So zombies won the Eurovision Song Contest last night.

Finnish zombies!


I have proof:

Okay, so many readers of this blog are Americans, and mostly have no clue what the Eurovision Song Contest is. But you have to admit, it has created possibly the Best Television Screen Capture in HISTORY!

To comprehend the contest go here. For an account of the Finns’ reactions go here, and for the profane ravings of Lordi fans, try here.

I have to get on a twenty-four-hour plane ride that starts in one hour, and I’ll be chuckling all the way.

Zombies are good. Zombies who win song contests are priceless.

That is all.

47 thoughts on “Victory!!!

  1. Yeah, I’m clueless.
    …But you know, zombies ARE cool. So are pirates.
    Plus, today is a cool day. I am number 3!!!

  2. have fun on your flight- even tho long flights are horrible. landing is the best part! i have never been on a 24 hr flight, the longest i’ve been on is 12 and that was horroble- so i am V.v. sorry!

  3. Word flying is fun but only to an extent 3 hour flights are enough for me. 24 hour flight… yuck. Not like you can sleep the whole flight either. I’d get so restless but hey the plus side is you have time to start writing midnighters #4
    wink wink.

  4. Lordi? But Lordi sucks! Ah well, good for them, I guess. At least it wasn’t one of the legions of pop preformers. They’re like the european version of Gwar… only they’re gimmick is zombies, not aliens. But oh well, coulda been worse. Better Lordi then Russia. Or that Ukrainean-Shakira-clone. *shudder* If they had to send Metal from Finland I would’ve prefered Children of Bodom, but, you can’t always get what you want. Congrats Lordi.

  5. To think I spent an entire month last summer hanging out with my cousin’s Finnish penpal Mirka and she said not a word of Lordi, zombies, or Eurovision Song Contest! Totally brain-missing. But she did enjoy sleeping an usual amount, so maybe she hadn’t been clued in. *shrugs* She did introduce me into Zen Cafe, though. And they’re pretty cool.

  6. Well I’m clueless about the zombies… But they are cool looking I suppose.
    Chynna brings up a good point, pirates are cool. Saw the preview for Pirates of the Carribean 2 today, will be out July 7th. Anyone else looking forward to it? =P

    Have fun on your flight, Scott! Wow, 24 hours eh? The longest flight I’ve been on was 12 hours and that wasn’t much fun.
    BTW, is Midnighers a trilogy or just a series? If it’s a trilogy, then yes you definetely will have time to be convinced to start writing the 4th one. *nods*

  7. I’m afraid I don’t agree with you at all about the coolness of this news, Scott. I think it’s a sign of the Apocalypse coming (Zombie Apocalypse, probably, or at least of televoting messing up everything that is remotely, marginally good about television. I actually cried when Lordi’s winning turned out to be inevitable, and I’m not even that fond of the crazy old Eurovision Song Contest. Just homesick for Johnny Logan… Bugger televoting and its stupid results.

  8. zombies?I was watching with a friend and she said they were orcs. *shrugs* she wasn’t wearing her glasses so meh.

  9. Lol, orcs. So LOTR! But zombies are much cooler. Much, MUCH cooler.
    I love that picture. Anyone looking at it would totally be like, ‘Um, ok, zombies taking over the world?’
    Or they would just say, ‘Meh, it’s Finland.’
    Am I the only one who really likes going on plane rides? Especially long ones??? I just really like watching all the movie and playing games! Heh.

  10. As one Lordi fan quoted: “it’s the Arockpocalypse!!!” Wow. And I though American Idol had a crazy following. Didja see on the Wikipedia page that the US of A might get it’s own version? Huh, I doubt our version will have zombies…sigh.

  11. This has nothing to do with the post. But….

    My name is Elizabeth Tsygan. I am writing my research report for English class based upon you. I already read your bio and many others posted about the web along with interviews you have given. However there are still a few questions that, if you have the time, I would like answered.

    1. Who was your greatest influence as a child? as an adult?
    2. What made you want to write? (between ghostwritting and now)
    3. Your books are amazing and usually based on the fact the society isn’t all that great. Is this your personal opinion or did you base it upon someone elses? (ex. Uglies Series, kind of based roughly on the Giver by Lois Lowry) (Yes I read too much for my own good )

    I’m sure more will arise as my research continues. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and respond (if you are able to) to my e-mail. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    Elizabeth Scarlet Tanya Tsygan

  12. hey i like pirates of the Caribbean too! and long plane rides…..oh and Elizabeth Scarlet brings up a good point about The Giver- i recently finished reading The Big Empty by JB Stephens. I don’t know if anybody else has read it but it’s so identical to your book , Scott. I think it’s a series too. Anyway, the plot is of a virus called Strain 7 taking over the people. In the book, the virus has already killed millions of people n the US that the government has evacuated everyone in the middle of the country so no one’s allowed in. The government became a dictatorship and now there are seven kids going to a place called Novo Mundum, kinda like The Smoke(but the smoke is so much better). In the book, it was said that there was once another place but the government found out about it, killed everyone and told the people that those who were in that tiny community were making nuclear bombs and intended to use it on the US( pretty crazy making huh?) Anyway, the book was pretty interesting but nothing compared to yours. (since you ARE my favorite author)
    oh, and those zombies do look like orcs….

  13. yeah orcs with rotting faces! ohhh freaky. anywho. did any of you guys ever see ‘the village’? you know, the movie with the scary things in red? well i read a book in 5th grade called ‘running out of time’ and it was exactally like that. it makes me sad when people rip off ideas, but mabey they weren’t ripping it off…they just think alike.

  14. i read that book and watched that movie and i quess they were alike in a lot of ways but i don’ think peolple just rip off ideas either……..i think people get their opinions from resources and put their own ideas into their own work….something like that……

  15. hey they’re finnish what do you expect? Not to mention zombies, and if you didn’t know the prefered drink of zombies is pepsi.

  16. *MOUNTAIN DEW* lol, pepsi sucks, and i don’t think zombies have a good sense of taste, so therefore they cannot b trusted with what tastes good, lol
    and think that book sound interestin, but mostly, all books are about the way the author writes, so even if the movie or books are the same, it depends on how it is made, and in my opinion, the village sucked, and anything scott writes rocks, lol, another known fact here, L O L!

  17. Omygosh, everyone is totally reading my mind right now. :S
    First with Elizabeth Scarlet: I was totally thinking of The Giver after I read Uglies. PLUS my english teacher actually raised the point of dystopias while we were doing Mockingbird, and mentioned Louis Lowry.
    Second, just today, like a few hours ago, I was reading The Village fanfic. Lol. Even though I’ve never actually seen the movie, but read the spoilers. Mmm, scary ‘Creatures’…
    Coke is definitely superior to Pepsi. I mean, come on!

  18. Awesome zombies, *note to self, must watch Eurovision Song Contest one day….
    Marrije: WOW, crazy awesome!

  19. Amy! I totally realized that too. I went to see The Village, and by 15 minutes into the movie I’d figured out the ending, because it was EXACTLY LIKE Running out of Time. (The person I saw the movie with hated me, ’cause I told her what was going to happen, and ruined the ending.)

  20. Amy,
    I saw The Village and loved it! It has the best music, written by James Newton Howard (take my name and this message and you can see what a geek I am!).

    I didn’t read the book everyone is talking about.

    Zombies are good. Everyone loves Zombies. This is and interesting question I learned off of somebody: If Zombies took over a school or wherever you work, what would you do? (becoming a Zombie is not an option.)

  21. You should try making on eof those Mastercard adds. Or is it ads. And yeah, I agree. The Village is exactly like Running Out of Time.
    HI ABERDOODLES. That wasn’t as random as it sounded. I’m off my meds…

  22. Marrije: that is awsome. someone in the nokia higher ups must be reading the uglies trilogy? that’s an impressive crowd.

  23. Scott should claim that as copyright infringement. I know i hate it when people take my ideas.

  24. “Zombie costumes: $413
    12-pack Pepsi: $4.35
    Finnish zombies who win song contests: priceless”

    I don’t actually know what a 12-pack of Pepsi costs, now that I think about it.

  25. Pepsi?? what happened to coke? not that i really likes either…

    ok i was just wondering if anyone knew what ‘mum’s the word’ means. i said it to my friend and she had NO idea what i was saying. i thought this was common knowledge, but i guess not.

  26. i didnt think of the giver after reading Uglies, but i can see the similarties. but they’re really quite different, i think. but has anyone here read both The Giver and the book Truesight by David Stahler Jr? I swear, they’re INCREDIBLY similar. please tell me someone else has seen this. that its just not me. i had trouble enjoying Truesight because the whole time i kept thinking it felt like a Giver rip-off.

  27. No way, The Giver is nothing like Uglies. OK, so the general same concept, but people in The Giver lived a lot worse, with none of the cool stuff and walls that spit out stuff. They were stuck in little houses with stuff that they got from the city.
    Plus in The Giver, it’s a completely different plot.

    No, I haven’t read Truesight though, is it any good?

  28. i cant tell, the whole time i was kept thinking “this is just like The Giver.” there’s a colony of people, small and isolated, in the future, where everone is born blind and then the main char, Jacob, starts to gain eyesight and its a big hullaballo, and theres a girl and a best friend.. and it ends almost the same way too.

  29. 1) believe me european (particularly the greek varient as different countries trat water differently) pepsi is very good

    2) though i’m british i’m not going patriotic and saying the british entry was good- it was OK but not great but Lordi were the superior performance of the night

  30. amy: the village totally = running out of time.
    when i was watching the movie for the first time i almost screamed!!! me and my mom were like totally flipping out, for that movie was a total rip-off!!!

    p.s. running out of time used to be my fave when i was little.

  31. The Giver and Uglies are similar in that they are both post-apocalyptic stories. There is actually an entire sub-genre of SciFi novels entirely devoted to these kinds of tales. (It happens to be my fav.) Some others include Day of the Triffids, The Martian Chronicles, Shade’s Children, etc. (I recommend all of the previous.) All of the stories deal with societies that have arisen (or are arising) after the decline of current civilization through natural disaster, war, pandemic, alien invasion, etc. They’re really interesting, since they show how societies react to radical change.

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