IMPOSTORS Trailer with New Covers

The first of new quartet of novels set in the UGLIES universe, Impostors takes place twenty years after the events of the original series. The first three books, Impostors, Shatter City, and Mirror’s Edge, are out now.

Is Tally Youngblood in them? That would be a spoiler.

Buy the books here.

One thought on “IMPOSTORS Trailer with New Covers

  1. Dear Scott,

    I just finished Mirror’s Edge and adored every second of it.
    This series is the first of your works which I am reading in English.
    I grew up with your books in German, and just as me they changed throughout the years.
    While reading this series, I came to know your work on a new level and am excited for the fourth novel.
    Until then I’ll probably pass the time by rereading the ugly series, however that’ll just take a weekend -more or less-.
    To put my rambling into a nutshell – thank you for writing layered female heroes, bringing lgbtq+ representation into them, and tackling mental health issues as well.
    Best regards from German across the Atlantic,

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