I finally got a scan of the Times interview mentioned in my previous post. Here’s what it looked like in hard copy, including a suitably diabolical photo:

See, it’s much better with Han Lee de Boer’s photo included. I love me a photographer who shows up with surgical gloves and a scalpel. It was a great way to finish off the interview (so to speak).

Plus that pull-quote: “If I can save just one nose . . . ” Hah! (I slay me.)

Actually, Han and I liked a slightly different shot better. Maybe this cropped version should be my next author photo:

credit: Han Lee de Boer

Or better yet, I can use it for when I teach creative writing classes . . .


Hey, and you can go see more of Han Lee de Boer’s work here. His subjects include many much famouser (and prettier, and closer shaven) people than me.

And for those of you who missed it, here’s the text of the interview with Amanda Craig.

27 thoughts on “Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

  1. i like the second pic the best. it somehow seems more…mysterious is the only word that i can think of at the moment.(?)

  2. That pic is scary!

    “The dark side of Scott”

    But, yes, I agree, the photographer did a awesome (oops: Fawesome) job! Congrats on the interview, Scott!


  3. It should be the next author photo! Young readers will be like “Hey, this book looks interesting! Scott Westerfeld (though they will say WesterFIELD)? Who’s that?” And then the photo will be there and they’ll scream and read the book. Or not. The second one is better… the first is not as ingenius.

  4. I just read the interview with Amanda Craig (and it’s just a weird thing that our names are the same), but is there really going to be a movie of Uglies? I hope so. That will be great!

  5. Lordy, I loves me those pictures! Really the title of this entry says is all: “Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

    I made a present for you, all special-like–should I wait till you end up in England again or should I send it to you?

  6. Hm….
    i wish u appeared in our local newspaper..
    i bet all of my friends and I would make a ‘Scott Westerfeld Shrine”

    LOL about the Wester-FIELD…
    I thought it was westerfield when i first read ur books…XD

  7. I thought it was Westerfield for about 1 hour… which is how long it took me to read 131 pages of The Secret Hour… then I had to write in my reading log (I’m a dork that way, keeping my own reading log) and discovered the truth — there is no field in Scott’s name! Wow, that was long explanation…

  8. LOVE the picture.
    Hmmm maybe I should sneak into my biology classroom for class picture day…lol plenty of scalpels and gloves in there
    Okay, so at my school we have costumed Fridays and (i feel like tally in the beginning of pretties! aah…) I have no idea what to do….hmmmm the theme is Jungle…..

  9. omg! i love the pics.did i hear right that the ugly trilogys are going to be made into movies?!?! awesome! they were the first books i read of yours. now i’ve read them all. how many of your books are going to be made into movies??? i’d love to try-out for one of them. HEE!!!(excited sqeal!)

  10. I would love for uglies to be a movie. it woould be cool to play tally. When i heard it was going to be a movie i actually imagined a movie trailer.(ya, im a loser) It would be great as a movie!

  11. yeah. the second pic is SO MUCH COOLER!
    i finally read specials. *SHAME* its just that i really wanted to buy the book, but i never had the time/money, so i didn’t. WAH.
    so i went to the library.

  12. Hey,

    I loved your books and everybody is rite… the second pic is much better…. When I heard about the possibility of a movie i literaly flipped… I mean i loved reading the books… the strange thing is i could picture me and my friends doin stuff like that… I mean Tally has so many of the traits of mine… not surprising, like every teenage gurl who read ur stories prolly want to play her roll… but i loved Zane rite to death it was very depressing to read bout what happened to him in Specials… but ne way cant wait to find out more info on the moviess…

  13. I like the possibility of Peeps as a movie (*gloats* I liked the opening scene you told us about in Seattle, Scott). I also love So Yesterday. I really mean love. I read it five times in ONE YEAR. That’s crazy, how did I do it? Even I don’t know…

  14. Hey,

    I think it would be amazing if they turned any of your books into a movie. I think that Peeps or Uglies would be the best though. Well, just to be completely honest…you’re my favorite author of all time. I love how you can just be so serious yet funny at the same time when it comes to your writing. You’re actually the reason I started writing in the first place. You just inspired me and made me think that I could be just as good, if not, close to it. So, I just want to say thank you for all the inspiration you have given me. I really appreciate it.

  15. Yeah, that would be awesome if they made your books into movies! Last week i went to the mall to get pretties and i flipped out cause i read the back of the specials. But yeah, Love the books! I make everyone read them. I had seen your books before, but never read them.. so silly of me.

    – The first pic is scary, the second one you look less threatening

  16. capt. cockatiel

    hey i keep reading logs too!
    you should look up Book Lust
    its a book reading log thing….
    hahah yeah

  17. oh and yeah in the picture the clock goes clockwise, but in the book it goes counter clockwise…..whatever

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