Steampunk Panel at BEA

In case you didn’t get to go to Book Expo America, here’s my panel with sf author/blogger/activist Cory Doctorow, steampunk author Cherie Priest, and New York Public Library Manager Karen Grenke. It’s an hour of us yammering about steampunk past and present, from childhood inspirations to current concerns for the genre. Check it out:

Steampunk Panel – SLJ Day of Dialog, BEA 2010 from School Library Journal on Vimeo.

For those of you in Italy, check out La Repubblica‘s Il Venerdì this weekend, and you’ll find a three-page interview/profile of me and Leviathan.

I have proof:

Thanks to Diana Cullen for this photo.

And finally, some belated Fan Art Friday! This is Deryn in her Huxley, by Quarter Teaspoon.

Check out more of QT’s work on Deviant Art.

That’s it for today, but I have something wonderful to show you early next week! Until then, have a good long weekend.

29 thoughts on “Steampunk Panel at BEA

  1. ooo – that art is almost keith-style!!!

    Scott-la, I was wondering if you have a personal favourite book/story/tril out of what you have written so far? Or if there is one that most genuinely reflects yourself and your creative mind?

    &&&guess what? I’ve been obsessed with Uglies tril for years, but I had never read any other Westerfeld books. And I finally read Midnighters. And it is totally bubbly. I am half-way through the second… Not as icy as the Uglies tril, but brilliant fiction.

    &is it just me —> or did Twilight try to rip off of Midnighters?

  2. The title of the italian article:

    “In our remote future
    there is a steam novel”

    It’s a play of words.

  3. I went to New York City a little while ago and in the MoMA I saw this table that reminded me of the desk the captain had in Leviathan. I had to take a picture of it. Also I was trying to make a steam punk tea pot in my ceramics class. It didn’t work out so well. πŸ˜€

  4. good to see an update! I thought that picture was actually by keith, what a great job!

  5. Really great picture.

    And Scott-la: are we ever going to get your opinion on the paperback cover?

  6. I love that picture; and the amazing detail put into it!
    “Alek you Bum Rag!” lmao, did anyone else notice that..?! (:

  7. I really like Deryn’s expression in that drawing. So determined! The detail in that is great! Her hair even has little flyaways!

  8. That is such an awesome drawing! It seems to capture Deryn’s frustration with the Huxley.

  9. i think it’s cool that cherie priest kinda got into steampunk kinda in the same way πŸ™‚ I love the picture by the way! and congrats on the interview!
    p.s juile-wa the were vs vamp in twighlight ( or as i call it trifright ) is like Zane vs David in the uglies series.

  10. Eeee! So bubbly! Loving the Steam Panel, the article, and the art! All of it!

    I actually was thinking about doing some Alek fanart- it’s a good excuse to draw those uniforms! Hoo-ha!

    I have no idea where to start regarding the Darwinist beasties, since I really enjoy drawing machinery. I need to draw more machines.

  11. ping@skade-la —>maybe it was unintentional, but good point. maybe she was reading too much westerfeldian lit when writing.

  12. What?? WHAT?!What do you have to show us early next week? Ooh I wanna know! Oh, btw I finished Leviathan saturday night (sunday morning). It was FAWESOME!! I want more can’t WAIT for Behemoth. I keep thinking “can’t wait to go home and read Leviathan” but then i remember i already finished it. if i didn’t have a whole bunch of other book to read i’d reread it. πŸ˜‰

  13. So you and Cherie Priest both got into stempunk from a Disney World ride? I first heard of steam punk from an anime called Last Exile. *!!* Thunder! it’s rainig here. Ugh. Anyway, anyone else have previous experiences with steam punk (movies, anime, books, manga, art, rides, etc.)? “Why don’t we have illustrations like Japan?!” LOL. I like the pics of Deryn and Alek!

  14. Ping to IcyNotBubbly: I got into steampunk through, well… just my fascination with the Industrial Revolution and steam machines! I first started playing around with steampunk world early in high school, and I happened by chance to learn that it was an entire subculture on Wikipedia. Through that knowledge, I began devouring any and all things steampunk.

    Well, not quite. I still have yet to procure my own pair of goggles, proper steampunk-wear, and Engineer boots! I looove the early 19th century, it had some very cool ideas bursting from its seams!

    Pneumatic tube transport systems, ever-more-complex clockwork automatons, World’s Fairs, airships, and… GENTLEMEN! In top hats! (Monocles!) Hahaha. And a dose of danger~ Yeah, I love it all.

  15. Ping @ Abby-wa
    That’s a really awesome idea… Why didn’t I think of that? Except they’d have to release the graphic novel before they released the movie cause then we’d get to picture Tally and the others the way Scott-la sees them… Cause of course he’d help design the characters! πŸ™‚

  16. 1. That is WAY too good and amazing to be fanart. It looks like it should have been in the book.

    2. One thing my friend (who I just lent Leviathan to – another convert XD!) pointed out to me – by the time of the book, I don’t think that Constantinope was called Constantinople by then. Shouldn’t it have been Istanbul?

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