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I love this window at the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri:


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  1. If you have something left to say, write some more! I really like the uglies trilogy, as well as the leviathan trilogy. My friend has been madly searching for more of the leviathan trilogy. She’s an aspiring writer, and she is pretty good.
    Personally I would like to see some more of the Uglies trilogy.

  2. Mmm, I kinda think Uglies finished just fine. It seemed pretty conclusive, though I might be biased: while I like Uglies okay it is my least favorite of your YA books/series. Although, I seem to recall it being decided at one point that Uglies five would have to be called “Cakes”, in keeping with the pattern. 🙂

  3. I have checked this blog off and on for years. I’m always interested in your posts and books, but I am always, always hoping for more Uglies novels – and I’m a grown woman! I definitely want more, and so do my students! They always seek more when they get hooked on a series and I love seeing their enthusiasm grow when it comes to reading. Their excitement always comes from being introduced to exciting stories, like yours.

  4. The uglies series is my absolute favorite! I would absolutely buy more books if they were written. I wish they would turn the books into movies and do a good job with it! I think it would make an awesome movie series if they got the right cast and stuck to the books. Amazing work.

  5. I’d love to see the Uglies mangas redone right! They couldn’t even get Dr. Cable’s nose right!

  6. The problem is that you could storytell to the infinite and beyond, and if you keep going in that serie, you need more than just another perspective like in Extras. A prequel would be truly awesome, It would be so interesting to see that world getting in place beforehand. I’m sure you have far more than enough in your bag to keep on going though, and I’m really curious what you’ve hidden to us so far about your future perspective. I’d also love to see what problems getting human brains back to normal in that society would cause, there must be a lot left to tell.

    The world is actually more interesting than the characters. I think that’s what the readers are really attached to. Show us one more level of it, please ! Keep inspiring us, keep inspiring science, and keep inspiring imagination !

  7. It’s been years (what? Am I old now?) since “Uglies,” and I still fiend for more. I at LEAST need to see Shay’s Story finished–and, yes, I do mean “need.” See, I plan to invent the Special ‘surge someday, and I need to know what the Cutters look like to make that happen.
    Also, seconded on the idea of a prequel with mostly new characters–the world is fascinating, and maybe it could be aged up to older YA or even New Adult to keep the old readership and attract a new one at the same time?
    Or just make TallyxShay canon. Please.

  8. I´d love to read some more Uglies books. I hope there will be some prequels about how the idea of putting lesions in everyones head became a thing. But I´d like to see Shay´s Story finished first.

  9. you should do more leviathan series. hands down my favorite book series. I can remember coming onto this blog years ago and seeing the steampunk styled website and desperately hoping you would’ve posted again so I could comment how much I loved it! You truly shaped my childhood and will always be one of my favorite authors no matter what direction you go. <3

  10. I read the Uglies series when I was in middle school. I just reflected on it for one of my college classes (my, how time does fly) about what excellent world building was done in that series. The readers know so much about the world, because we learn as the characters do. But still, there is so much that we don’t know. I would love to know how this world came to be, how the people in power came to be in power. I want to know how Smoke started and why it was able to sustain for as long as it did. I think there is so many directions that another book (or a few) could take the reader. It’s a side I know I would love to see!

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