Leviathan Paperback Cover

Exciting news: The US paperback version of Leviathan will have a brand-spanking-new cover.

Here is it:


Pretty cool, huh? But I’m not going to say more, because I want to hear your impressions and opinions first.

Four key points about the US paperback version:

One: It will appear on August 10, 2010, about two months before book two in the series, Behemoth, which goes on sale October 5.

Two: It will be printed on the same awesome thick paper as the hardback! You may have noticed how much heavier Leviathan is than most books its size. The paper is a brighter white as well, all the better to show up Keith’s lovely art.

Three: It will be $9.99.

Four: Alas, the glorious endpapers map will not be in color in the paperback version. Only hardback books have end papers, so the map will appear as a spread in b&w. (Otherwise the book would be noticeably more expensive.)

Update: The paperback will be almost the same format as the hb, just a bit shorter. It’s my understanding that the art won’t have to be resized. (Phew.)

And now I attempt to anticipate your questions:

The UK paperback will have a different cover altogether, not the same as this or as the hardback there. I’ll reveal it here once it’s finalized.

I’m not sure what the plans are for the Australian paperback edition. I’ll let you know.

Leviathan has also sold in France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Turkey, Greece, Israel, and Portugal. I have no idea about pub dates or covers, except that the French edition comes out in early September from Pocket Jeunesse.


83 thoughts on “Leviathan Paperback Cover

  1. Ooh, interesting!

    I am confused by one thing though – I was browsing the internets yesterday looking up the release of the paperback in the UK, and Amazon told me it would be on the 27th May, which is in…four days. Which seems a little early if the paperback cover hasn’t even been released yet. Any idea what’s up with that? Have Amazon gone un poco loco? Either way I’m excited to see what the paperback cover will bring!

  2. i’m so impatient!
    Yes in france, it release in september.
    Its not cool…
    I have to wait wait wait again and again…

  3. i dont know which is better… this one or the old one.(its cool to be coment 53 because i used to be 5640.)

  4. OH MY!!!
    SO sweet! and only @ $10???
    i’m buying it. and bringing it so u can sign it on ur next book tour πŸ™‚ thanks scott-la!!

  5. Cool! But that sucks about the maps from the hardcover. i agree with lace-short-for-lacey there’s something about the whole hardcover and steampunk thing. Can not WAIT for Behemoth; hopefully I’ll be getting that! πŸ˜‰

  6. I’m gonna be honest, dude. I don’t really like it. The head’s all weird in relation to the back plane and there’s just way too much stuff. I don’t know where to look. They overworked everything. You have a drawing in the back, some realistic manipulated photo thing in the foreground, steampunk frame stuff out the wazoo (and the figure isn’t even completely centered in it), and on top of it all are a billion overlay textures.

    It would be awesome if they could somehow use the color version of the map on the paperback cover instead of having it on the end pages. It could be really classy and appealing to a wider audience depending on how the designer approaches it.

    Buuuuut that’s just me.

  7. sorta like it but the hardcover is MUCH better…i don’t really like having actual people on the covers of books coz i like to imagine how they look in my own mind and i kinda think that people on the covers are creepy. (don’t ask…my mind is weird that way…i think it’s something to do with the fact that i think the people are watching me…yeahhh…well that was embarrassing to admit :/)

    so i haven’t been on here in FOREVER!!!! and i don’t think i’ve picked up a Scott Westerfeld book in FOREVER (shameful i know :/) i’ve been busy though so not much time for any reading πŸ™ quite sad.

    so like all of you i’m anxiously waiting for Scott’s next book! it’s inevitably going to be AMAZING!! (nine kinds to be exact :)) i’m also anxiously waiting to find out if there are ever going to be movies of Scott’s books! i’m on the fence about whether i want there to be or not…i mean they would be awesome kick ass movies but they could ruin the books for other people which would be sad because the books are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCEPTIONALLY EPICALLY AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! but anyway…yeah not sure where i stand at this point but! if there were to be movies i know the PERFECT person who could play Dr. Cable. i don’t know if any of you watch the show V (if you don’t you should!) but the main character, Anna, whoever plays her would be awesome as Dr. Cable coz she shows no emotion and has the angles and body structure like a Special (at least how i picture a special to be) so if you want to check her out just Google “Anna from V” and check her out (not in a weird way though…haha)

    so yeah…that’s all i got to say…this was a good use of my study hall! πŸ™‚ who cares the school year is winding down and summer is almost here!! πŸ™‚ can’t wait!!

    peace ouuuut Peeps!! (you know you wanna be one!)

    SO DOES EMINEM!!! <3

  8. I absolutely love your books. I started with the Uglies series and was promptly sucked into the story. Leviathan was completely different and at the same time awesome. I love the new cover!

    By the way, thank you for creating clean books for the world to read. I know there are many who enjoy a good book without having to read foul words or smutty scenes. So, thanks! I appreciate it!

  9. ummm, to be honest i dont like it. i cant tell whether its alek or deryn, and both should be on it or none! the hardback was so pretty and actually looked old. this looks as if your TRYING to be old looking. i finally got to read it tho! fabu, cant wait for the next one!

  10. Hooray! A cheaper version of a great book that I can now buy! (In August πŸ™ ) But the picture of Alec weirds me out. Like a mix between a real person and a low quality computerized human. I’d like to know which is the answer if ya don’t mind. πŸ˜€

  11. Oh yeah! Just had a brain rememberance explosion! We got our yearbooks yesterday,(on this year’s 2011 staff. w00t!) and the company, called Taylor, has a thing called the “yearzine” in the back, filled with important events from this year, and in the back Levithan was on the top 10 list of stuff to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of corse, the first one was twilight… I’m not gonna say I never liked it but now I think it’s super annoying! GODSH! Whats with all my mindless rambling! Anyone have a cure for this?!?!?!?!? 0o0 ahhhhhh!

  12. Ping to random: I used to watch that show! Then I got bored. OOh and I saw this picture of Eminem made out of M&Ms when I went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not in Gatlinburg! Also, I randomly ventured onto Green Day’s website. Ventured with my best friend sitting next to me in computer class cause even though they sing awesomely, they kind of freak. me. out. Plus, I won’t get to see them at a concert till I’m 25, moved out of the house and saved up enough money from my modeling carreer to buy tickets for me and my fiance Chuck. I don’t know who Chuck is. But he’s out there somewhere… Thanks for reading, and if you didn’t, I don’t really care. More like “Thanks for putting up this visual eyesore.” I’m done talking now. Thanks for putting up with this eyesore!!!! πŸ˜€

  13. To the people who have trouble identifying the person on the cover:

    I decided for myself for it to be Deryn, as others decided for themselves it was either Deryn or Alec, but it still could be / is both; as Kailey-was said, it’s ambiguous. I wonder if that helps for the people who have a hard time with one or the other being center stage…?

  14. I have a bit of a random question…I was talking to my dad about this book the other day and he asked what it was about. When I mentioned the whale (the leviathan in the story) he was like, ohh that makes sense. Livyatan is hebrew for whale (we’re israeli). I was wondering if that had any connection to the title?

  15. I’ve known Scott-la to do his research for whatever books he’s writing, so it makes a great amount of sense that he purposely made Leviathan a Darwinist whale-ship as opposed to whatever else it could have been.

    Although, when I think “flying whales”, I think of a lot of other things too. Video games are one… Has anyone here played Final Fantasy IV?

  16. Scott-la you are so awesome!!!! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait till the second book comes out either! πŸ™‚ I’m sure it’s going to be just as awesome as you are!!! I have the hardcover book but am definitely going to by the paper back as well! It just looks so good.



  18. PS Tridecalover, why do you love the number 30? Or do you mean something else by your name?

  19. My UK paperback came today! It’s totally gorgeous and lovely and it’s so exciting to be able to finally read it! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (I can’t afford hardbacks so always have to wait for the paperback.) It’s such a great book so far, I’m only about 1/2 way through but loving it! Though why is the UK paperback out soooo much earlier than the US one?! Don’t care really, just glad I’ve got mine! It’s so pretty!

  20. Scott, congratulations for the interview on the italian magazine “Il Venerdì”!
    I hope that your book will sell well in Italy!

  21. i’ve fallen in love with the book all over again~! can’t wait to get Behemoth. I just hope that the Behemoth Hardcover has a similar design with the red-metallic steampunk version of Leviathan. But the design is cool, nonetheless

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  24. I cannot wait for Behemoth to come out. October seems so far away. The first time I saw the cover for Behemoth I was so excited. The cover looked so cool and it was green, which is my favorite color, a book after my own heart. Although like a lot of people I had trouble figuring out if it was Alek or Deryn on the cover. But then I saw the two covers together, and noticed that the person on the Behemoth cover looked a lot more feminine. But not too feminine, where it is obvious that she is a girl. That might have ruined it, but I had to guess. I like the paperback cover of Leviathan; I think Alek looks very handsome on the cover. I love the mixed-media effect.

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