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If you need a large photograph of me for press purposes, feel free to use one of the following in print or online. The top one is most recent, and can be clicked for a bigger version. I bestow all rights to everyone to use these photos in all media forever.

photo by Niki Bern, 2013

photo by Samantha Jones, 2002

photo by Samantha Jones, 2002

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  1. 1
    January 25th, 2012 07:27

    i like the trust picture better.BTW:i read leviathan and i listened to the first chapter of behemoth they were both awesome!!!!!

  2. 2
    Dakota Burroughs
    January 27th, 2012 02:14

    i am working on reading the third book now i am really into it and wish i had more time to read, but i am curious about where you got the ideas to come up with the machines and beast in the books.

  3. 3
    January 28th, 2012 05:43

    Behold!!!!!! The genius himself!!!!!!! GO SCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4
    January 29th, 2012 06:27

    Where DOES Scott get his ideas? His books are completely original and I’ve never seen works based off of his stuff either, unlike some authors that have copied off of others and shall remain nameless because they ‘are not worthy to be mentioned in the same comment as Scott Westerfeld’.

  5. 5
    February 4th, 2012 23:47

    Can you just reply to this please. It would be awesome.

  6. 6
    February 6th, 2012 00:11

    A really cool thing you could do is make a site where you would make your own morphos, like they talked about in the book, so that anyone With a webcam could see what they would look like as a pretty :)

  7. 7
    February 7th, 2012 16:20

    Scott your imagination is way beyond great its awesome in some many ways! I already read your whole series of the pretties,uglies,specials and extras but i am reading them all over again (thats how great they are) this series should be filmed

  8. 8
    February 8th, 2012 22:33

    Scott, youre a amazing author. i read leviathan and behemoth in a week and i can not wait to read goliath. your twist on WW1 similar to the hetalia series has made learning history fun for me. and for that i thank you^u^

  9. 9
    February 10th, 2012 01:28

    I really think the uglies could be a good series to turn into movies.

  10. 10
    February 13th, 2012 07:43

    Scott-la, I have some totally bubbly (or maybe bogus) ideas for a fifth book to the ‘trilogy’ (once you’re done with ALL of Shay’s story, of course) Please e-mail me, I would like to tell you of my ideas. Or if you just got the “Contact Scott Westerfeld” button working, that would be nice. I really think you should write “Cakes”, and want to thank you for the amazing series you have brainwashed my mind with (in a good way).
    P.S. I think that you should put a big page for all the revealing characters so it won’t take an hour to find Zane.
    -Penny-la (aka obsessive Uglies fan) :D

  11. 11
    February 16th, 2012 04:52

    in love with Zane. totally bubbly / bogus. oh and i think that you should definetly make the uglies series into movies. that would be over the top awesome of course because i am in love with the uglies series. i had just started specials after reading uglies and pretties. email me please ’cause’ im totally bubbly, bogus, and most importantly pretty.

  12. 12
    February 16th, 2012 19:13

    your book sucks

  13. 13
    February 16th, 2012 19:16

    U reallly should make it into a movie(the series) it would be Wayyyyyyyyyy better no offense

  14. 14
    Elizabeth Christine
    February 17th, 2012 07:04

    If you ever do make the Uglies series into a movie, I am BEGGING you to not make them anime, whatever it’s called, and to use real people for the actors. I’m tired of seeing the same people in films. Totally ‘bogus.’ And for the love of your fans, make it better than the ‘Twilight’ garbage movies. I wish there were words to describe how your books have made me feel. Keep up the great work, do not change a thing.

    Much love,
    Elizabeth Christine.

  15. 15
    February 22nd, 2012 08:22

    I wish there were words to discribe your books because awesome and amazing just isn’t enough… Seriously, your way better than Stephenie Meyer, your books are so much better than hers , and i’m talking about ALL the books because i’ve read them all a thousand times and i can’t get tired, i realy like it,
    No, Seriously… You’re a genious! o_o You should realy make the Uglies series into movies it would be so bubbly (x

    Love, Macy-wa *

  16. 16
    February 23rd, 2012 05:50

    Heyy. I read the Uglies Series and I loved it. You should make them into movies :)

    – Amy-wa

  17. 17
    February 23rd, 2012 10:33

    I’ve never enjoyed reading mainly because of boring much exhausted topics but with the leviathan series it was the highlight of day when I had free time to read weather it would be at home or in class or in the car. the story was exciting and always left you with a NEED to turn the page and see what is next for Alek or Deryn i was so happy to see the ending of the series when all the mysteries were answered and the two finally “hooked up” but im also so sad to know there’s nothing more to read of the two but anyway im rambling i just wanted to say thank you for giving the world such a wonderful story

    Zak “Elmo” Davis

  18. 18
    February 24th, 2012 09:55

    My friend and I are royalty obsessed with midnighters! The best series ever! We would love if you could write another book. It would make us very happy. Love this book and uglies <3. :)


  19. 19
    February 24th, 2012 09:56


  20. 20
    Rebekah Brent
    February 27th, 2012 22:03

    If You make the Uglies Series into movies… PLEASE don’t let tha movie makers cut out important scenes, and I agree with one of the previous comments… Don’t let the movies be made like Twilight. Twilight sucks! Edward can Go get stabbed with a wooden stake… And Jacob can go fall off of a cliff. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE…Don’t let then ruin your stories… It doesn’t matter if it’s anime, cartoon, real life, don’t let them taint PERFECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. 21
    Rebekah Brent
    February 27th, 2012 22:08

    Oh… and I agree with comment 6 you should make a cite for morphos! That would be wicked to see what you look like as a pretty… Oh and there should be a print option… :)
    -Rebekah-(my names too long for an ending) :(

  22. 22
    Victor Meier
    February 29th, 2012 06:50

    I love all of your books, they are great, haven’t read the adult series though, will read them when I can buy them!!! doing a English project on you as an author and your writing style, have to read your books again to refresh my memory!! Great job on all of the books you’ve published!!

  23. 23
    March 1st, 2012 01:54

    wowzers I love your books!

  24. 24
    March 1st, 2012 19:31

    Great Book I loved it you should make more books telling of Alek and Deryn

  25. 25
    March 3rd, 2012 06:37

    He kind a looks like Andrew Hussie…


  26. 26
    March 4th, 2012 06:23

    I first heard of the Leviathan series two years ago, and was finally able to discover where a book was being held now. I’ve gotten my father hooked on the series and now he’s bothering me to hurry up and finish the third book. I read some of the comments with people wanting you to make movies out of your books, but I disagree. Most books that I have read and have had movies made of them ended up horrible, but if it is what you choose I will certainly watch.

  27. 27
    kyleigh estep
    March 7th, 2012 04:28

    If possible i need to see what exactly Dr.cable looks like, i have to do a book report asap and i have decided to do a wanted poster on her. please and thank you verry much. i LOVE your books. YOUR AMAZING

  28. 28
    kyleigh estep
    March 7th, 2012 04:29

    o and i also agree with comment 6 that would be amazing

  29. 29
    March 7th, 2012 11:11

    Just finished uglies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait to read pretties

  30. 30
    lois donato
    March 9th, 2012 07:18

    one of my students mentioned that you seem to emphasize sports fields throughout your Uglies series. She is currently reading Extras. Can you shed any light on this?

  31. 31
    katherine amerhsek
    March 9th, 2012 23:19

    i love the book of uglies it’s alsome

  32. 32
    Sonya Torres
    March 23rd, 2012 00:38

    Scott, are you really making a movie because people were telling me that you were and that you weren’t so I don’t know who to believe? Also, if you do, please dont turn it into an anime movie……..PLEASE!

  33. 33
    vicky latrezz
    March 23rd, 2012 01:07

    waite a min i thought u was a gurl

  34. 34
    March 24th, 2012 05:50

    What is wrong with you people? Scott can not just decide to ” make the books a movie” that’s not how it works. Also, you have some book ideas for him? Really? I think he is fully capable to come up with his own ideas. Why don’t you just write your own books weirdos.

  35. 35
    March 24th, 2012 21:04

    WAAHHHHHHHH!! i finished the leviathan series like a year ago an i mis it! why did it have to end! i remember seeing it in this catolge in fifth grade and it was love at first site! i hav the whole trilogy (Behemoth an Goliath in hard cover) in my bedroom right now i rate it the second best series i ever read and i got bored with the Hunger Games!!!!!!! P.S. an Anime would be freaken awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. 36
    March 27th, 2012 02:53

    Thank you for being an inspiration to me, being an aspiring writer myself, you have helped me through your writing, motivating me and helping me keep the dream alive and the words coming simply because I aim to one day be as brilliant as I find you.

    Please never stop?

  37. 37
    March 30th, 2012 00:17

    Read the leviathan trilogy and loved it! I can’t wait to get back to the library and check out the rest of your books!

  38. 38
    March 31st, 2012 02:49

    GO Leviathan!

  39. 39
    March 31st, 2012 12:54

    My heart literally fell to pieces when Alek just threw away what he shouldve had. I mean, he was supposed to inherit such stinkin wealth! But I feel so happy for him and Deryn. I just wish he didn’t have to throw away so honor he was born with :(

    I love it anyway. Thank U so much Mr. Scott, for sharing such beautiful story :)

  40. 40
    April 2nd, 2012 12:44


  41. 41
    April 7th, 2012 02:55

    @ 40: And who are you to say that. The fact that you found this site and felt inclined to comment on it makes the comment in question (yours) rather hypocritical.

  42. 42
    April 7th, 2012 21:34

    Totally cool! I read all of the leviathan books, besides the manual of aeronautics, will there be another book?

  43. 43
    April 7th, 2012 21:43

    The Ugies series is TOTALY Happy-making. I can’t wait to read “Shay’s Story”. Keep up the awesomeness, you’re on a roll

  44. 44
    April 8th, 2012 23:27

    Hey Scott, totally hope you get this–do you ever tour in places elsewhere than Australia??? I, of course, am probably the farthest away from you, being born&bred in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. but it would be totally awesome! And even after reading Behemoth and Goliath over at least 6 times, i’m still cracking up over how well you nailed the “nosy American reporter” stereotype for Eddie Malone. And if you want a decent amount of dollar$ or whatever currency and a few movietheaters full of sci-fi-action-steampunk fans, TOTALLY make the Leviathan series into a film!

  45. 45
    Eva flores
    April 13th, 2012 10:24

    I love your books I just finished specials and the midnighters series in two weeks they are so obsessing
    Thank you for being a great writer!!!!!!!

  46. 46
    April 14th, 2012 05:53


  47. 47
    April 14th, 2012 05:56

    by the way!!! seriously i dont like to be NOT COOL but there is not progres in the movie at all scott! so what the heck??

  48. 48
    April 14th, 2012 20:08

    Love your book sries..UGLIES i have only but 2 out of the whole series….and i do not know how many times i have read them but they are great…….keep them coming..:D

  49. 49
    April 15th, 2012 05:29

    i finished shays story an hour after it came out when will the second be done???

  50. 50
    April 15th, 2012 05:34

    IS THERE GONNA BE A MOVIE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  51. 51
    Dr. Cable-wa
    April 15th, 2012 05:53

    Scott-la, who is your favorite Charactor and why?

  52. 52
    Dr. Cable-wa
    April 15th, 2012 05:59

    So i was looking at different book covers for the uglies and i love the one that says: before the hunger games there was the uglies

  53. 53
    April 16th, 2012 01:00

    they are both good pictures. i am going to use the first one to do my author report for class! I am doing it on the Leviathan series!

  54. 54
    April 16th, 2012 04:44

    I love your Leviathan series so much and am even writing an essay about it for English class. Wish I had Bovril as a pet. He is sooooo funny.

  55. 55
    April 16th, 2012 04:45

    BTW is there going to be a Leviathan movie? I hope there will be it will be awesome!

  56. 56
    April 16th, 2012 06:30

    I absolutely adore the Leviathan trilogy! They are so amazing! Love the whole Steampunk thing. Nice pics. Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books!

  57. 57
    April 16th, 2012 22:02

    Hey Scott, where do u want us to send stuff for your FAF? i have a few items, but i don’t know how to get them to you… and i adore Bovril’s character, he’s just like a real creature with a personality.

  58. 58
    April 20th, 2012 03:20

    hey scott i would like to ask when the movie ”The Uglies”‘ are comming out.i really adore and love your writing.i am a big fan of the books ”the Uglies.”

  59. 59
    April 20th, 2012 17:56

    @ Rosie where does he get his ideas? Have you read 1984? It’s a very similar concept to uglies, and it was written in 1948.

  60. 60
    April 21st, 2012 22:16

    I am a HUGE fan of the Uglies series and am looking forward to reading your other books. I think Uglies would make an excellent movie! My dream job is to play Tally if it ever becomes a movie. Thank you so much for your excellent talent and writing!

  61. 61
    April 24th, 2012 23:25

    The library recommeded your Uglies Series for my 15 yr old daughter to read. We got the first 2 in the series; I read one and she read the other…..WOW, we were HOOKED!! We read them all…..then read more…..then more…..can’t you write faster? Thank you for excellent writing, no sex and thoughtful characters. You’ve really got a gift!

  62. 62
    May 1st, 2012 22:22

    How do I send pictures

  63. 63
    May 1st, 2012 22:24

    No seriously, HOW DO I SEND A PICTURE for FAF!!!!

  64. 64
    May 5th, 2012 08:03

    i love this books i cried when zane died.

  65. 65
    May 5th, 2012 16:25

    OMG i <3 Uglies, cant wait 2 get Shays story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. 66
    May 9th, 2012 00:36


  67. 67
    (not telling)
    May 10th, 2012 01:08

    I love the leviathan series it’s the best

  68. 68
    May 10th, 2012 20:44

    :O They are coming out with Shay’s point of view!? Thats amazing! I can’t wait to read it! I love love love the Uglies series! :D

  69. 69
    May 11th, 2012 18:46

    You have the eyes of an intelligent and creative being! Your book never cease to amaze me. I’m currently reading The Uglies and I cannot put the book down along with the time reading Goliath; finishing the triology! You are an extraordinary man, and your imagination keeps me inspired to write! It would be a huge honour to see you in Winnipeg, Canada, if it were ever possible! Again, please don’t ever stop writing because the world really needs to know more about you and your ingenious mind! ???????!

  70. 70
    May 11th, 2012 18:47

    You have the eyes of an intelligent and creative being! Your book never cease to amaze me. I’m currently reading The Uglies and I cannot put the book down along with the time reading Goliath; finishing the triology! You are an extraordinary man, and your imagination keeps me inspired to write! It would be a huge honour to see you in Winnipeg, Canada, if it were ever possible! Again, please don’t ever stop writing because the world really needs to know more about you and your ingenious mind!

  71. 71
    May 12th, 2012 03:36

    Well I’m reading your books right now and they are utterly amazing and I think the charector Zane and David are amazing just wanna say great job and love them thanks!

  72. 72
    May 13th, 2012 03:50

    He’s a geneius! I live in Brazil and I looooove Uglies!!!! S2

  73. 73
    May 14th, 2012 03:02

    scott-sama, i is honored to see u. ( ;) )

  74. 74
    May 19th, 2012 01:07

    hay scott-sama, i had an awsome idea last night, u should come to canada on your next tour! it’d be sp cool! and we have pritty sweet ski jumps and such, but that’s the best i could think of to convince u. canada’s pritty boring. but all the people i know ar addicted to your books. please? it would mean the world to all us “icy” people. ;)

  75. 75
    May 21st, 2012 06:17

    @ 49, since I posted that, I have read many more books. I now realize that there are many books based off of similar ideas, especially with Uglies. To expand upon the theme of the ‘new’ Uglies covers:
    Before the Hunger Games, there was Uglies,
    Before there was Uglies, there was Feed,
    Before there was Feed, there was 1984,
    Before there was…
    And the list goes on and on

  76. 76
    May 21st, 2012 06:18

    * 59, sorry, not 49

  77. 77
    May 21st, 2012 06:41

    Has anyone else noticed that Thomas Hobbes (you know, like the captain of the Leviathan) wrote a book called Leviathan or The Matter, Forme and Power of a Common Wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civil (you know, the war of all against all) more commonly called Leviathan? I find that slightly amusing.

  78. 78
    Lady Proemess
    May 23rd, 2012 09:31

    Calvin and Hobbes comic. You inspired by that?

  79. 79
    May 26th, 2012 01:19

    You, Scott, are AMAZING!!

  80. 80
    Celia Caro
    May 27th, 2012 01:38

    I just adore your books! I have only read the Midnighters and the Leviathan series so far but I hope to read more soon.

  81. 81
    May 27th, 2012 22:52

    Omg , your books are incredible , I have only read Uglies,Levithan and Midnighters but they were the best books I EVER read :) Will you produce a movie with you books? Imagine, Uglies books into a movie , this would be,amazing !!

  82. 82
    June 3rd, 2012 06:47

    @12 then why are you on here? Why did you feel inclined to go on this website just to post a rude comment? If you don’t like his books then just don’t read them and don’t go post anything ignorant and rude on his blog.

    Well anyways, Scott’s books are amazing and the Uglies series is my favorite out of all of them. It’s my favorite series ever, actually. Thank you for your wonderful books!

  83. 83
    June 5th, 2012 04:40

    Scott…I LOVE your books! I have read Peeps, and the Uglies series. I am on Extras right now! SOOOOOO amazing! suspenseful and awesome… I like the Uglies series better than Peeps, cuz I’m not much of a vampires fan, and i wouldn’t have found Uglies if it weren’t for my friend IPG! (initials) luv ya gur!!!!!!! So, Scott, thank you for being an awesome author!!!

  84. 84
    Sara M.S.
    June 5th, 2012 06:44

    Ummm, I love yours books and the end of Goliath was complete genius. But my sister and I were wondering if you were planing a close-up book I know you have a epilogue at the end but I wanna know if thats the end of their adventages and If Deryn ever get caught. =>
    — A big fan from Kentucky ,
    Sara and Miranda

  85. 85
    June 6th, 2012 03:50

    i just have to add to the numerous comments and say that it was you that made reading FUN for me (i started with Uglies and ‘bloomed,’ i guess, to an avid reader), as well as writing. thank you for every thing!

  86. 86
    June 7th, 2012 02:31

    I just read all these comments and i cant wait to read this book. as a reader it is realy easy to find a book to read and love… im glad this came along! imma read the whole thing in like three days XD i read the whole twilight serise in 2 days so this should be a peice of cake XD keep on writeing so i can keep reading (no pressure) XD thank u so much for being u and being inspired. (i am fourteen and a writer also. if im famous one day my name is caroline thornton lol thank you XD)

  87. 87
    June 7th, 2012 23:54


  88. 88
    June 18th, 2012 02:50

    Scott, only a smart-Alek (like Alek from the Leviathan series:) like you can come up with something as brilliant as the Leviathan! I just finished reading the first book, and am practically twitching to get my hands on Behemoth! And now I think I’m going to read the Uglies series, because judging by what people have said it sounds really good! Thanks for everything!
    And as much as I admire Dr. Barlow, she does get annoying sometimes…

  89. 89
    June 18th, 2012 05:41

    (For the Leviathan)
    The illustrations were well done! Bravo! And I have my suspicions about that Captain fellow…I have just finished the first book as well and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next. I do hope Alek finds out about Deryn’s little secret…it’s only fair that he gets to know now that Deryn knows his.

  90. 90
    June 22nd, 2012 21:55

    I loved the uglies prettiest and the speicals. But part of me thinks that they all were missing something. I loved David and I didn’t think you needed to add zane but over all loved them :)

  91. 91
    June 28th, 2012 00:23

    The Road to Success is always under construction. Keep building, Scott!

  92. 92
    June 28th, 2012 06:21

    PLEASE MAKE THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. 93
    June 28th, 2012 06:28

    i think david should have stayed with tally too @maggie!:)

  94. 94
    June 29th, 2012 05:10

    I love your books! But really why did you kill off Zane! :-( That made me mad… but your amazing books made up for that. ;-)

  95. 95
    July 2nd, 2012 23:11

    LOVE THESE BOOKS. That is what my friend Eliza-wa said when I asked what she was reading. She told me what the Uglies series was about, and I said I’d read it. I didn’t get to it for a few weeks, but when I did, it was impossible to put the book down. I have read the Uglies series 4 times. They inspired me to become a writer, and I just want to say your fiction and writing style changed my life.

    Thanks for the experience,

  96. 96
    July 4th, 2012 06:26

    Can u write shays story as a longer book somtime instead of a graphic novel no offense its still awesome!!!!!!!!!! O yeah i loved specials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    from, Core-wa

  97. 97
    July 7th, 2012 21:17

    I read all three books in the leviathan series and I was so sad when they were over. I had nothing interesting to read for like months. If Scott comes up with a way to expand the series he will be my official new favorite author.

  98. 98
    July 10th, 2012 03:31

    I just finished pretties. After screaming at Shay for about 10 minutes I picked up Specials. So glad I went to the library this morning!!

  99. 99
    July 12th, 2012 01:18

    I read the Uglies series with my now 20 year old daughter when she was in school. I could not wait for my younger daughter to be old enough to get it. She is now 13 and I had the joy of sharing it with her as well. Thank you, Scott for taking us through that journey. We are lending the books to my daughter’s best friend so that she understands our references to the book that we now apply to real life. I am sure you have been asked many times but I must know – WILL THERE EVER BE A MOVIE?? I have even considered trying to reach a producer myself and pitching the idea in hopes they would contact you.

  100. 100
    July 13th, 2012 16:51

    I LOVE Scott Westerfeld! He’s definitely one of my favourite authors (and there aren’t that many favourites!). I read Uglies many years ago and I’ve re-read them quite a few times. I’ve also read The Midnighters Trilogy (almost equally bubbly) and I can’t wait to read Leviathan! I know, it’s already out but I’m so busy! I’ve been a Westerfeld fan for years now!

  101. 101
    July 23rd, 2012 06:22

    I love your books and am reading Extras right now!!!! I read and finished Uglies Shay’s Story today and it really helped me understand more things about the bookiu

  102. 102
    July 23rd, 2012 06:28

    I love all of your books!!! I am reading Extras right now and finished Uglies Shay’s story today. It really helped me understand more of the book, Uglies. Please write another one for Pretties!!!!! You are a great author and I absolutely LOVE your books!!!! Extras so far is totally brain-teasing!!!! He he I think the high-tech language has rubbed off on me!!!

  103. 103
    July 31st, 2012 07:08

    Okay so I just finished reading The ‘Uglies’ Series (which was amazingly amazing by the way) And I agree with all the people that said it should be turned into a movie! It is so thrilling, adventurious, beautifully written, sexy, appealing, and daring that it would compete with the Twilight Books (which I have also read and own all the movies). That is how wonderful the Uglies series is. Listen to your fans Scott-la, were geniuses! You are officially my new favorite author :-). You know exactly how to portray everything that all the characters are thinking or feeling, and I’m impressed that you know how to portray a girls feelings so well, considering your a boy (man, male, whatever you feel like calling yourself). I’ve read other male authors books, and you have seriously set yourself so far ahead of everyone else. Stunning. <3

  104. 104
    July 31st, 2012 07:12

    Sorry, one more thing. IS THERE SOMETHING GOING ON WITH TALLY AND DAVID?!?! Because at the end of Extras, I do recall Tally and David sneaking of to the pleasure garden instead of watching Nana’s cake explode! (Sorry, spoiler alert :) Haha)

  105. 105
    August 4th, 2012 13:07


  106. 106
    August 6th, 2012 04:42

    Scott you ar like a huge inspiration to me! I didnt even know what swteampunk was before i read leviathan! Now im hardcore stempunk. Deryn is like my hero! ive always wanted to do something dramatic like u know sneaking into the airforce:)

  107. 107
    August 11th, 2012 04:40

    I read Behemoth in a day. I know that sounds obsessive but I love your writing. (sounding obsessed again sorry) sometimes I hate reading, just because I hate that books end:( Please write more. please! I would buy your books in a heart beat.

  108. 108
    August 15th, 2012 21:42

    Cant wait for the movie if it is coming out! Uglies series is the best books ive ever read, Scott has totally changed my mind about reading… I need to see more of Tally and David’s relationship;;)!!! Cant wait to get Shay’s Story!

  109. 109
    August 19th, 2012 05:22

    I would just like to congradulate you on 1st of all the wonderful series, ‘Uglies’. Just the fact that you can write first person on a teenage girls perspective. That my friend deserves a medal alone! But, a whole series and a beautful outcome? Truly amazing and inspirational! You have made an excellent plot and story line! The characters and the story was overall very descriptive. I could have imagined every bit of ‘Uglies’ without the graphic novel but, boy am I excited! Cannot wait! May even want to get it signed!

  110. 110
    August 27th, 2012 20:03

    ? ?????????? ?????? ???????.?????? ????????? ?????? ????? ???? ???????? ??? ??? ?????,?? ?????? ??? ?????????.???? ????? ????? ????????? ???? ? ?????? ???? ????? ? ??????? ?????????.

  111. 111
    Sean Park
    September 4th, 2012 16:00

    I really love your Leviathan series!!! As soon as I finished the Goliath, I wanted to read more about it and the entire series are page turner!!!! If it is possible it would be great if the Leviathan series is published into a movie :D :D :D

  112. 112
    September 8th, 2012 05:18

    My sister and I were doing this thing that if the Leviathan was a movie, and we had to hire Disney actors for the cast, Alek would be Prince Eric, Deryn would be Mulan, Count Volger would be the “nice” version of the mean Step-mother, and Dr. Barlow would be Belle’s father.
    I know this isn’t perfect, but come on people, everyone knows Disney doesn’t come anywhere close to this series!

  113. 113
    MISTER Sharp
    September 9th, 2012 06:23

    When I grow up, I want to be the heir to a kingdom at war or a girl posed as a boy serving on a giant whale thing that can fly! And the I’ll get a pet perspicacious loris!

    -MISTER Sharp = Dylan = Deryn = AWESOME :D
    -”Fritz” = Prince in Hiding = Alek = AWESOME :D

    I shall read Goliath next! Just finished Behemoth!

  114. 114
    September 17th, 2012 03:09

    I loved the leviathan series you should do another in the same world

  115. 115
    September 27th, 2012 21:41

    Hey Scott:) you really inspired me. Im writing a book called The Elementals. and you helped me get good ideas. Im going to be an author! Thanks:):):) your the best author ever! i love you!!!!!!!

  116. 116
    Zakk Redstar
    October 2nd, 2012 20:39

    I love the leviathan series. steampunk is one of my favorite subjects with books, movies and games. if you ever make a movie out of the series i hope it can be an anime because it would allow so much more exciting and awesome visual effects then to CGI animation or other methods. thank you so much scott for the amazing story of alek and dylan ive had alot of fun reading these books.

  117. 117
    Darian Adams
    October 3rd, 2012 18:52

    ur my fav. wrighter and u inspier meto wright

  118. 118
    October 5th, 2012 18:43

    I want a site where you can make your own morphos, and see yourself as a pretty as mentioned in a comment up there?/\

  119. 119
    October 5th, 2012 18:43


  120. 120
    October 5th, 2012 18:45

    I agree with ping-la, but canada is WAAAY better than they describe it. More specifically come to ottawa

  121. 121
    October 5th, 2012 18:45

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  122. 122
    October 5th, 2012 22:16

    I am devoted! I finished extrs in about a day. I love your books and I only hope for more to come. I really could never get tired of your stunning series uglies! It is the definition of perfection.

  123. 123
    October 10th, 2012 02:48

    i love the book im only a fifth grader my whole class is reading it please make a movie already please send tickets to me when it first come out

  124. 124
    October 14th, 2012 03:42

    Wow Scott you right amazing books! <3 i cant stop reading them. They should really make a movie out of this:D I got your third book yesterday and almost finished with it! (: Love your books Scott:)

  125. 125
    October 21st, 2012 04:28

    Dear Mr. Westerfeld,
    I love love LOVE the Leviathan series. I am currently rereading it for the zillionth time. You should really really make another series based upon WWII, perhaps with Alek and Deryn’s children??? It would be so fantastic!!

  126. 126
    October 23rd, 2012 01:42

    Dear Mr. Westerfield,
    I am a huge Leviathan fan and please please please make a fifth book. When I got to the fourth book I was crushed that it was over. Besides, you just left us hanging. If you want to save countless people from agony, pleeeeeease write a fifth book!
    Blisteringly yours :),

  127. 127
    October 23rd, 2012 04:51

    Thanks to you, you inspired me and I’m looking to get my book published! look for The Elementals by Rylee Cairns!!!!!!!!!!!

  128. 128
    October 23rd, 2012 09:00

    NICE >.<

  129. 129
    October 23rd, 2012 09:02

    name says it all love ya scott

  130. 130
    October 25th, 2012 01:26

    scott-sama, the uglies series is the best of the best when it comes to sci-fi! i’m writing my own series called Edison Academy which will have so many barking refrences to the series it’ll make your bloodey head spin!
    (with the spazzing out said & done )
    i agree with you about the hoverboards. since paved roads & highways are too space-wasting. also the Special operation sounds bubbly!
    It’s way too brain-shattering that you had to kill ZANE!
    wanna know a bubbly secret? i’m part of the crims @ my school.
    you sir are my insperation for E.A. because [long spazz-making story later] YOU ROCK!!!!

    blisteringly yours :D,

  131. 131
    October 25th, 2012 01:28

    and i agree w/ comment#6 that would be very happy- making:P

  132. 132
    October 25th, 2012 01:29

    epic- making series WRITE MOAR!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  133. 133
    October 25th, 2012 01:31

    DEVOTED!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Love it soo much!!!

  134. 134
    October 29th, 2012 08:26

    I love ur manga Uglies and i would like 2 kno wht the 2nd book is.

  135. 135
    November 2nd, 2012 00:16

    I luv the book “peeps”. It is absolutely Amazing!!! Kinda creepy (with all the parasites and stuff). But I do want to know if those are real parasites. Or if it happened to be just your imagination. I mean, yeah that would be pretty cool, but still, I was all creeped out when I went to bed last night.

  136. 136
    November 2nd, 2012 00:20

    I love to read. So I want to read all your books. My friend in getting old with his reading, it takes him days to finish a single book. When he used to be able to read a big book in just one day. I still read a lot, but high school makes me busy. It does drive my teachers crazy though when I read a book when they try to give a lecture in a class. So yeah for me, boo for class.

  137. 137
    November 2nd, 2012 02:32

    these are the most amazing books. one of the things that i like most is that there isn’t much romance until the last book, so you actually care about the characters and their feelings, it’s not all centered around mushy stuff. beautifully written, and i LOVE the illustrations.

  138. 138
    November 9th, 2012 05:12

    hi i loved the uglies series your my favourite author of all time i wish you would make more books like the uglies serie thx for ur ginous ideas

  139. 139
    November 11th, 2012 08:55

    I LOVE your stories i love the uglies series i read the uglies shay’s story i can’t wait till the 2 one comes :D

  140. 140
    November 13th, 2012 05:38

    The Uglies trilogy is the best!! My favorite is “The Specials”. All great books. You are a great author!!:D

  141. 141
    November 18th, 2012 15:25

    Whoever up there in the comments compared Hetalia to Leviathan LET ME LOVE YOU
    *goes and writes Hetalia/Leviathan crossover*

  142. 142
    November 23rd, 2012 09:06

    I can’t wait to read your books – they are going to be awesome!!

  143. 143
    November 27th, 2012 06:09

    hi this is poop!!!! u r ugly and poopy

  144. 144
    A fan
    December 2nd, 2012 19:17

    I just read the midnighters trioligy and it was awesome
    You should really make another book to show what happens next that would be soooo awesome.

  145. 145
    caleb sims
    December 11th, 2012 21:20

    can you tell me some more facts about you for a presentation for class please.

  146. 146
    caleb sims
    December 11th, 2012 21:21

    can you tell me more about you

  147. 147
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  151. 151
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    December 11th, 2012 22:17


  152. 152
    December 21st, 2012 06:12

    I am a huge fan of the uglies book. Is there going to be a movie?

  153. 153
    December 26th, 2012 14:09

    I love your works so much, especially the Uglies series! Currently reading them for the second/third time. It really should be made into a movie. Thank you for writing such great stories!

  154. 154
    January 4th, 2013 01:43

    What inspired you to become a non fiction scientific author?

  155. 155
    January 4th, 2013 12:29

    I have to admit, I love books with romance! The Uglies and Leviathan series are amazing! If I tried to write a book with romance it would end up super unrealistic and awkward, but you have amazing skill. The Leviathan series is the onlt science fictiob series ive read that i have enjoyed. Anyway you can probably tell that I’m obsessed with your books, and you might not read this since there’s… 154 comments!

  156. 156
    A Fan of Deduction
    January 11th, 2013 20:12

    The Leviathan series is a good series!!! I dont know if it would be a good movie if anything it would have to be on masterpiece or something as a 3 episode series with 90min each episode lol, like a mini series such as BBC SHERLOCK or something lol, either way I love the Leviathan series lol

  157. 157
    A Fan
    January 21st, 2013 03:17

    Some of your books Scott, are really futuristic. But you’re the one who helped compell me to LOVE books with romance. It was just so upsetting to hear Zane just die. How does he even come up with these ideas! I was recently introduced to your books starting with the UGLIES series (love the love) and finished Sp Yesterday recently (loved the love). BEST WRITER EVER!!!!!!!!

  158. 158
    January 22nd, 2013 02:53

    The Genius in the flesh!!!!!!!! You are amazing Scott!!!!!!!!!

  159. 159
    January 23rd, 2013 23:56


  160. 160
    January 23rd, 2013 23:57

    Guess what rhymes with sloth.

  161. 161
    January 23rd, 2013 23:58


  162. 162
    January 24th, 2013 00:00

    Guess what my favorite drink is.

  163. 163
    January 24th, 2013 00:01

    I creep at midnight and watch little kids.

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    January 24th, 2013 00:01

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    January 24th, 2013 00:02

    Suck my…..PONY!!! :)

  167. 167
    Noah Eats Turtles
    January 24th, 2013 00:02

    You know what rhymes with Scott Westerfield?

    Rape…. in the butt

  168. 168
    January 24th, 2013 00:03

    I am watching you, Jacobo.

  169. 169
    January 24th, 2013 00:49

    i like noah’s butt……yay noah work it

  170. 170
    January 24th, 2013 07:33

    The Uglies series was AMAZING!!!!! Please please please make them in to movies!

  171. 171
    January 24th, 2013 17:23

    You guys are so stupid, This website is about his books and Scott not for you to play around on! You stupid ass kids.

  172. 172
    Zane Jones
    February 6th, 2013 20:25

    I read all of the Leviathan books, They where amazing!!! By far my favorite books

  173. 173
    Zane Jones
    February 6th, 2013 20:28

    My name actually is Zane and i thought it was awesome that there is a Zane in the Pretties book.

  174. 174
    Thomas Felt
    February 15th, 2013 05:14

    I hope you (Scott) actually read these. I am a huge fan, although you probably get that a lot, and it would be the coolest thing in the world if you could contact me. Thanks!

  175. 175
    Cracka Gang Bang
    February 20th, 2013 00:12

    In Soviet Russia we blame it on lag. We hate noobs and we execute noobs also. They annoy us because they spawnkill with lag switches and troll us to much! This is the gaming life of Soviet Russia.

  176. 176
    March 2nd, 2013 21:47

    scott-sama! I am a die hard fan of your writing, I think i’ve read them all. Uglies is my fave. The only problem is, you have never come anywhere where I could meet you! you are huge in Canada AB, and it would be absolutely life changing if you came to Edmonten or Calgary, so please consider it. I would love to have you read my novel that I will be publishing sometime in the future, and all my friends would make me like, their queen if i got you to come. pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassssseeeeeee? ;D

  177. 177
    pinkie pie
    March 3rd, 2013 22:56

    you sir, are the coolest author ever!!!! i read your books when i was 7yrs old and i am still reading them now! :D

  178. 178
    March 20th, 2013 06:47

    I loveeeee the uglies series. if you made more to the sequel or wrote similar to them it would be amazeballs

  179. 179
    March 24th, 2013 21:38

    I absolutely love the Leviathan trilogy. I can clearly picture it as a movie. I know some books that are made into movies don’t really follow the book all that well, but this series is so unique and original, it seems like it would be hard to stray from the story line. I don’t know anything about the movie business or what it takes to get it there, but i would love to see it happen <3
    Your writing is amazing. You've inspired me so much.

    -Just another fan who thinks she could help-

  180. 180
    April 4th, 2013 13:08

    Just finished Uglies and Pretties. Love them so much!!!!! I’m reading Specials, and it’ just TOO hard to put down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. 181
    April 10th, 2013 05:25

    Hi you are an amazing writer! I have read the WHOLE ugly series and i have to say it is such good writing! you are the author that made me know that science fiction is my favorite genre of book!!! thanks so much for your talent!


  182. 182
    April 14th, 2013 05:26

    I LOVE your Leviathan series!!!! Have you ever considered making it into a movie? I know that those aren’t always as good as the books, but I have a whole load of friends who would love to go see it!!!! Also, are there any plans for making a follow-up series? What happens after!? I wanna know!!!

  183. 183
    April 18th, 2013 21:53

    scott i love your books i just got done with the ” UGLIES” and it was really good im gona read the pretties next!!! im reading more because of you and my teacher is sayin that im improving on reading so thank you for haveing such a good imagination!!!:)

  184. 184
    April 18th, 2013 21:55

    o and you should really make the uglie series a movie!!!!!:)))

  185. 185
    April 22nd, 2013 05:48

    2 things

    when is Pretties: Shay’s story coming out

    and make the ugly series a movie!!!!!! ;)

  186. 186
    April 22nd, 2013 05:52

    and the uglies books were amazing couldn’t put them down but extras wasn’t the best of them all

  187. 187
    April 23rd, 2013 03:36

    and pppppplllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssseeeeeeee come to the U.S pennslyvania or new jersey

  188. 188
    April 24th, 2013 18:20

    I love your books please come to St. Paul Minnesota. The Uglies are my favorite.

  189. 189
    April 29th, 2013 18:14


  190. 190
    May 2nd, 2013 10:34

    I just finished behemoth your books are amazing!

  191. 191
    Benny Lloyd Tucker
    May 15th, 2013 20:20

    yep…. pretty good books…………..

  192. 192
    May 18th, 2013 04:13

    Scott-la, you should make a prequel series describing Dr Cables ascent into becoming Special. Maybe she started the cure? Or maybe she had the plan to absolutely bring down New Pretty Town….

  193. 193
    May 31st, 2013 01:34

    I love your books and hate to say this but do you just not care anymore? your going ahead and telling everything in advance so you dont have to deal with us it seems like the way you said we can use the media forever look your wonderful but are you really being this way? and how come you havent replyed to at least one comment? why would you leave a spot for comments if you werent going to read them? please know i am saying this with all respect and absolutely no meaness I just dont understand i am so sorry :(

  194. 194
    June 17th, 2013 06:11

    You have a fan in Canada! Congratulation. The Leviathan trilogy is the best series i have read !!! I love it sooo much. Continuing to do what you do.

  195. 195
    Christine R.
    July 15th, 2013 06:27

    I know you may hear this a lot, but you have another fan from the US! I know it doesn’t mean much but I wanted you to know you have lots of fans behind you :)

  196. 196
    July 23rd, 2013 19:00

    Hi, I’m from Russia. And often re-read all the books. And looking forward to the film based on the trilogy “The Ugly.”

  197. 197
    why do you want to know?
    August 5th, 2013 13:52

    @12 just because you couldn’t write a book to save your life doesn’t mean no one else can you petty scummer

  198. 198
    August 12th, 2013 03:27

    just found these book….. have read the first 2 over the last 5 days. i’m so getting the next two, these books are so happy-making :D.

  199. 199
    August 13th, 2013 06:52

    How long did it acquire you to compose “Photos ? westerblog”?
    It has an awful lot of high-quality material.
    Thanks a lot ,Jeanette

  200. 200
    August 26th, 2013 06:35

    PLEASE MAKE THE UGLIES MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM BEGGING U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  201. 201
    Panesha- Douglas
    August 30th, 2013 22:28

    The book is very interesting. :)

  202. 202
    Panesha- Douglas
    August 30th, 2013 22:29

    I want to see the movie :(

  203. 203
    Panesha- Douglas
    August 30th, 2013 22:29


  204. 204
    Clare Palmer
    October 1st, 2013 21:51

    I love these books! There my favorite series ????????????????????

  205. 205
    October 26th, 2013 00:45

    This book rocks dood you know what i mean

  206. 206
    October 28th, 2013 09:38

    Ok the ugliest trilogy has to become a movie. Three movies anyway. I honestly think they might be better that the hunger games just saying. This is me favorite series!! ( I read a lot, maybe too much so I have read a lot of other series) if this series does happen to become a movie be sure to help with the production, especially the script. That’s why the hunger games movies are so good, they actually follow the script because Suzan Collins was there to help write it. She also helped design the clothing and the set so the movie is how she pictured it when she was writing the book. Anyway, amazing books, just finished reading the specials for the second time. I was disappointed tho I when to the website that has the alternative ending but it was taken down :( kinda bummed about that but it’s cool haha

  207. 207
    November 4th, 2013 01:25

    U r awesome love Uglies series so far

  208. 208
    Austin Smith
    November 17th, 2013 09:47

    Hey Scott I just finished the Leviathan series and it was great I loved the illustrations especially in Behemoth of the Behemoth fighting the German ships in the ottoman harbor. Though I was not so happy with the “Cliff-Hanger” in Goliath that is sooo not cool man you need to do more with the series or at least like a second series that like branches off of the first.. But PLEASE do like at least one or two more books in the Leviathan series?? Please?? For me??

  209. 209
    November 18th, 2013 11:33

    love your work

  210. 210
    December 13th, 2013 15:51

    Yayyyyyy it’s taken me ages to get to your site but I’m here!
    Huge fan! I saw you at a convention earlier this year… It was cool…

  211. 211
    December 13th, 2013 15:55

    Me again! Sorry I forgot to say that Leviathan must be a movie! Just wait a few years until special effects get better, then it will look epic! :)
    You probably wouldn’t remember me from the convention, it was that MELBOURNE writers festival. I was the blonde 1 who asked lots of questions all at once at spoke too fast :)

  212. 212
    December 16th, 2013 11:08

    I am a thirty five year old woman (whoah . . .really?) and I simply love your work .It is refreshing, invigorating, and simply addictive. Thank you.

  213. 213
    December 24th, 2013 02:48

    I just finished Goliath . . . after finishing Behemoth last night . . . after finishing Leviathan the day before . . . after starting it in school the day before.
    . . . X) Suffice to say, my family’s a bit annoyed at me for spending the first bit of our Christmas Break “hiding away” in my room doing “nothing”. Nothing! Yeah, right! NO!
    I’m the kind of person that replies with “eh, I like a lot of books” when people ask me what my favorites are, but that just got thrown out the window. The Leviathan Trilogy! How have I never heard of these before?! You, sir, are an absolute wizard with words and characters (and history and action and tension and humor and perfection!!!! And everything else!!).
    I need to go reread them now. XD
    Thank you ever so much for writing these, sir! I haven’t read such good books in so long; I think I was losing my faith in my school library (and fiction in general these days) and then I read these and BOOM: “FAITH RESTORED MUST READ MORE”. Also, you’ve inspired me to try my hand at writing again; since starting school this year I’ve worked myself into a huge slump where I feel like I hardly have any time or motivation for writing and it’s been killing me inside (no joke). That, and whatever writing I //have// been able to do has been engulfed by idiotic fanfictions and unfinished works that are getting me nowhere.
    I can never thank you enough!
    Now I should probably get off your blog and the internet and go make good on my newfound will to write (because though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve found so far on here, spending time reading it and gathering inspiration and optimism is useless if I don’t stop and do something with it) so, I’ll bid you farewell now. Again, thank you!
    Fare thee well (and a Happy New Year, too!):
    PS> I’ve started reading Leviathan aloud to my little sister. I think you’ll be happy to hear that she, too, shares my enthusiasm for the book so far. =)

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    January 28th, 2014 00:22

    i think that the series of uglies pretties and specials should be filmed into a movie, i would defidently watch it

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  221. 221
    March 11th, 2014 07:16

    Dear Mr Westerfeld
    I am what you might say a fan and have read your books numerous times, sometimes in the same week. You have only one minor flaw in your series. You have not continued… I have had the disappointment of reading your books and then finishing to a news report by Eddie Malone. One that does explain clearly the end of the story, but left me with the hunger of a reader. I was one of the students in the audience in the Brisbane Writers Festival. As soon as your presentation was over, I was in need of Leviathan the book. That weekend I purchased the book and had it shipped to me from London. (Accidental Irony) I read the book six times in the same week. I think your work is amazing to make me do that!

    A Devoted Reader

  222. 222
    bobby smith
    March 24th, 2014 18:24

    im doing a project on you why are you so interesting

  223. 223
    bobby smith
    March 24th, 2014 18:37


  224. 224
    bobby smith
    March 24th, 2014 18:37

    your a cool cat

  225. 225
    March 27th, 2014 06:26

    i love your books!! Just finished reading Peeps.

  226. 226
    Sydney Q
    April 15th, 2014 04:26

    I just finished Uglies and I am currently reading Pretties. Your work is amazing. I am wondering if there is a movie for any of your books, I tried to find some but I only found trailers. I hope there is one out there somewhere or in the process!

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