Me on TV

This Sunday, June 8, at 9AM I’ll be appearing on WABC-TV’s Weekend show!

Yes, that’s a TV show. Which means that I am going to be on TV.

Update: To watch, Click here and select segment 3 of 15.

Joining me will be Jane O’Connor, author of the Fancy Nancy books for littlies, and comic maven MAC, who’s just come out with a non-graphic novel, Anna Smudge: Professional Shrink, which looks really cool.

TRAGIC NOTE: This is a local NYC show, so my apologies to fans from other states and other lands. My guess is that most of you in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut (one of America’s many “tri-state” areas) should be able to see it. But I’m not sure. I didn’t even know they had a 9AM on Sunday. Is that new?

Check your local listings for Weekend with Michelle Charlesworth. It should be on Channel 7.

This is my first time on TV since my debut on the Bozo the Clown Show when I was . . . like, eight? (I was called out of the audience to do something and I won something. It’s all very hazy.) So I hope I don’t look stupid.

Preparations include:
New shirt (check)
Haircut (check)
Hyper-distilled plot synopsis of Uglies memorized (check)
Raging head cold and cough (check)
Witty banter (um . . . huh?)

Now if one of you tri-staters would Tivo and Youtube this, it would be fawesome. (Unless, of course, I totally suck. In which case, I think my humiliation should be shared with millions. Millions!)

Update: Again, Click here and select segment 3 of 15 to watch.

147 thoughts on “Me on TV

  1. Way to go, Scott! Regardless of your problems, you pulled off your (short!) interview very well. I like the idea of a mother-daughter book club. I might put that into practice this summer.

    And wow — you’re tall! You towered over the other guests. :o) (I could be snarky and say you towered over them in talent, too.)

    Thanks for putting up the link for us locationally challenged folks!

    (I hope everybody notices the add on at the end of your last blog entry.)


  2. HAHAHAHAHA OMG THIS IS SO SUPER FREAKY- some of the last tshirts on kenzie’s link i downloaded as custom content for THE SIMS 2! OMG LOL ROFL IT’S SO WEIRD!!!!!
    so sup peeps?

  3. Kenzie you should get the tshirt with the muffin that says “Ah munna eat CHOO!!!!”
    it’s cute 🙂

  4. I like the shirt that says “Magic is just stuff science hasnt made boring yet”! Haha. Funny. My mom laughed!

    I am feeling better today. I dont no why i felt bad before but i did and now i feel better. But i have a sunburn and its bad. Its on my shoulders and under my eyes and over my nose. Now i look like some circus clown caue its a pretty dark red.

  5. HEY!

    Did you notice Scott put a link up to his INTERVIEW?

    Look at the last part of his last blog entry.

    whispers now: just thought you’d like to know.

  6. Kenzie, I like the one about haikus. That is exactly why my LA teacher wouldn’t let us write haikus this year. Well, besides the fact that she says that haikus were once a very difficult thing to write with a “turn” (new meaning) in the last line, but apparently now haikus are easy because they’ve been commercialized. I still like the shirt, though. I also like the periodic table one… but that’s just me. Me the science geek.

  7. …NO TIME TO WRITE! Ah…the bell is going to ring in a minute…

    Hi All!
    Bye All!
    7 days till I’m back

  8. I’m going to have to watch this later! Cheers for getting on TV, Scott…I just want there to be a day when I see you on Oprah. Please? lol

    Side note: “Anna Smudge” is an awesome book! I bought it early at the NY Comic Con way back in April…The illustrations are amazing, and the artist signed it for me! Haha.

  9. emily-wa, that happened to me once (and it was REALLY long) so whenever i type something really long, i copy it before i push submit. only 3 more days of school! I am SO ready for sumer. On wednesday we have a half day so my friends and i are ordering an avalanche (ice cream with over 20 scoops) at the cooling station (ice cream shop) in the morning (it takes three hours to make) and then eating it after school! I am so MAD, i NEED to read a book. I just finished mine last week and i want to read twilight but none of my friends has it, the school library is closed, its checked out at the public library until june 30, unless its late, and i dont have enough money to buy it because im saving up to pay for half of a laptop. I NEED to read it, or another good book. To sumerize I NEED TO READ!! (i know im such a nerd 🙂 )

  10. Ha!! Comment 117, multiple of 13! I just got my friend to read midnighters and she keeps seeing multiples of 13 everywhere!!! I have a question. 156 is 13 times 12, so what happens? Do darklings like 156, or hate it??

  11. i’m trying really hard not to read Eclipse right now cuz i have a ton of drivers ed homework to get done. but i’m at a really intense part and it’s killing me. ugh. and i know if i pick it up and finish the chapter i was just on that i will just keep going and end up reading for hours upon hours. ahhhhh what the heck. i won’t be able to read it all this week since i have softball games every night and then drivers ed test on Friday plus probably tons of homework from my mean drivers ed teacher. ugh. even less time to read tonight. my mom just called and told me i have to babysit her friends one month old. grr..

    Twilight is addicting. Beware.

  12. me too! i only have 200 more pages of Eclipse left (and i just started reading yesterday. i needs to learn to pace myself)… *cries* …what will i do until August 2nd?!

  13. I’ve been waiting for august 2nd since like December! ah! I’m going insane waiting for it but I suggest some fanfic to occupy your Twilight addiction! It helps a little! Or just reread it….I’ve read the series like four or five times…

  14. I’ve been reading so much. I have exams in a weeks too. Oh wow, I’m stressed. Maybe I need theropy. I’ll get it if anyone hears the way I talk. I combine random words to make a word that makes sense, like insawsome(insanely awsome). Yeah, many people think I have issues. I wonder what quotation marks would say to each other if they could talk.

  15. Um, Andrea-La i’m beginning to agree with the people who think you have issues…. “I wonder what quotation marks would say to each other if they could talk.” What the heck…? rofl. Its okay, you can be special. The way ppl nowadays take the meaning of special, not Scott’s take on it 😉
    Thanks, Tara-la, for the tip. I’ll prolly do that. And who can seriously eat more than 20 scoops of ice cream…? how much does that cost? lol.
    I read Twilight, and yes it’s addicting. I really really want to read New Moon soon. I’ve got a pretty big list of books to read… heehee.

  16. No, really. What would quotation marks say? I think they would totally argue, you know, about who should be first and all that. Maybe they would go on strike, because of being sick of saying other people’s words rather than their own. I mean, quotation marks have every right to speak their mind.

  17. Ok, Andrea-La, you’re starting to scare me. But then again, i scare myself sometimes. What does rofl mean???

  18. haha TZ you make me laugh because at our school the REALLY really smart kids ride short busses because they come from all over our town(kinda big) for the extra advanced program. I wanted to get one of my friends whos in that class a shirt that says “My mom says I ride the short bus because I’m special” It fun to tease them.

  19. “Rofl” = rolling on the floor laughing. That’s according to the AIM chat dictionary…

    Andrea-La, I’m special too. Very. Recently I have developed stalkerish behaviors… what else would you call running all over town to deliver things to my friends from school (theory: they only put up with my scariness because they feel bad that I don’t have friends) that they don’t want? I frequently scare people. And that’s just by laughing! Imagine what those scaredy-cats would think if I actually talked to them? You have a very good point about the quotation marks, though. I’m very glad I’m a person and not a quotation mark. Personally, I’m more inclined to think that the two quotation marks would be best friends, seeing as one can’t exist without the other… wait, that’s not true, because you can go
    “blah blah blah.
    “blah blah blah.”
    and it will be correct. Wow, that’s very interesting.

    At my elementary school, there were only three kids in the super-smart program (GRC, aka the Gifted Resource Center at the time, now ACE, aka Affective Cognitive Enrichment) but they rented us a long bus. For THREE PEOPLE! Then one of those people moved and another replaced her. Then one skipped a grade. Then the replacement person dropped out. Then, in eighth grade, it was just me. I had an entire class period to myself each day. Hee hee. Thank goodness they only carted the elementary kids around, or else I would have gotten an entire bus to myself.

    I wonder how long this will look. Probably very. Sorry.

  20. Oh my Gosh Andrea-la we may be joined at the brain! That is like SO true! They would hecka fight and then they’d get all depressed cuz they didn’t have fists or even their own words to fight with and then we’d have to cart them off to therapy! It’s true! – I mean…uh…I’ve never tested that theory, *whistles innocently*.

  21. I hope your whistling isn’t like mine. When I wistle it is so high that people think that there is something wronge with the intercome or something. Then I burst out laughing and they don’t know why. Maybe we are like quotation marks. People are quotation marks of imitation. Everyone is the same because everyone is imitating a celebrity. But without quotation marks, books wouldn’t make much sense, so maybe our society needs quotation marks. Maybe some people who refuse to act like quotation marks are like the quoation marks on strike. Everyone else is a sheep and we are frogs!!!!!!! Or prehaps we are irriwaddy dolphins. HMMMMMMM………………………. Also, everyone at school thinks that I am insane for a variety of reasons.
    1) I whistle so high that people can’t hear, but it bugs them.
    2) I run through the halls telling people about quotation marks
    3) I walk up to random people asking how to open a metephorical door.
    4) I shreek for no real reason.
    5) Whenever it rains outside, I run around wildly trying to get wet(I even have a towl in my locker)
    6) I am very good at confusing people.
    7) I ask random people if they would rather be locked in or locked out(many often walk away at this point)
    8) I will randomly start talking in a fake british accent
    9) I rant about random topics. Today it was quotation marks. My band teacher overheard this conversation and walked away.
    10) I randomly reenact sceans from books. Like that one time when I did the final battle between harry and voldemort using my friends cleaning rod for her flute as a want.

    That’s about all I can think of for now.

  22. The clouds say hi back. One of them looked a little like a bird that was going to go kill a fish. Poor cloud-fish. I wonder why people take quotation marks for granted.

  23. I can just whistle really loudly its actually kinda lower.
    Ijust got a new book City of Bones, very odd but so far so good.
    I should be doing homework prolly will

  24. Once in LA class in sixth grade, I was whistling, but I didn’t realize it. Then my teacher said, “Who’s the happy camper that’s whistling?” I stopped immediately. Mid-note. Everybody laughed. Now I don’t even go to the school that was the scene of the crime anymore, but to this day, no one knows it was me whistling. After that incident, I never whistled another note.
    I hum instead.

  25. I tryed to join Westerboard before it became so top secertive and it now needs a username and password word to even see the site. I never got a conformation email about being a user. How do I join now?

  26. I don’t know…is not knowing a good thing or a bad thing? Prehaps not knowing is for the better in some cases. But maybe not in this one. Anyway, I don’t know.

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