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I am currently suffering from Martian Death Plague, a hideous form of flu that has kept Justine and I home from the World Fantasy Convention. Being sick blows, but at least I have a few things to post about.

The first is this cover for the UK/Australia version of Midnighters:

As you can see, it’s the moody image from the back of the US cover, which I’ve always liked. Of course, Garth’s quote is prominent, because he is huge in the UK and Australia. The coolest thing is that the spines of all three books will form a clock face when you put them on the shelf together. (I love that kind of thing.)

The trilogy is coming out one-two-three next year, one book each in April, August, and November. (At least I won’t be getting tons of emails begging me to write faster.) For you UK readers, the publisher is Atom. I’ll post the other covers as they appear.

In other news, watch this space for three exciting announcements coming soon:
1. A fab new Peeps cover for the Aussie edition.
2. A first glimpse of the Specials cover.
3. A movie deal, which I can’t tell you about yet. But soon!

Now I’m going back to being sick. Take your vitamins.

14 thoughts on “Midnighters UK

  1. A Movie? Wow, that’s really exciting! I wish you could tell us which book it is. I hope the script sticks to whatever book, I hate it when the movie is completely different than the book.

    I can’t wait to see the Specials cover. I just finished reading Pretties last night (I had to wait for the paycheck to buy it) and it was amazing. It broke my heart in some places, I bet anyone who’s read it can guess why, but I cannot wait to read the next one. You’re an amazing author, Scott. Keep going, you’re inspirering at least one wanna-be writer out there…


  2. Movie? How fun! Can’t wait to hear more about it….I suppose I should get around to reading more than just Peeps so I can lambast or praise the studio on what they want to make into a movie first 🙂

  3. AHH! I love it wen my favorite books are made into movies…except in the case of Harry Potter, where the movie screwed the books over entirely, but they were still entertaining. I guess after the first few movies a reader has just got to let go and enjoy the fact that Gary Oldman played Sirius (wait..I still haven’t gotten over that…)

  4. Will there be an email notification on the movie? or will it just be in this blog? anyway, yes the movie info rules, except, sometimes i really hold back from seeing books made into movies if they arent done the way the book tells it, that makes me more furious than anything..anyway..good luck with it.

  5. yes mother westerfeild! ….I just hope that they are flinstone vitamins…yummy….
    tehe. AHHH! Movie would be fun. I still need to read peeps. That, and I can’t wait for pretties to come in the mail from amazon. Damn the postal service.

  6. So eveyone wants to hear about the movie, huh? Well, I can’t tell you for a few days yet. But I will.

    In the meantime, glad you like the new cover.

  7. Hey, Scott Westerfeld! I love your book, So Yesterday! the characters are realistic and it was really fun to read! i like Jen because she’s got her own style! how did you think of the shoelace thing? can you teach me how to tie my shoes like that?

  8. I love this cover! I wish i would have known about it sooner or i would have ordered this one instead of the american cover, doesnt matter, i like them both equaly. hope you get well soon scott.

  9. get well too!
    After I read the first book in the Midnighters trilogy and I read the ending, where Melissa’s driving in the car and she suddenly hears that voice…I got really excited because I thought that maybe the darklings could take the form of humans..which would’ve been strange but still interesting. Oh wells. The second book was still great though.

  10. Thomas: There’s a funny story about the So Yesterday shoes. My editors were presenting the book to the Marketing Department, and wanted to tie some shoes that way as a prop. So they tried, failed, and then called me. Apparently they thought I would know how. So I tried to tell them over the phone, which isn’t that easy. The messy results are in one of the tiny photos on the So Yesterday cover.

    Forcher: Glad you like this cover. Hope the Brits do too.

    Fiona: Hmm, that’s an interesting idea. And (SPOILER ALERT) it’s not completely different from what actually happens in book 2.

  11. a Movie?!?!?! OH how cool!!!! oh i wonder what book it is???? yeah i dont like when the movie is SO different from the book. i just don’t. but i finished pretties last night! i LOVED it!!!!!! i can’t wait to see the cover of specials!!! hope u get well soon scott.

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