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  1. q-al. taht’s totally kick, but all my friends have read it and i have my own copy 🙁
    but 4 like, midnighters fans that haven’t read uglies, thats totally grawesome.

  2. lol just so u guyz know, i dont usually use the word “grawesome”! it was a spur-of-the-moment sort o’ thing

  3. i already have it but i just downloaded it to my computer too. i love it. only wish i could do the same for all of ur other books! midnighters, peeps… love them.

  4. Happy-making!!! ‘course, i already own it…but im still downloading it!! like i said, happy-making!!!!!!

  5. Cool I’ve read uglies but I only own the midnigthers books and our school library only ever has peeps and so yesterday on the shelves

  6. So far i’m falling in love with your book Uglies!!! So many people at my school told me that I have to read this book series.I’m realy picky about what book I read for my book report .So I thought I would give this series a try.I’m only in the sixth grade.for the past few years I’ve been bloging to some of the authors books that i have read.I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOUR BOOK SERIES:Uglies in a Movie.

  7. Sirenna, im in 6th grade too! Your friends were so right about reading the uglies series, it totally rocks. I’ve read Uglies twice Pretties once and a half and, Specials, and Extras once. Extras is my favorite, you should really read the whole series(some people only read the first book). When you finish the Uglies series (i know your probley not really close to the end, but anyways) you should read the Midnighters series, it’s by Scott-la too. I <3 the Uglies and Midnighters series!!!
    <3<3<3TTYL PPLs<3<3<3

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