IMPOSTORS out in Paperback

My new Uglies novel, Impostors, is out now in paperback.

It’s the first of four new books set in the Uglies world, set twenty years later. New characters, so you don’t have to reread the original series to enjoy them.

Best of all, it’s only $4.99 (FIVE AMERICAN DOLLARS) so check it out!

The electronic versions are also $2.99 at the moment:

The paperback also has this snazzy new cover, so I hope you get to check it out:

7 thoughts on “IMPOSTORS out in Paperback

  1. I loved reading this book, and I cannot wait until the next book comes out! Fantastic!

  2. The Uglies were my favorite books as a child/teen. As an adult, learning about this book and the four to come makes me so excited! Thank you for continuing to keep my favorite series ever alive!!

  3. Very excited for this! I found the ‘Uglies’ series in high school and it’s gone with me wherever I go. I reread the series every five years or so. The meanings grow as I do. Thank you.

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