15 thoughts on “The Committee Strikes

  1. Mr. Westerfeld can I ask you some questions on how to get published? and do you have any suggestions on how to improve a story?

  2. This is so great! But does anyone know when John Green made that comment? It looks like he’s on the set of crash course.

  3. Great fun video – though for a moment I was a tad concerned! LOL I read the book a couple of months back – yay ARCs!!! – and it was fantastic. So glad I can now start selling it to customers when I get in the shop today!

  4. Okay, you know what, James Dashner, I really loved The Maze Runner and the Eye of Minds. But you don’t know who Nikola Tesla is, clearly he didn’t research his novel very well. If you want to name your main character after Thomas Edison, perhaps you should have looked more deeply into the negative side of the scientist’s world. The whole existence of John Green depends on making premature girls cry and Scott Westerfeld is an absolute Genius. I haven’t yet read Afterworlds, but I want to, and I don’t know if this ad is serious or not, but I really hope it’s not because I’ve read all of Scott Westerfeld’s YA novels and one of his adult ones and I believe he is very passionate in his writing.

  5. This is just so fantastic, I can’t even describe it. I haven’t read Afterworlds yet, or even started (college kid probz…no $), but I like it already because of this.

  6. Lol, I think my favorite part was Shannon Hale going, “Who the #*$! is Scott Westerfield?” I wanna meet you guys some day. You know, after I’ve finished writing my book and get to go on tour with y’all. #DREAMS

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