Me in Locus

This month’s Locus is all about YA fantasy and sf, and that’s me gracing the cover with Holly Black and Kenneth Oppel!

Inset picture of me by Liza Groen Trombi

As you can see, tons of cool people have written essays for the issue, including Garth Nix, Nancy Farmer, Graham Joyce, Jonathan Stroud, and Ursula K. Le Guin! There are also reviews by Gary K. Wolfe of the entire Uglies series as well as Blue Noon.

I didn’t write anything, but I did sit for a multi-hour interview (back during the round the world trip) and tried to sound wise and smart. Then I posed for those photos trying to look rockstarish. Then they fed me and I got to see the awesome Locus collection of, like, every sf book ever published.

You can read excerpts of the interview here soon, as well as Kenneth’s and Holly’s interviews. But for the whole thing, you can buy the issue or subscribe. Locus is a great magazine, with interviews of sf and fantasy authors and tons of reviews every month. It’s also full of insider stuff, like what books are coming out, or have just sold or been optioned for movies. Highly recommended if you want to geek out on the publishing world. Sorry to sound like an ad, but we do actually live by Locus here in the Larbfeld household.

And the cool thing is, the editors are offering you guys free shipping on this issue (it’s $5.95), or the issue completely free with a year’s subscription. If that appeals, just click here.

And now Justine and I are headed for the Blue Mountains to celebrate my birthday (May 5, same as Michael Palin, Karl Marx, and Uda, the 59th Emperor of Japan). Happy birthday to me.

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  1. Me too, sounds like a really fun magazine, and it must feel WAAAAAY cool to be on the cover of a magazine. way to go scott!!!

  2. Cinco de mi mayo es tu cumplenaos! That means last year your birthday was 5-5-05. My tennis friend has your birthday too… I got Specials today… can’t wait! Congratulations on the magzine cover btw…

  3. Happy Birthday! One of my best friends has the same birthday as you, too. I’ll have to tell her, because at the moment she’s dying to borrow my copy of Specials. I have the same birthday as Osama bin Laden – March 10. Have fun in the Blue Mountains.

    I’m going to have a look at Locus, because I’d like to geek out on the publishing world.
    Does the title come from the “locus” in geometry, like “the set of all possible points within given requirements”?

  4. OMGOSH! You were on a magazine cover… that rocks to the highest! It sounds like a really cool mag; to buy or not to buy?
    And Happy B’day for Friday. Sounds like fun, the Blue Mountains. Have fun! Sorry I don’t have cool stories about who shares my b’day. But remember my friend I got you to sign a book for (probably not)? Her b’day is one day before mine. So that’s cool.

  5. Oh wait. I do have some ‘interesting’ people I share my birthday with.
    Bec Cartwright *shudder* and *shudder* Daniel Radcliffe.

  6. I share my birthday with the new year. That magazine looks cool, I really like Holly Black, Ursula le Guin and Garth Nix so sounds cool. Happy Birthdady have fun the the Blue Mountains.

  7. Both you and Holly working the mysterious leather-jacketed look. Will have to get a copy of that issue!

  8. i doubt that they have a cinco de mayo there. but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! my cousin’s b-day is on the 8th. but that magazine looks good, i might get my mom to get it for me. and scott, you look very rockstarish.

  9. My B-day is so boring and un-interestin… march 12th.. :l
    n btw, dunno if u noticed this when u dressed up, but that blue shirt totally brings out your eyes- nice choice!

  10. I feel like the only person with a winter birthday XD

    Happy Birthday Scott! I guess being on the cover of a magazine is a nice thing to do. I’d be creeped out to see myself on a cover, but DUDE that’s so cool! Well Happy Birthday again!

  11. Kit I have a winter birthday too. In fact, my birthday is always the day of the winter solstice.

  12. Happy Birthday from me to you! That’s so cool how its from Mexico’s Independence day. My birthday is on July 4th. I get to watch the Macy’s Fireworks in NYC. Yeah…..too bad i’ve never watched them and i live in Staten Island….only on tv though, not even the ferry. Anyway, i’m stilllllll waiting fro Specials………………..

  13. wooooh,
    happy early birthday to you!! *claps*
    oh, and scott,
    i love your rock star look.

  14. Blue mountains looks amazing
    And sweet picture

    P.S. Specials has been excellent thus far

  15. Wow, you don’t look angry, and/or moody!

    I want that magazine… Can anyone spot me the money?

  16. Ah, that’s awesome! Congratulations on making a front-page feature, and happy birthday!

    *jumps up and down excitedly* The library finally surrendered a previously “too new” copy of Blue Noon to me today, and my 10-year-old sister has just finished Uglies (and is about to start Pretties, which the library also surrendered)! She absolutely loved Uglies, and so did my friend Rick—who has also read it recently.

  17. Happy Birthday! I’ll read Specials soon, I’m just afraid of a bitter sweet ending to the trilogy like the Midnighters one.

  18. This is so off topic, but I have finished [I]Peeps[/I]!!! Yesterday, actually. I’m so recommending this to all my science-freaky friends. Lol. And we did ‘Deadly Diseases’ in Science first term, so I totally understood what was going on. And I love PNS: ‘[I]Release me![/I] But the thing that really freaked me out was the line:

    ‘so pRetty i hAd to Eat hiM’
    I was reading it at night! fREAky!

  19. Oh yeah. ‘Single White Parasite’? Wow. I’m so glad you changed the title.
    No offence.

  20. Happy Birthday! You are an amazing writer! I love the Uglies, Pretties and Specials. I’m 22 years old and I pass the book on to the kids that I work with. They hate me right now because I’m reading Specials and they have to wait until i”m done before they can borrow it.

  21. hey, i know this is totally random and all, but like i was on amazon checking out specials (i being stupid didnt preorder, and now i am kicking myself for it) and i was looking at all the stuff they had on Westerfeld. and i found some interesting things….I think i might of mispinterpreted it, but did u like write powerpuff girl stuff? like i have no diss on ppg, i know lotsa peeps that are into that, but like i didnt think you were into writing for cartoons. well sorry about posting that there, i didnt know where else to post it.
    ok now onto the real thread here, *singsong*happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear scott! happy birthday to you!*sing song* (do you have any idea how tempting it was to add that part about the zoo and the monkey? lol jk) and major props for making it on the cover, really nice pics! I will have to buy it when i am at the bookstore at opening time to get specials on the ninth.
    another totally random thing, when i read pretties, i didnt read the excerpt from specials cause i figured it would totally kill me that i had to wait so long for it. and i reread pretties and finally caved and read that little part, and it ROCKED! im so spyched to get it. ok im done. wow that was alot of writing. sorry!

  22. I just finsished your book….it was so great and inspriring i fell in love and read it over and over 3 times. you are my favorite author as i have read all of your books. “Specials” was a very moving book just because it shows different sides of all of the story. you had a awesome grand finale to finsish off your trilogy and it just keeps playing in my head. my dream is to become a novelist, writting is my passion, and i wanted you to know that your writing is the thing that inspired me. keep your awesome books coming because without them i would never of realized who i was.

    Thank you,


  23. toady is ur REAL b-day. so…happy b-day….again. i am still very sad b/c i havn’t got specials yet *tear* but i am getting it ASAP! i promise

  24. happy birthday, scott! (it’s your birthday right now, in the states, anyway.) hope you and justine are enjoying the blue mountains, i saw the photo on her website and they look absolutely breathtaking.

    life is beautiful!!

  25. that is absolutely georgous, im sooo jealous now! have a totally amazing time. Scott, take pix if u can and post plz! that would totally rock to the maximum capacity!

  26. Happy brithday to you, happy bithday to you, happy birthday dear Sco-ott, Happy bithday to you!


  28. Read Specials first! Then Peeps! But first totally freak out and jump around the house for joy!

  29. You, and Holly Black, sharing cover space, is awesome!
    I’ve only read one of her books, Tithe, but Valiant is on hold for me at the library =)

  30. Jess, i already have that covered. i ran around the house screaming until my dad got home! lol. and im already halfway through specials (i got the book at nine oclock at night! its now 2 oclock in the afternoon here) so yea, i have been reading alot. lol. its great, everyone into the uglies series needs to get their hands on this asap!

  31. Maddy, it’s not that cold in the Blue Mountains, because it’s never that cold in this latitude of Australia. At night, maybe 4C (40F)-ish. Cool during the day, and very very beautiful.

    Korbe: Yes, I really did write three Powerpuff Girl choose-your-own-adventure books. They even have my name on them! My gwad, a couple are even on Amazon:

    All: Yes, it’s very cool having a Cinco de Mayo b’day, especially growing up in Texas, where it’s, like, a national holiday. And I loved being the cover with Holly, who just won the first Andre Norton YA Award!

  32. yay!
    happy birthday!
    (late but thats okay…)
    you look very rock starish.
    so stars for you!

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