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Sorry it’s been so long between posts. But we’re in a new apartment with no internet (argh!). At least we’ve got a phone now.

NEWS FLASH: Our new apartment in Sydney rocks! It’s big and bright and in a really cool neighborhood.

Here’s the view from where I’ve been writing The Last Days, the sequel to Peeps:

That’s downtown Sydney, the Centrepoint Tower is the spaceship-looking thing, and of course that’s a great big exhaust fan. (It’s kind of industrial around these parts.) We can walk to the Sydney Opera House in about 40 minutes, which is how all distances in Australia are measured, by law.

The whole neighborhood is full of cool sights and sounds, and I can’t wait to start exploring.

Meanwhile, thanks for all your great guesses (and general hilarity) in the mighty movie thread. As soon as we get solid internet in house, I’ll be posting the name of the book!

See you then.

30 thoughts on “New View

  1. Congrats on the new flat, even with the exhaust fan view!

    I spent my Thanksgiving vacation finishing off Uglies, then charged through Pretties and Peeps in about three days. Good news is I thoroughly enjoyed all three. Bad news is I’m out of reading material and jonesing for the sequels.

    I suppose I could give Midnighters a try next…

  2. Yay new apartment!

    Are there lots of stairs? I’m on the fourth floor of my building, and it involves stares frequently, whenever the elevator is being tetchy.

    *is excited to hear about the movie deal*

    Everybody’s making movies of their books these days. Inkheart and Eragon are turning into movies soon, too. Meh. Yours’ll be way cooler than theirs, I guarantee.

    Good luck on getting the internet back!

    ..and it’s amusing that people write comments about you instead of -to- you. Hee.

  3. Is there a reason that this entry was filed, not only under Writing and Publishing, but PEEPS also???

    Is that a hint as to which book it actually is?! Do tell!

    By the by, congrats on the new digs – love the view.


  4. Hi, Scott,

    I just wanted to tell you that since my cousin Katie is an all-but-doctorate in parasitology, I brought PEEPS over for Thanksgiving. She read it in a day, and informed me that she enjoyed it very much, that all the parasite info was accurate, and that when she got to the part where the cat’s eyes shone red in the flashlight beam, my parents’ cat Chestnut, who was purring on her chest at the time, looked up and stared at her with great glowing eyes. Katie was referring to the cats (my parents have six) as “peeps” all weekend.

  5. oh i cant wait to till u get internet back

    cool new apartment, nice view too.

    *dies of anxiety while waiting to here name of the book that will be a movie

  6. Ah, reading peeps before you sleep isn’t such a great idea. Particularly when your cat’s eyes really DO look red sometimes.
    Pretties was great. I convinced my friends to read Pretties and Uglies, and after some initial skepticism, everyone is hooked. It’s going to be a long wait until specials.

  7. I read Peeps, Uglies, Pretties, and both Midnighters thus I am now obsessed with any Westerfeld novel. I had my friends read Uglies and most of them really liked it, although Mary just can’t get Scott’s wrtitng style, it bothers her. Ah well, I still love the books.

    As far as the movie, I’m shivering with contained excitment that will most likely burst forth in a wave of frenzied cheering reverberating throughout my household when the title is released. I’m that happy.

  8. We need more midnighters fans on here! and amanda, when I read your post above mine I right away thought of an orgasm! So lets all give our round of excited orgasms for the new upcoming movie title and for scott westerfeld for writing these brilliant books. 🙂

  9. Can’t he get in trouble for that? I mean, I’m not calling the cops, but….I can just picture that now, the parents all “Excuse me, Mr. Police man? This book is giving my child ‘naughty feelings!'”

    – BXH

    P.S. You forgot to punctuate, sistah!!!

  10. Y’know what’s ever more awkward? Saying “children” or “child” in the same sentance as “orgasm.” *is feeling awkward* ^_^

  11. Alright, lets all sit here and feel awkward now. *Is also feeling awkward even though I didn’t say “child” in the same sentence as “orgasm”…nevermind*

    P.S.S. …DAMN IT!

  12. i JUST FINISHED PEEPS and i think that’s my favorite book written by you scott, except for the lovely information you provided about all those parasites, because now you’ve got me terrified. I’ve gotten quite a few (what an undertstaement) mosquito bites throughout my lifetime, and who knows, thirty years from now that parasite with the funny name could suddenly strike. Thanks for making me paranoid. j/k You have much better male characters than female characters and I’d love to meet this Cal Thompson. Sounds really cute. Even if he says ‘nummies’ and is already taken by Lace. Damn you Lace. I thought the most hilarious part out of the entire book was when after Cal had captured PNS in the spaghetti strainer, every reference Cal made to the rat was followed by a message from the rat like “I WILL BE AVENGED!” I cracked up like crazy. Maybe I’d been inhaling too much white-out (the smell is intoxicating) but the rat is HILARIOUS. And I love fat cats, especially giving them belly rubs. It’s unfortunate that Peeps won’t be made into a movie. If it were, one of the guys from the show ‘Supernatural’ should play Cal. They’re both attractive and can deal with horror. Particularly Jensen Ackles, who Ive seen in a cowboy hat and let me tell you, he owns the Texas cowboy thing. Also, your description of the worm in Peeps is almost identical to tht huge blobby monster you see in the trailers for the blockbuster failure “Doom” (didn’t mean to refer to it like that lol), or that brainsucking creature in Starship Troopers, so if Peeps IS made into a movie, those two creatures can be taken into consideration. I kinda rambled didn’t I? ANYWAY…LOVE THE BOOK…KEEP EM COMING

  13. My daughter loves your books the only one she hasn’t read is midnighter’s #2. I was wondering if you had the book if i can pay you to sign one and ship it to me how much it would cost cause that is the only thing she wants for christmas is a signed copy of Midnighter’s # 2. Thank you.

  14. Dude! I just called him Scotty not a moment ago! And same situation with the vampire thing. *nods* Lets go have a party and stalk someone.

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