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  1. i don’t know, but I just finished Extras like 30 seconds ago and I can’t wait until it comes out! You’d be crazy if you weren’t ready and excited!

  2. i love the whole series and every time tally and david talk it gets me all like “oh my gosh whats gonna happen now” like that feeling .im reading specials right now. MAN IM SOOOOO EXCITED my friends gonna freak when i tell her

  3. ummm…Especiales is just Specials in Spanish so like its not a new part of the series…if you read that, in Spain they used the first two covers (Uglies and Pretties) from the american version but they wanted a new direction so they held a contest and made their own cover so yeah…sorry you got your hopes up…

  4. I love all the series.I love hearing about David andTally,when i do i jump.Igo crazy when the kiss.And when they don,t have him on that part ,i wish they do.

  5. okay.. What????? I say he should totaly make another book to go along w/ the series but not like Extas one that is acually about Tally!! not Aya! I miss Tally & they should really get back together!!!!!!!!! TALLYROCKZ!!!!

  6. Oh my, I have read all 3 books, Uglies-Specials, and am currently working on Extras. Scott Westerfeld has such great writing! I balled and balled, like I was 2 years old when they were mentioning Zane’s death. I was all ‘aaahh this is so sad’ inside. &then everytime they mentioned his name, or talked about him, in the rest of the book, I teared up. &whenever Tally is near David, it’s so suspenseful! like, What’s he gonna do, no wait, what’s she gonna do?! What’re they gonna say?! Lol. I absolutely adore these books! some of the greatest books I have ever read(:

  7. i really hope that this a new sequel to uglies – extras. but sadly, i don’t think that it is because on the back of the book extras it says its the epic conclusion to the series. =-(

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