8 thoughts on “New Uglies Covers

  1. AWESOME! I can’t wait to read Youngbloods! The movie will be epic. I have that feeling. Anxiously waiting 🙂

  2. i first read this series when i was in grade 5 and re-read it now in my 3rd year of university and it’s gotten even better in time!! I’m so excited for the movie and wish i could live in the world of Tally Youngblood forever

  3. I would love to see another series from Tally’s perspective. ?
    Super excited for the movie and the follow up series, Imposters!

  4. YES. I feel like I’ve been waiting for so long. I remember the home made movies we used to share on here back in the day. So stoked!

  5. So I could be going out on a long shot but on of the new cover designs has tally’s heart necklace on the cover and when you lay the 4 original series out flat it makes the whole necklace in a complete circle. But when the books are standing side by side the necklace connects but isn’t complete on the spine of the book. (Just the middle part of the chain) Could this be a clue that imposters series would have a design on the spine to complete one side of the necklace and that there would be a prequel of the uglies serious to finish off the beginning of chain?

  6. Just reread this and i am STILL upset about Zane. Any feedback on this, Scott,or any links where you outline what led to thay decision?

  7. Hi Scott, I haven’t been able to access the forum for several months, and I can’t find a link to it anywhere. Will it be back to normal soon? I have many years of memories on there.

  8. Scott you are a legend. Read your Uglies & Midnighters series in middle school (~2008) and now re-reading them after college. The stories get better with time and the nostalgia they create makes me very happy. Thank you for everything

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