Let There Be Cake!

No, not the theoretical fifth book in the Uglies series, but Cinco de Mayo birthday cake! For me! Because it is my birthday!

by Baby Cakes and Confections

Rather more steampunk than Cinco de Mayo, but that’s how I rofl.

I’m taking off today, of course, but I’ll be joining whoever wants to chat in the next Forum Meet-Up:

Saturday May 8th
Midnight in London
9AM (May 9) Australia Eastern
Here at the WesterForum.

And now I’m off to party on the bottom of the sea. Seriously.

Ciao for now . . .

deep sea diver

73 thoughts on “Let There Be Cake!

  1. Happy Waay belated Birthday Scott-la!! Fawesomely cool cake you got there. Was it chocolate? It looks like it’d be chocolate. I LOOOOVE chocolate cake yum! @_@ FINALLY STARTED LEVIATHAN!!! I’m gonna DEVOUR that book. Watch me do it. X-D

  2. That is the most amazing cake ever. Does your cake explode? O-o
    Hypothetical 5th book in Uglies Series FTW!!!

  3. That’s an awesome cake but u should deffinetly make a 5th book to the uglie series it’s amazing!!!!! I am in live with ur series and I would probably die if you stopped!!!!!! I love your books!!!! Awesomest series I have ever read!!! 🙂 you make me happy and not wanting to stop reading with every turn of the page!!! It’s a thrilling book to read 🙂 happy bday!

  4. not to be all annoying and nitpicky, but i believe the phrase is “that’s how i roll”… and not “that’s how i rofl”:)

  5. Ping to alice-wa*: Yeah, but even if you say “that’s how I rofl”, it’s still technically correct.

    After all, you’re still “rolling” when you “rofl”. Well, “rolling on the floor laughing”, that is. Same thing really, just with less proper English!

  6. Happy late Birthday, Scott-la! I saw this a while ago, but I didn’t reply. I’ve been keeping up guys, just not commenting. I am back! For now. BTW, BURNED WAS AWSOME!!!!!! I can’t wait for the next book… Ah, I forget what it’s called!

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  8. Happy (belated) birthday!

    That cake is totally happy-making. :]

    I just finished “Leviathan” and it was totally amazing. I wish “Behemoth” would come out faster. D:

  9. I missed it by a few, but happy birthday! You share it with Hank Green! Don’t worry, I planted enough trees for both of you.

  10. Wish you a great wonderful birth. Well the theme looks nice with things in better way its making an sense of what all in the animal planet it looks nice and also looks like an palace at the web.

  11. happy belated b-day! kool cake, how old r u? u dont have to tell me…but y’kno….

  12. when will the auditions for uglies be held. i love your books by the way you are an amazing writer.

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