Reading in Sydney (updated)

For those of you on the east coast of Australia, a quick heads-up to say that Justine and I will be signing this week at Sydney’s premier sf bookstore, Galaxy Books.

Date: Thursday, April 27
Time: 6:00PM
Place: 143 York Street, Sydney CBD

We’ll be celebrating the Aussie release of Peeps and the import version of Magic Lessons.

Hope you can make it. (But we’ll understand if you’re, you know, 10,000 miles away and stuff.)

If you can’t, you can always read this cool interview with Justine.

Also, watch this space for big news early next week.

UPDATE: Okay, we did the reading and it was way fun. Thanks to all the folks at Galaxy for having us, and to Jess (who posts comments here) and our pal Deb for coming along.

36 thoughts on “Reading in Sydney (updated)

  1. Big news, big news… What could it be?! Is So Yesterday getting made into a movie officially? Midnighters TV show oficially? GAH! suspense is killing me!

  2. I was just looking on Penguin Austrailia, and I looked the Midnighters books up, and for the first Midnighters book, it says “Adult,” but the secon says “Children’s.” I just thought that was weird.

  3. big news hhmmmm…… Specials is coming out early!!?!?!?! ooo i hope so… πŸ˜‰

    too bad im one of those 10,000 miles away people…

  4. Yesterday, I started the first Livejournal community for fans of your books (link is on my name)Ò€”and I’ve found other ways to spread the word about them, too. I’m keeping my promise to continue spreading the word.

    Big news? SAT scores at a record high, I hope? Results for April’s testing arrive tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

  5. Hmm… as news as big as a shark… I hope it’s about the Midnighters TV shows… og my gom I love these comment chains… haha

  6. Big as a shark… hmm… a new book, maybe? The airship one? That would be excellent.

    Why am I always 10,000 miles away from everything?

  7. I live in a little town called Adelaide so I will also be there in the spiritual not actually there way that other people will be. How big is this shark of big news? Is the shark hungry? Does it like the colour green?

  8. If it’s a Midnighters thing, it’ll be like a whale. A huge blue whale crossed with a shark. A blue whale/shark hybrid on steroids.

    I’m quite excited to find out.

  9. You guys have a whole bookstore devoted to just SF? *DROOLS*

    “If there’s a bright spot in the universe, this is the place it’s farthest from.” Haha, nerd moment there, but that would be me, with Sydney being the bright spot and me being in the place it’s farthest from. Yep.

    Ahh, the SATs. I remember that horror. But no more!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA– nope, now it’s just the GRE, or whatever it is you have to take to get into grad school. When will the standardized testing ever end?

  10. my god why does it have to be in australia when im in Cali. so i guess im one of the WAY OVER 10,000 miles away people.but i hope its something with midnighters like on the tv series or perhaps a new book *****crosses fingers toes and legs and arms (and if i can eyes)***** I know obsessive much put still it would be very silly-making (note the pretty-slang its always fun to say except when people correct ur grammar)

  11. well you know he can’t only tour here in the US, we cannot be selfish. and im aure all the people in Australia are VERY excited about the signing.
    you are lucky, i whole sci-fi store?? now, i’m not into the whole star trek(can’t spell that) scene, but i do watch the sci-fi channel somtimes.
    AHHHHH i HATE testing. they gave us these ‘cool’ braclets to wear that say ‘Corona High CST’s’ and we get free breakfast if we wear them on test days(the only up-side)! oh joy!

  12. Yikkkes I just finished reading Pretties instead of doing my homework and the cliffhanger is TOO much! I feel so sad for ______ (I wont say the name or else spoiler)! Wow I was reading some reviews that said the first book was more original but I think Pretties has its equal share of creativity and twists and turns! I was especially suprised at the end I had to reread the lines. Now everything is so complicated =(
    I am very vague in this but I don’t want to give anything away.
    Excellent book but it did not have enough ___ parts in it! I wonder what will happen at the very end of the trilogy. If it will be a happy or sad ending.

  13. YES!!! I’m coming on Thursday! I also went to Dymocks and bought Peeps today (and Stephen King, but that’s off topic)! So I will SO BE THERE!
    You got served!

  14. HA I forced my mother into driving me to the bookstore. They didn’t have “So Yesterday” but they DID have peeps, and it ROCKED. PLus I ordered so yesterday and I will have it in a matter of weeks

  15. Well I didn’t “force” her XD I was reading that and it sounded like I physically forced her or something. No I’m a good little girl see? *points to halo

  16. Scott, i have a question, When Books become movies, does the author gets portion of the money that is made? Just curious…

  17. Yes, sorry it’s taking so long. Must come up with some other interesting thing to post about. But it’ll be cool to see a few of you at Galaxy!

    And yes, Kha, the author always gets paid something, usually decent money for an “option” (the exclusive right to make a movie within a certain time period) and then much more if the film is actually produced.

    Authors don’t always get a percentage of the gross, but it does happen sometimes. Instead, most author payments are determined as a percentage of the budget, usually around 2.5%. (But usually there’s a cap.) So on a small $10 million movie you’d get $250,000 and on a big $100 million movie, much more.

    Kit, glad you liked PEEPS. (And yes you are very good, of course.)

    And thanks Hezaa for the livejournal community!

  18. Yeah, that does suck, but if you DO make a movie, it’s gotta be realistic, and not turned into some PG crap. I hate it when they edit it for the little kids! (no offense). N i luv all ur books, but i think uglies is my favorite

  19. I just wanted to let you know that Peeps was awesome, Scott. You are officially one of my favorite authors now.

    Big news? Big shark news? Way to leave us in suspense…

  20. i agree, way to leave us hanging! And i think the thing that made peeps special, was the fact that you had real facts in there, and that makes it more believable, since it does have some truth( and really good logic) behind it. (that’s the best part about your style of writing)

  21. thnx for answering scott, and yeh, that does suck, authors shuld get like 20 percent for coming up with the whole story in the first place.

  22. Yeah I think that’s one of the things I love about your writing, its all so realistic. You can actually shove yourself into the mind of a character and feel the way they feel ( at least I can) You do such a great job.

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