Fan Art Friday

Here’s some fan art to amuse you all, perhaps making up for my lack of postage.

But first a little news: Specials and Pretties have appeared on the NYT bestseller list! Specials has re-listed at #7 on the chapterbook list, and Pretties debuts at #8 on the paperback list.

The crazy thing is that Pretties has been out for more than a year. So the book’s appearance on a bestseller list means that you guys have been talking it up! And I mean that: At this point the only marketing is word of mouth. (And slipcases! Someone give me slipcases!)

So onward to the fan art . . . Here’s happy Tally celebrating the news. Dance, Tally, dance!

Animated gif by Breca H.

And here’s a vision of New pretty Town from the UK.

Picture by Joanna L., who’s working on a university design project based on Uglies.

And finally, an entry in the long-awaited Halloween costume ball, Dess with Purposelessly Hyperinflated Individuality!

Costume designed and worn by Kallie P., plus Psychokitty!

Send any more costume shots to my fan mail address. To do that, here and click “contact” in the upper right corner. Then replace the “at” with the “@”. Why is this so hard? To make spambots choke on their own bile, that’s why.

(I will keep your names secret, of course.)

And again, thanks for getting me on the list. Without you guys, I’m a crazy guy saying “bubbly” way too much.

56 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday

  1. im getting my dad who is a contracter to let me use the soder-er to make one. i know how to use it but hes all like ummmmmmm no. im not letting a 14 year old use the soder thinger. only he didnt use the word thinger. i just dont know what its called. soder-er doesnt sound like a real word

  2. I had a much much much different picture of a sleek black and its sqaure and comes in like a hexogon in the front .mmmm..oh well! l.o.l!! and a much different version of New Pretty Town.i pictured it like sliver everything and cool.idk futeristic stuffy..i have a C R A Z Y imagination. and Tally didnt look exactly like that..anyway i’m getting way too criticle..its cute!.anyway CONGRATS!! and i like the word “bubbly”!! i use bogus and bubbly all the time now! dont be ashamed!! lol! also..personally..not too crazy bout the New Pretty Town look..and y r we talking about Starbucks?!? i totally dont get that! LOSt! oh well…congrats!

  3. Hi,
    I’m new to the blog (not the site & books)
    I’m not sure how often I can post (if I ever post, I probably will but just in case :D), okay that’s all. Oh, by the way capt. cockatiel is such a catchy name -no offense to everyone else you have nice names too-, I don’t know how you ever thought of it. Also, for the record I’m related to Kenzie

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