Midnighters TV Show

A TV show based on my Midnighters trilogy might be an actual thing.

Here’s the scoop from Deadline:

A year after Chuck ended its run, the cult dramedy’s creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz have reunited for Midnighters, a drama based on the Alloy sci-fi/fantasy book trilogy by Scott Westerfeld. This time, Fedak is the sole writer on the project, which is being produced by Schwartz and Stephanie Savage’s Fake Empire, Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. Midnighters, which has received a script commitment, is a drama centered on a small group of people all born at the stroke of midnight who have access to the 25th hour of the day. Fedak, Schwartz and Savage executive produce with Fake Empire’s Len Goldstein and Alloy’s Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. The Midnighters book series includes The Secret Hour (2004), Touching Darkness (2005) and Blue Noon (2006).

Of course, a “script commitment” means exactly that: a commitment that a script will get written. If this script isn’t good, that will be that. But if it’s good, then you’d get a pilot commitment, and if that’s good, some episodes . . . and thus you’d have a TV SHOW!

But when?

Well, TV moves faster than publishing. So if things work out, we could be seeing an actual Midnighters show a year from now, along with the other new shows of 2013.

Do I have any involvement with this? No one’s asked me to help. (I have less control over Midnighters than my other “properties,” for reasons too boring to go into here.) But I will be snarking from the sidelines, at least.

Some of you may remember that the Midnighters TV show was a thing back in 2007. They wanted to age the characters up to their “mid- to late-twenties,” which I thought was a silly idea, and wrote this blog post about it.

But that version didn’t happen, like most things don’t happen. (Look out your window, As you can see, no plane crash just happened. Proof that MOST THINGS DON’T HAPPEN.*) And hopefully, there will be no aging up of Dess, Rex, Jonathan, Melissa, and Jessica in this version either.

Because 25-year-olds sneaking out at midnight—not magical.

Luckily, I’ve heard that Chuck was a cool show. I’ll be taking a look at it, and will report back.

Watch this space for details about Mid-TV and all of my other “properties.” (Seriously, that’s what they call them in Hollywood. It’s like they’re playing Monopoly.)

In the meantime, let’s look at some lovely Midnighters fan art of yesteryear.

*If a plane crash did just happen out your window, that was spooky, and kind of tasteless of me. Sorry.

By Shira-chan!

By scotty9539! (no relation)

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  1. @49, but isn’t Deryn Scottish, not Welsh? i think getting them confused is a fairly easy way to offend every Sottish and Welsh person within earshot if you say that in public. just warning you. and in my spare time, i’m usually searching for a good website to watch good Anime on. it’s really hard to find it dubbed to English sometimes.

  2. My perfect life:

    1- a WELL MADE Midnighters show
    2- all of Scott’s books made movies or shows or musicals
    3- a re-do of The Lightning Thief
    4- more books from Scott Westerfeld

  3. @52 when I read you get Scotland and Wales mixed up, my first thought: how can ANYONE get those mixed up? They’re on totally different ends of the British Isle, the cultures are completely different, as are the languages…oh, wait. Not everyone obsess about cultures/countries like I do. Right.

  4. @55, no, it’s fine, i like getting technical like that. although i have been scolded once for getting too picky on details… but you’ve just spelled out my Scotland/ Wales point exactly, so now everyone knows. thank you!

  5. Hey, so since I can’t remember if I posted about it or not, Chapter 32 is on my blog! Click on my name!
    So, so do any of you actually read Orion, or was that only the people that used to be on? Because if none of you do, that makes me really sad, and I suggest you start reading it 🙂

  6. Gah I’m so excited. I mean I’m well aware that it still might not be a thing, but the fact that it may be a thing is awesome. Midnighters is seriously one of my favorite series. I’d love to see how “hollywood” would interpret it, although it could change comepletely…
    In any case I’m excited.

  7. Full disclosure: I have not read the Midnighters books.

    I agree that it sounds like it would be silly to have 25 y.o. people “sneaking out” at midnight. I also want to explain that reading books with young characters is VERY different from watching tv shows about young characters. Case in point – the new show Revolution on NBC. I was pretty excited about that show until a few episodes in. The main character is around 18 and she is just HORRIBLE as a lead character. That could be poor writing, inconsistant character development, etc. But a book is over in a week. A tv show lasts 20 – 22 weeks per year. That’s a whole lot of story for a young character to carry. Big, big difference.

  8. I loved this series and I am so glad that you are successful.

    This series could either work really well or be an absolute flop… but that goes for pretty much everything in life!

    Keep up the excellent work, Scott!

  9. Did you know Nikola Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight?
    It’s like Goliath and The Midnighters had a baby.

  10. Chuck was an amazing show and I would fully support this because this book series needs to be a show or movie or both

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