Peeps in Australia!

Doesn’t this look like a movie poster?

But no, this lovely image isn’t the poster for a Peeps movie. (There is no such movie!) It’s the cover for the Australian edition of Peeps.

And, as you can see, it totally rocks! Hats off to the Penguin Australia designers.

I’m posting the cover in honor of the fact that Justine and I are leaving for Oz in just four days. I can’t wait to get back to Sydney and summer, to awesome Thai food and cricket and the metric system.

To all my Aussie friends: See you there soon.

(And to the rest of you, more on the real movie deal soon. Hah!)

28 thoughts on “Peeps in Australia!

  1. Oh MY GOD!!!! i LOVE THIS COVER. IT BLOODY RULES!!!! it makes the american one look horrible!! just my input though..still.. THIS COVER RULES!!!

  2. That’s one of the best covers I’ve ever seen. I’ll have to get an Aussie copy of the book too. Just perfect.

  3. yea…the font and the colors look straight out of CSI but the cover looks way hotter than the green eye, which looks like it belongs to a mutant. But at least we can narrow down the list of possible books being made into movies…like…six books

  4. ^^ I think both covers look like mutants! But I like the eye makeup too!!! I hope that the movie is not the Uglies book cause its gonna totally ruin it since I think it is just the best book! However, I do not think that the movie is going to be on the Uglies book because everyones view on ‘pretty’ is different and then where are they going to find the actors in Pretty Town? Unless they do it by computer and have people all meshed together like in the past posts.

  5. You know scott, your book Uglies, is really similiar to that movie Disturbing behavior..but im sure your book is much better.

  6. Wow..amazing cover. I’d love to get that version when I buy this book! I’m currently hooked on the uglies trilogy though=best books ever. Pretties is amazing! Can’t wait to read all of your books!!!

  7. Hi,

    I was at your reading in Brooklyn a couple weeks ago. Recently, my mother came home from a trip raving about a book that she’d read on the way – and I recognized her description as your novel. I’ll be reading it as soon as academic committments allow. I just thought you might like to know that your book is out, circulating, and getting praised.


  8. Okay, love it. I read peeps. It refreshed my love for writing. You have given me a sense of being writer reborn. The editors will love that. I am on a completely new focus. Just got Twilight. Have you read it yet?

    Well, I almost want to go goth, I’m into method writing. But, I’m thinking…36 yrs old….parent of three….small midwest American town…..equals…..padded cell (which at times seems like a vacation, but I’ve experience the low payed employee thing…no thanks.)

    Why am I commenting? I’m having alcohol, I think you’re a great writer and …..what the )(*(&^*&&%^%^$$^#.

  9. oops, reviewing my post…spelling, lack of proper….everything. No more beer for me. Paid, yes, don’t write drunk.

  10. For what it’s worth, I picked up PEEPS in the book room at World Fantasy Con, and it ate three hours of my convention. Holy crap, that was good. It did the same thing to Teresa as well. I’ve been pushing it on other people ever since.

  11. Thanks for all your praise for the cover. I lurve it too. (But I still like the American one too.)

    Pumpkin Pie said: everyone’s view on ‘pretty’ is different and then where are they going to find the actors in Pretty Town? Unless they do it by computer and have people all meshed together like in the past posts.

    That’s a cool idea. Would probably be a technical nightmare, though, at least for the near future.

    Thanks for the good news, Rachel.

    Tom Knee: Drunken commenting is always amusing.

    Onyx: Haven’t seen Disturbing Behaviour, but mind-controlling the kids is an old and venerable plot. And part of reality too . . .

  12. lol very true i agree. Plus scott, i stumbled across this great pic of you drunk and/or tired on some website. you looked absolutely adorable.

  13. Omg Awsome.
    I am thinking about reading peeps after I finish the uglies trilogy.
    I read book 1 the uglies in 2 days and book 2 Pretties in 1 1/2 days.
    Those books have me pretty hooked. And I dont think I can wait until Book # : Specials comes out.
    I wont be reading anything in teh meantime though , If I do I might forget about the 3rd book and its publishing.

    By the way when will it be published? Just wondering.

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