Another Forum Meet-Up

Here I am posting without any cool ideas in my head. Just news:

Team Toshi Banana tells me that there will be another Forum Meet-Up soon! The last one was awesome, with about a hundred people showing up. (Seventy-eight at one time was the record.)

Meet-Up Number 2 will be this Saturday, February 13th, at 5:00 pm EST (US time). That’s 9AM Sunday morning here in Sydney, so I may be a little late.

The Forum is reached by clicking the word “Forum” on the menu bar above. I KNOW YOU CAN FIND IT. (Argh, okay, here’s a link.)

This will be sad news for some of you: It appears as though the Midnighters TV show will not be going to pilot. In other words, NBC doesn’t like the scripts they’ve come up with, so they aren’t going ahead with the show.

My guess is that this is because TV-land is obsessed with making everyone 20-something, and Midnighters doesn’t actually make sense with 20-somethings. Because staying up till midnight when you’re 27 is PURE DEAD MAGICAL! I discuss this sad phenomenon in hilarious detail here.

To be fair, this is just a guess. I only bring it up because the marvelous Ally Carter’s Heist Society has just been optioned by Hollywood, and they’re making everyone older—in their 20’s.

Note that Ally doesn’t seem to mind, and that I haven’t read HS yet, because it only arrived in in stores, like, THIS WEEK, so maybe aging it up is okay. But I just want to know from you teens out there . . .


And I’m sure it’s your fault.

Okay, that’s it for today, except . . .

Walker Wednesday!

60 thoughts on “Another Forum Meet-Up

  1. ur right i think hollywood hates us but its not just them any teen media is almost hell bent on”keeping the tone light” and sidetracking from certain issues…

  2. hey i was just wondering if you had heard anything else about the Uglies movie. just wanted to know if you had met up with the producers agian or anything…

  3. You know what I think about the age thing in movies now?

    It’s to entice a wider audience, and thus earn a bigger profit.

    Granted, Hollywood should earn money– goodness, it’s their job to entertain us! But the best example of this tactic is in the new Lightning Thief movie…. why are 12 year old suddenly 17? In a series that follows from when the character is 12 until he is an adult? So that the characters in the film can play up the romance more, and make insinuating jokes… (see: the random Persephone plotline they had to include since they ditched a crucial subplot). But yes, in short, I do believe it is to entice more older viewers… entertain the parents and older siblings (as if the stories weren’t already enticing! Are you kidding me? I am 22 and adore these novels…. so do my middle-aged parents!), and earning more money.

    Just my $0.02.

  4. Can you please do something, Scott-la, for me and all the rest of the Uglies fans out there? Please, don’t let Hollywood ruin the movie, if they make it. Please don’t let them leave any characters out, or make any main characters not fit their description, don’t let Hollywood change the plot of the movie from the plot of the book in any major way.

    Because I saw The Lightning Thief. I have never seen a movie so different from the book it was based off of. It made me believe that Hollywood really does hate us. Stand up for your readers.

  5. Im curious as to who the photographer for the newer covers of Midnighters is. I know supposedly he is “Veer / PhotoAlto” so it says on the cover but i cant find them anywere on the internet. Does anyone have a portfolio site or an email? or even a propper name?

    Anywho yes i agree whats with Rex/johnathen on that cover, looks like rex to me. anywho im just curious.
    over & out.

  6. Dear Scott,
    Will you pleas write another book for your uglie’s series. If you actually do than can you please make it where the readers know how dangerous Tally really is(make her lethal)(and include very descriptive fight scenes), and can you also develop Tally and David’s relationship(marriage?…kids?). Also don’t get rid of Shay, her and Tally should stay best friends!
    Thank you for reading this!

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