Forums, Sampler, Fan Art (updated)

A bunch of Westerfeldian forums have sprung up all over the place lately, and have been mentioned in the comments, but I thought I’d link to them from here. just appeared and has been rocking, with discussions on all my books. [Update: This one has moved to this new link due to high demand. Update your bookmarks!]

This forum has been around a while, and is specifically about Midnighters.

Here’s the Westerfeld Fans Myspace site.

And the Westerfeld LiveJournal community.

Have I missed any? Let me know.

In other news, Simon & Schuster, publishers of Uglies, have created a free sampler of their fantasy authors. It includes an excerpt of Specials and nine other books:

SWASHBUCKLING FANTASY features excerpts from 10 series by bestselling and critically acclaimed authors such as Margaret Petersen Haddix, author of the Shadow Children series, D.J. MacHale, author of the Pendragon series, Scott Westerfeld, author of Uglies and Holly Black, author of Valiant. This online sampler also highlights six debut series from rising stars in fantasy, including Kai Meyer, Jane Johnson and Obert Skye. This fantasy sampler is the perfect way to introduce middle grade through teen readers to alternate worlds, distant pasts and fantastic creatures!

You can either take a look at the sampler or go straight to downloading.

Also, enjoy this lovely piece of fan art from Refrigerate Kate, which shows Tally hanging out in Diego.

I love the use of lighting to show that Tally’s sort of freaked out and alone.

And finally, for those of you who want to know what a tridecagram looks like, here’s one from . . . Alissa! And it came from the fan art section of Morgan’s site. Kewl.

34 thoughts on “Forums, Sampler, Fan Art (updated)

  1. hey!!

    oo i have been going to her site latly…i luv her stuff i treid and ummm well lets jst say hers looks soo much better o well tho i smile anyways lol 🙂

    i also have been to all those sites latly in ur blog …i really want somthing about poster or anything but they dont have anything:(

    huge fan

  2. hey Scott??

    i still dont think it let me send?!?!


    idk y not but i get a thingy like..undeliverable?/

    bla bla bla!!

    im sad now..:(

    if i still cant get it to work ill jst post it here i gess

    k well ttyl 🙂

    this is my home page now lol

    ik i am obsessed with uglies trilogy!

    like reallly obsessed my friend is even mad at me now cuz of it 🙁 o well i like it so ill do what i want 🙂

    love u

  3. i love kate’s art, i *so* wish i could draw. alas, we can’t all have the same talents, the world would be so boring that way!!!

    wow, the tridecagram is cool. again with the talent… 🙂

    thanks for all the links. fun stuff!!

  4. hey

    if any other fans want to talk go ahead and add my sn

    WorldxOfxBeauty it is aim

    or mail me..same thing^

    but i like aim better kk thz

  5. Wow, those are so awesome. I should take a drawing class or something, ’cause it’s driving me nuts not to be able to do stuff like that.

  6. yes, i love kate’s work! i’m always checking out her site for new fanart. yay!
    must check out forums later.

  7. Um i’m pretty sure it was alissa who did the tridecagram thing, and it’s definetly on

    I like the photo very blue time lookish, too bad there wasn’t a way to take the picture in blue like a black and white type thing but with different shades of blue.

  8. i think so too, i want a picture of tally and shay hover boarding up the rapids, or david and tally at smoke working. that would be so cool *unfortunately im not that great at drawing* That is so amazing. Thanks for posting those scott! o and just for the record that first forum is really great. its all about scott and his books. I really enjoy it and encourage everyone to join. especially you scott! and justine is definately invited too!

  9. Yay. Out wonderful forum got an offical mention 🙂 Everyone should cheack it out (the firts one). I wish I could draw. If I tried to draw any of the characters I’d just screw my mental image up. O well. I love looking at it. I love the tridecagram picture. Very blue time-making. I drew one, I had to use a compass, piece of string, calculator with pi on it, a pencil, a pen, a ruelr and scissors. I wanted to make it perfect. It still isn’t but really close. String is nto the best measuring tool…

  10. Oh, YAY for the forum. It’s the best! And the fanart is extremely cool. I’ve done some myself…okay, tried to do some…and, it’s just not nearly as good.

    Oh, and missed things? There is a Scott Westerfeld Fans group on myspace. I’m not completely sure what the URL is, but it does exist.

  11. Yeah, the tridecagram was me. What is it with you people and your measuring tools!??? I admit, all I was really concerned with was that it had thirteen points, but all I really needed was something circular to draw around. But yeah, I have a tridecagram pendant, and I made some for a few of my friends. Too bad they’re painted plastic and not steel…

  12. I’ve been inspred to draw different scenes from the Uglies series, but I’m afraid that my people won’t be as beautiful as they are in my head. When I read, it’s pretty much a movie playing, and everybody’s just so…pretty. If I tried to draw it, it would never come out right. I wish I could plug a USB wire into my temple and hit “print”. It would make everyting so much easier.
    Which leads me to: I was thinking today, that Evanescence’s song “Bring Me To Life” goes really well with Pretties. Just the whole central theme of everybody being asleep inside, with Zane and Tally bubbly. “Only you are the life among the dead.” “I’ve been sleeping a thousand years it seems. I’ve Got to open my eyes to everything.” This just sort of hit me while I was reading about them climbing the tower, and she slipped and he caught her. I’m sorry that this is off topic, you can delete it if you have to. Just the way my mind works.

  13. i have also been looking at Kate’s work and have to say that she is extrememly talented. I am able to draw a few things here and there but i don’t practice so i’m losingit…..damn…..oh well, i can never draw something like how Kate does– from my imagination….trust me…i’ve tried…………

  14. That’s a cool tridecagram picture. This summer, I’m making it my goal to make my own little spiffy tridecagram necklace, because I’m lame like that. I’m sure I can find steel to use… somewhere…

  15. Scott, I don’t think it was a good idea to post those forums.
    Now everyone’s going there instead of your site!

  16. Heh, heh. EXACTLY. Now I can go write!

    Plus, I think that kind of interface is better for the sorts of conversations people were having.

    Oi, oi, oi! on that Aussie World Cup victory, btw. Folks must be going crazy there.

  17. i didnt get to see Aust v Japan, but yesterady i watched Ghana vs. Italy, and i watched Brasil vs. Croacia today, ooh my god, it was intense. Brasil won, but only by one goal and it was totally unexpected. it was a really simple shot, but beautiful. amazing. Croacia was a cool team, i liked them, but i wanted to Brasil to win. both sides had over 15 fouls, and the ref didtn even call some. i swear i saw two guys slap each other and it wasnt called, it was awesome. i love football, its the most amazing sport EVER. i was so excited that houston got a team this year so now i can go to games. ! go dynamo!

    i like soccer.

  18. wow scott you must feel really loved! I would. yes and the brazil vs. germany game is gonna be AWSOME!!! most of our teachers let us have the game on durring class, so at random intervals durring class everyone stands up and yells GOAL! i love it!

  19. I was googling around for uglies, pretties, and specials, and i found this.

    It appears that this person is claiming these are her own creations, while they are obviously word-for-word from Uglies ( which is a brilliant trilogy by the way.)

    thought you should know.

  20. “It appears that this person is claiming these are her own creations”
    Huh. Weird. What is the point, I wonder?

    Yay, soccer! I tried to watch it on the Spanish channel, which is the only way I get it, but the reception sucked. 🙁

  21. “It appears that this person is claiming these are her own creations, while they are obviously word-for-word from Uglies”

    -That is lame. This is a quote from the comments on that site: “This is what I call pure creativity…you hardly find such pieces on winglin nowadays” … what?! Ew. it’s copied completely. What a [bad word] for trying to copy that as their own. Some people are so…stupid!

  22. plagarism is for Losers. capital L. it makes me angry. so angry i’m going to talk about football instead.

    and i have to watch the games in spanish too, haha. i kinda like it though, even though i generally dont know what they’re saying/ i especcially like it when a team almost makes a goal but doesnt and the announcer gets all psyched and yells, “GOL- NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” it’s pretty amusing.

    go brasil!

    boo plagarisers…

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