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  1. I have just started reading “Uglies.” The book is truly amazing by how well it is descripted towards teens. As a teeanger, i can honestly say it puts me in an unrealistic, yet so admiring world of my own. The beggining of the book has lead me on to thinking “where is this going to lead to?” I havent quite grasped the total climax of the book yet, considering im only on page 54. It’s a tad bit confsuing for me, but i seem to latch on to something in the book that says “dont put it down.” Great author, Scott Westerfeld.

  2. Hi I LuV the uglies series and I was wondering if you could add more books on tally and the other characters and I was also wondering if you can PLEASE PLEASE bring zane back I was so sad but you probaly cant because of David or you can make them get back together in anther book

    Thanks Angel

  3. Well, hi Scott! (I’m not very good in English, so, sorry by any mistake)
    I’m a Brazilian teenager (and your fan) and I LOVE YOUR BOOK!! I’m doing a presentation about Uglies in my Portuguese class, but no one knows this book, and I will present for everyone 😀
    Until now, I’ve read only Uglies, because my mother didn’t buy Pretties (here, called Perfeitos, perfects in English) yet!! I’m so excited for the movie! I hope here comes your other books, mainly Leviathan!
    I hope you read this! 🙂

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