Plane Leaves at 6:00AM

I am blogging to you from 4:19 in the morning to bring you this important news . . .
Apparently, there is a 4:19 in the morning! It differs from the normal 4:19 in the following ways:

Complete suckage.
Phantasmagoric darkness.
Unseasonable cold.
Strange fuzziness clings to all objects, especially teeth.

More later on this disturbing development.

6 thoughts on “Plane Leaves at 6:00AM

  1. Ouch. Now I don’t feel nearly so depressed about the fact that our complete and total lack of readiness to leave tonight means we’re leaving at 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. All I have to do is stumble out to the car under cover of darkness.

    See you in 24-ish hours!

  2. Breaking News! Free wifi at Concourse Hotel’s upper floors! (The Governor’s Lounge just got governorer.)

    All I have to do is stumble out to the car under cover of darkness.

    And hopefully your car will be there, Gwenda. Our wasn’t! The guy did call and say he’d be late, although his definition of “5 minutes” and mine are somewhat different. Like, mine is less than 15 minutes. Fortunately, cabs abound at 5AM, and this one set a land-speed record to Laguardia in 12 minutes of pulse-pounding action.


    Really sorry you couldn’t make it. Wiscon is like all my vacations: As the prepping-to-go stage wears on, I grow more and more full of stress. But once I get here, I remember how lucky I am.

    Especially now that we’ve ordered jalapeno poppers from room service. And slept.

  3. Wow, I forgot that outside NYC the USA is the land of melted cheese. Only been in Madison and awake for, like, an hour and I’m already completely over melted cheese.

    Our room has a view of the lake. The weather is gorgeous. So nice not to be freezing my arse off in NYC.

    See ya tomorra Ms Gwenda. So sorry you couldn’t make it Victoria, but you know you HAVE to come next year–it’s the thirtieth anniversary of WisCon and everyone’s going to be here.

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