Russian (and Hungarian!) Cosplay Alert

Hey, I’ve been lazy again (in all things, not just blogging) but fortunately, I have lots of lovely photos from my travels to show you. Posting photos is a bit easier than writing actual words, after all.

First, however, here’s some cool Russian cosplay for you.

These folks are doing Leviathan, complete with a plush hydrogen sniffer!

This first set are from Hungary, in fact. Got these emails while I was in Brazil and didn’t keep track. They’re from the Hungarian Steampunk and Anachronist Society, and you can see more pics on my Hungarian publisher’s FB page here, here, and here. (Thank you, Lorant in the comments! And thanks to Ad Astra, my publisher in Hungary.)


I like Deryn’s and Alek’s many leather accessories. Great boots, too.

They did this shoot in a cool old steampunk-ish warehouse, which you can see some of here:


I don’t know if there’s something going on in Russia, but around the same time, I also got some Russian Midnighters cosplay. Here’s Melissa:


And Dess:


And all three of the girls:


And a different Jessica (from a different group? This all came in on the same day. What’s going on in Russia? Some sort of Westerfeldian cosplay convention?):


Anyway, I love all these character interpretations. Well done, Ruskies. [And HUngarians!]

More photos soon. (See, Scott? That wasn’t so hard. You can DO this.)

82 thoughts on “Russian (and Hungarian!) Cosplay Alert

  1. I’ll never understand why the bottoms of these posts say that pinging is not currently allowed. Was it ever allowed? Will it ever be allowed? When am I questioning all of this now? (well, quite obviously because I have nothing better to do, but that’s beside the point.)

    Anyhow, this is really cool stuff. And what IS going on in Russia? Hmm…

  2. Great cosplays! I especially like the Leviathan ones. I don’t know much about Midnighters, but those are very cool.

  3. woah thats so bubbly the hydrogen sniffer looks like a furry land octopus spider though
    and dess looks…like a dess

  4. On the first two picture, they are hungarians, and the photos were shot in Budapest at the old Gas factory, which is called MillenΓ‘ris park now, and it is an exhibition center.

  5. yes it was accidently :3 and nothing /unfortunetely\ is going in Russia. And what about Leviathan, they are wonderful, i really love steampunk and this book and of course this cosplay

  6. @9 Well, I read one awhile ago called Russka by Edward Rutherford, which is a novel, but right now I’m reading ‘Former People: the Final Days of the Russian Aristocracy’ by Douglas Smith. I’m also in the process of reading Ken Follett’s Century Trilogy, which among other places, takes place in Russia as well. I’m kind of in a Russian kick right now.

  7. wow, that’s so awesome!
    PLUSH HYDROGEN SNIFFER! is that online or did you (the awesome cosplayers) have to actually make/sew it? i want one! great photos and everything!

    finally got the wi-fi to work at my new house. guess what it was built in 1912! Leviathan era! and the original color of my room made me think oh crap it looks like Special Circumstances in here… now it’s a cheery orange.

  8. Rose, I can’t remember the name, but i once found a book about Russian clothing from ancient time to 20th centures, it was really great *-*
    I can’t read french bit there was a lot of great photos
    if you are interested in i recommend you to read something about it

  9. I’m really confused. There are so many people from Russia on here. I’m part Russian. I have no idea how to speak any, but still, I am a sliver Russian.

  10. From Russia) yes, all of that was about Russian history. Sorry, I often write a lot about things I like. πŸ™‚

  11. @16- Your English is fine. It’s certainly better than many people I know, and English is their only language πŸ™‚

  12. @21 i know, right? it gets in my nerves when people make stupid English mistakes that are obviously incorrect. also when their vocab level really stinks and you have to define every 2+ syllable word you said. honestly Anastasia, your English is great!

  13. Out of topic here. I finally did a Leviathan trailer. Well, actually a Behemoth trailer. It’s just music and a background song (Perfect Stranger, by Civil Twilight). But I’m not sure if I should put the song lyrics in the video, because the songs fit perfectly with Deryn and Alek. Could anyone take the time to look the song up and help me out?

  14. @23, great song! really Dalek-y, but I think it fits nicely. in my opinion, if you’re just doing a trailer i’d only use about the first minute, before the lyrics. but i can’t wait to see the trailer!

  15. @23, great song! really Dalek-y, but I think it fits nicely. in my opinion, if you’re just doing a trailer i’d only use about the first minute, before the lyrics. but i can’t wait to see the trailer!

    *goes and adds perfect stranger to iTunes library*

  16. @25 – well, as I really like the song, I used about 3 minutes of it, until it goes into a guitar solo. I think I’ll use the lyrics, like, small on the side.
    I’ll see if I can post the Youtube link later πŸ™‚

  17. Grrr. Me wants to see Lilit-ness. I loves Lilit. Wondering if she’s found herself an American girlfriend by now.

  18. La-da-da-da-da….
    I made cinnamon toast for breakfast this morning. It was delicious.
    Haha, I’m so off in my own world, aren’t I?

  19. All of you on here who are Russians are officially cool. And for the record, you know English well enough, judging by your comments. Yes, better than some people I know who speak English as a first language, as Person With Hat said.

  20. i think we’re all doing well here, unless someone’s sick… if anyone is i hope you feel better soon!

    hey Scott what’s up? your posts have been very few and far between lately… i might start flooding your inbox.

    ah, good old English. although some of my schoolmates claim not to speak English: they speak “American”. where did they get that from? is this
    just an oddity of my school or does this exist in other places too?

  21. @34 I’ve never heard of people saying they speak ‘American’, but I do know there is American English and British English.

  22. @35, i know of that. there’s tons of variations. but no one says they speak American English, same as there’s English (UK) and english (Canada) etc… they just speak “plain old American”.

    Scott please talk to us where are you? you promised more photos soon!

  23. Gah, this is what I get for not turning on my computer for days on end!

    Hello, Russians! You are awesome and probably long gone by now! I would say that I want to be in Russia right now, but there is that saying about Russian winters. (No one survives a Russian winter except the Russians. Evidence: Napoleon and Hitler. Maybe that’s just military history, though?)

    @35: I detest the term ‘American English’, despite the fact that I probably speak it. But then again, I frequently criticize Americans (like Eddie Malone and Adela Rogers). Then I realize I’m American….:(

    Scott, I’m glad I don’t have too much to catch up on, but please update? I’ll try to come on here more often, I promise!

    Okay back to homework. So long.

  24. @37, the real reason Napolean was defeated really badly (sorry, that was
    bad phrasing) was as he was retreating, something happened: spring. Their canon got bogged down in the mud. If a Russian winter is bad for travel, a Russian spring is even worse.

  25. Yo, Middy Me. I finally got around to looking up Perfect Stranger by Civil Twilight and I must say… It’s damn groovy. It is, in my opinion, better than those other songs you were originally considering and it’s lyrics are definitely pertinent to the Leviathan series. It’s a cool song. It should make for a good Behemoth trailer. Peace out.

  26. @38: Hehe never thought of that. He was defeated rather badly, though,wasn’t he? (And REALLY at Waterloo, but then, my only source of detailed information on that is Les Miserables (book, not musical or movie).)

  27. @38, i know this is ridiculous, but did (or could?) the Russians ever charge the enemy with a herd of angry reindeer? i can imagine a little kid getting confused:
    MOM: “honey come here! get inside while you can!”
    KID:”but mom, it’s Santa Claus! with all his reindeer!” πŸ˜€
    i know, that was so outlandish, but it’s before sunrise and i’m bored.

  28. Scott-la we did WWI in history today!
    I knew the answers to all the questions.
    We talked about the British Dreadnought.
    And I nearly called the Central Powers Clankers πŸ˜€

  29. @41, I don’t really think that would work, at least not with Napolean. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong, but reindeer are usually found closer to the Artic circle, and generally in Siberia (if we’re talking only in Russia) or Scandinavia (if we’re talking the world), which are both regions that I THINK have never really seen major war fare, anything beyond tribal disputes or battles between rulers of small kingdoms. Also, the history of that region is an area of which I lack a lot of knowledge (along with the Napoleanic wars-they never teach us these things in school!) so I could be totally wrong.

  30. @43, so in other words, it’s still not a straight yes or no. yay! i can be left to my own imagination! Rudolph, chaaaaarge!

  31. @44- on Dasher, on Dancer, on Donder, on Blisten! On Comit, on Cupid, on Prancer, on Vixon! Attack! That would be the most epic battle ever. What if they got elves into it too? And used sharpened candy canes instead of bayonets? Wow, a very holiday-ish battle lol. (no offense to anyone in anyway, I’m not sure if there is anything offensive in there, but if there is, that’s not how I meant it. I was just being stupid lol)

  32. Hey there, Sergeant Pepper. Yeah, you know, I was just scrolling through my playlist and I saw the name and thought “hey, that doesn’t look familiar, I’ll play it”. Well, long story short, it had 0 plays, now it’s got like, 30, and it’s in the trailer. I’ll put the link here tomorrow.

    @38- don’t sweat it, you speak (or write) perfectly good english. Cool fact about Napoleon, I didn’t know that!

  33. @48 – really?? I don’t know about that, perhaos it’s got something to do with the copyright
    I mean, I can watch it perfectly from my computer πŸ™

  34. Midshipman K, Russians winters is quite normal if you are not in Siberia :DDD and even in Siberia it is quite normal too (but of course colder) xD
    now it is -15 and sunny, i think it’s ok (i live in Europeen part)
    sometimes frozes happens, for example some weeks ago it was -29 in my town, but i like it, we haven’t go to school (hm…not we (and me), pupils from 1 to 9th form haven’t go to school, everybody who in 10 and 11th form were studying because it was one degree warmer for cancelling lessons in high forms)

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