Regular Blog Day!

Okay, I really don’t have very much to write about today.

After getting Boingled, though, my hit rate was sky high, and it’s drying up faster than a dead dog on a Texas highway. I just can’t stand to see all those readers slip away. So I’ll use the time-tested strategy of so many regular blogs, and tell you random crap about my week:

Random Thing 1: Today I wrote almost 2,000 words of Specials (Book 3 of Uglies). That’s an excellent day’s work, which is what I’ll have to manage from now until September 12, when it’s due. I think they were good words, but I never know until the next day. Plus, there will need to be an action scene soon. Or perhaps a hoverboard chase.

Random Thing 2: On September 13, Justine and I are headed to Mexico for a month. It’s a writing holiday for her to start on the third Magic or Madness book and me on a possible sequel to Peeps. I can’t wait to show you pictures of San Miguel.

Random Thing 3: The night before last we went to a party hosted by our friend Lauren Cerand, and the blogtastic Maud Newton was in attandence. It was tons of fun, although yesterday was spent with bodacious hangover.

Okay, that’s enough of this. Next time, a real post. But first, since we’re being a regular blog today, a cat picture:

This is Millhouse, who came with an apartment we borrowed in Buenos Aires. He is named after the Simpsons character, and made us love him with his quiet wisdom and impeccable comic timing.

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  1. hey justine. if he was trawling for hits, he would have captioned the photo ‘see nude p*ssy’. instead, discretion. quite admirable, really.

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