking, but I guess that’s the point. I’m pretty excited to see what kind of cover you decided on for Specials. Will it be a cruel pretty? I’m interested to see what that looks like. Anyways, just dropping a line to let you know your work is fab.

  13. hey, i got Pretties yesterday and might i say i can’t put it down its amazing how i just did awhile ago. And also i can’t wait for the Specials but i haven’t even finished with the Pretties, weird. Anyways i can’t wait till i finish the book though it will be sad and i’ll have to wait a long time like last time but its worth the wait.

  14. Fiona: Yes the cover of Specials will be a Special. I don’t have the final say (the Sales department does) but there have been many emails back and forth about what Special Circumstances agents look like. I’m cautiously optimistic.

    Natalie: Yeah, I know what you mean about being kind of sad when you finish a book. It’s even worse when you’re writing one! Like a world just ended . . .

  15. Hey, Scott-ja!
    (Rachel says hi!)
    I cannot wait for Specials to come on!
    The ending of Pretties almost made me cry, I just finished it tonight.

  16. I just took my daughter to Barnes and Noble so she could get a book to read on our vacation and we came across “Pretties” in the new release section. What grabbed us was the cover! That’s my nephew on the cover!
    Now my dughter has the book to show all her friends and it will go around the school like crazy! We can’t wait to read it now.

  17. BOUGHT IT!!!!! Well technically im not supposed to know bc my parenst got it for me for my birthday……oh well

  18. I’m really creeped out right now…is there another person named Fiona here? or am I experiencing a bout of amnesia? I didn’t write that post…cue the theme music from the Twilight Zone!!! me and my melodrama -.-

  19. I picked up my copy of The Uglies at our school’s bookfair about the same time one of my students checked our hers from the shelf. We have been completely enthralled by your world! I’ve been dying for my student to finish reading hers so we could talk about it, and in the meanwhile I picked up The Pretties (last copy on the shelf, phew!) and read it over the weekend. FINALLY she finishes and all she has to say is, “I hated the ending! Did you bring Pretties for me to read?” Of course she didn’t really mean she hated it–just a bummer things to happen to a character you are rooting for. Personally I am irritated that I can’t get my next fix until…when? Please, please, please don’t tell me I have to wait too long for The Specials! Guess I’ll just have to check out your other stuff. You have a couple of new fans–and I’m sure we’ll have half the 8th grade hooked soon. Thanks for some great dystopia reading!

  20. now i officially finished the book yesterday. It was sad at the end, but its more sadder that i have nothing to read now…maybe i’ll get a copy of Peeps next time i stop at the barnes and nobles.

  21. i just finished Uglies. It was a great book and very interesting. I’m looking forward to getting Pretties only because i’m in love with your books. I wasn’t sure if it was out or not but it is, apparently. Well, you’re books are really awesome- by the way, i’m only in 7th grade. i can hardly wait until the next book in the series comes out- if there is another one.. i just started getting interested in your books only because i’ve just discovered them.

  22. I’m almost done with Pretties (I finally got around to going to the bookstore yesterday). I love it so far. Uglies was really surprising to me. I’m not sure where I heard about it, but when I did, I thought, “wow, that’s our society in a hundred years, for sure.” And I also didn’t intend to read it at first, since sci-fi is SO not my thing (my favorite book ever is Jennifer Donnely’s A Northern Light)… but I turned out to really love Uglies. I can’t wait until I finish Pretties. Then I can’t wait for Specials!

  23. Personally, I think the cover of Pretties is much less appealing than the front cover of Uglies. The girl has a very intense expression on her face, and the fire red hair really makes her look even less appealing. I think that a more naturally pretty face would have been more appealing, something like the cover to Uglies, but with a change in the face. Sorry if I sound negative, but I am just stating my opinion. 😀 I do love the Uglies series, I finished Uglies withing a day of buying it, and I’m almost done with Pretties! Keep up the good work.

  24. i love your books. plain and simple. i’ve read Uglies and Pretties, I got the first copy in the library at my school because I requested it. The librarian brought it to me in class while I was working on something. I started reading it at lunch that day. And, I did cry when I finished Pretties. It was such a surprising ending. I don’t think I can wait too long to read Specials. It might kill me, but I think I’ll read some of your other books. Well keep up the good writing, you’re books are like my life. My friends called me a nerd because I would rather read your book than do whatever they were doing.

  25. Thanks to you all for posting! And for all your kind words.

    Funny how many people feel sad at the end of PRETTIES. I’m always that way with a really good book too. But the funny thing is, when I finish WRITING a book, it’s even WORSE! This whole world I’ve been investing yourself in completely crumbles . . .

    But it cheers me up when you guys read it and say you really enjoyed it.


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