5 thoughts on “leviathan_4_westerfeld

  1. Woah! Second comment! wOOT! being in Europe really does help my ranking on the comment list.

    I dont really see the point of this post though. Except that Im number 2!!! Which kind of rocks.

    Oh, and I saw Uglies in Spanish in a bookstore today, and I almost bought it, but I didnt. Will have to go back so I can convert my host to fiction, which she doesnt like. Who doesnt like fiction books????

    If Hollywoods… Aw screw it, Ill just put a smiley face here and call it a day. 😉

  2. I discovered Scott Westerfeld when Uglies first came out and I loved it so much I ran out and got my hands on evhentriyg he’s written and devoured it all. I also recommend his other series, Peeps and Midnighters, as well as his non-paranormal standalone, So Yesterday.He’s a fabulous writer. I’m not surprised at all that he’s been hitting all the lists.

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