Goliath Cover


This image will no doubt rekindle the fractious old covers/new covers debate, but I will say that this is totally my favorite of the new ones. I think the two leads look awesome together. (Though note that in reality Deryn is taller than Alek, so clearly he’s standing on a box. That’s barking princes for you!)

Enjoy the slightly-spoilery manta-ship in the upper right!


153 thoughts on “Goliath Cover

  1. Hippie costumes remind me of my college days in my 70’s. They are so brilliant. I am long over the hippie dress and I am kinda missing those days we thought we were all cool. I had a huge afro type of hair. I would like to get the hippie afro and bit disco mix.

  2. just finished Behemoth about 2 hours ago, and already trembling in anticipation for Goliath! aah can’t wait til september~

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