Peeps Is Unshelved

How kewl is this?

Unshelved a daily comic strip set in a library, which every Sunday becomes a book review in comic form. This is a fantastic idea, on top of which, Peeps is their book of the week! Color me very pleased.

Check it out:

Ah, if only they’d spelled my name right. But you can’t have everything.

For the full-size version, and the rest of this excellent strip, (and to see my name spelled right! thanks guys), go here.

I will take this opportunity to tell you all that Peeps has been on a winning streak lately:

Top Ten Book for the 2006 ALA Best Books YA Awards

Top 40 Children’s Books for 2005 in Kirkus Reviews

Best Books of the Year in 2005 in School Library Journal
(Justine’s Magic or Madness is on there too!)

Awarded a 2005 Blue Ribbon by the Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

Locus Recommended Reading List for 2005.
(Again! Magic or Madness is there in First Novels!)

Cool, huh? So thanks to all the librarians, reviewers, and editors out there who slave to read dozens (even hundreds) of books every year and then bother to write them up. Without you, us readers wouldn’t find nearly as much of the cool stuff there is to read.

And us writers? Well, we’d just starve.

(Feeling an impulse purchase coming on? Just click here. Or here!)

PS Thanks to John, Joe, and Kendall for alerting me to the Unshelved strip.

27 thoughts on “Peeps Is Unshelved

  1. “Unshelved” features a weekly book review in the sunday strip, but the other days of the week it’s a comic that takes place in a library.

  2. Well I also used to think it was Westerfield and therefore pronounced it as such, until my result for your books on the libary computer failed to work… and in my frustration I actually looked at your name and smacked myself upside the head for my idiocy(is that a word?). Wow run-on… Anyway I love the comic… hahaha

  3. yes for a while i thiought it was westerfield (the cover of uglies led me to that). i wouldnt be to happy about that, but then i also wouldnt care….that doesn’t make any sense does it???

  4. Cool. I love Peeps… “weirdest abstinence lecture ever”

    I also thought it was “Westerfield” until the day I Googled your name (right after I read Uglies and decided that you are an awesome author). My search failed and I checked the spelling off my copy of Midnighters… and then I found your site (which led me to read So Yesterday and Peeps- the internet rocks).

  5. That’s so sweet, and in my YA days that strip would totally make me want to read your book. In fact it has that effect on me as a regular A.

    Fortunate thing about the common misspelling is that by the time anyone’s gotten down the first seven letters of your name, they should be able to find you whether or not they’ve got the last three right. And they can always look you up by the (simple, easy-to-spell!) book titles.

  6. Awesome! Love the comic strip. A little weird though. BUFFALO. Sorry.Anyway, its so awesome that people are actually aknowledging your books. Don’t know if that’s spelled right. My english teacher still has Pretties.

  7. You know, I too thought it was Westerfield, but when I googled it, it didn’t fail. It merely corrected me. Google’s just good like that.

  8. Wow, Thats cool.
    I was currently half way threw peeps but then I left it somewhere today and when I went back to get it … it was gone! I am upset. The book was not cheap ..
    So I do hope it will turn up somewhere tomorrow because I want to finish it very badly, I was just getting to a interesting part too; damn it!

  9. Since everybody has admited to thinking it was ‘westerfield’ in the beggining, i must now add my stupidity as well. I too thought it was westerfield and finally discovered otherwise but not until I had finished the first midnighters book. Just goes to show how un-observant we all can be.

  10. All together now: “WE’RE SORRY SCOTT!”
    If it makes you feel any better, people always think there’s a non-existant D in my last name. “Handcock.”
    Yeah it’s Hancock.
    And then the jokes roll in…

  11. Argh. So everyone though it was “-field”?

    Oh, well. The thing is, Google doesn’t even do one of its “Did you mean” thingies, because there are so many places where my name is “-field” that how are the otherwise clever computers of Google supposed to know that those sites are wrong too!

    And there was the dreaded real “Scott Westerfield,” a place kicker who scores in the second quarter of this game!

    He’s just confusing things.

    Ah, well.

  12. LOL. I konw I was off subject of the last post, I just felt like saying that the wait for Blue Noon is killing me.

  13. yes and specials, but in the mean-time i am reading other books. my friends say im wierd because i read to much. is it possible to read to much? but an upside to reading is that i get A’s on all my papers in enlgish!

  14. I just finished reading Urban Shaman by: C.E. Murphy its about a women who has three days to learn to use her shaman powers to save the world its really good. Now I’m re-reading the Daughters of the Moon series by Lynne Ewing I’m on Book 3 right now . I read to much i guess and I get all A’s in English also its the only class that I’m always passing.

  15. I like the idea of that being an sbstinence lecture, since the whole “Just don’t have sex” thing isn’t working. How ’bout, “Don’t have sex. You MAY become infected with vampirism.”

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