Specials Spoiler Zone

Zane or David? Ugly or pretty? Wild or city?
Special or sane?

How does it all end?

Well, the final volume of the Uglies trilogy is available now, and this is the place to discuss it. That’s right, it’s the Specials . . .

WARNING: Do not read the comments of this post
until you have read all three Uglies books.

Unless you really want to know about Dr. Cable dying on page 596.
(No, wait . . . that’s Dumbledore.*)

Let the spoilage begin!

*I slay me.

UPDATE: Most of the conversations here have moved over to westerboard.com, the forum for all things westerfeldian.

2,743 thoughts on “Specials Spoiler Zone

  1. oh my god.. I just finished this literally 6 minutes ago… after throwing the book and sobbing..
    Zane is in hott-guy heaven now… ๐Ÿ™
    [[damn. This always happens to me.. I always get attached to charactors and then they get killed off ๐Ÿ™ ]]
    I can totally see this as a movie though! Epic..

  2. oh my zane!!!! i havent read it yet but i loooooooooove zane and david and i wish i was tally so i had the options she had(and i probly wouldnt of pissed it up like she did)with great bezziez and loads of boy optiones

  3. I just wanted to say that i love this series so much they’re the best book i’ve ever read. and yes zane dies during the diego war , but if you’ve read the last page of the Extra’s the fourth book in the series , you’ll find out that david and tally get back together ๐Ÿ™‚ so sweet. ya know , i’ve always known that david and tally wud EVENTUALY end up together again. it was just obvious. but i always thought they were better together anyway rather then Zane and tally, even though it sounded like they were cute together. David just seems like her perfect soul mate in a way. AND THAT’S SO COOL THAT THEY’RE SENDING PEOPLE TO LIVE IN SPACE! AWESOME!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. well im so sad about zane cuz im a TOTAL zane fan!!! D: i hate it that he dies!!! i so cried… i was a total david fan till zane showed up! poor tally-wa…

  5. Hello Scott,

    Thank you for the time and effort you put into writing such an exciting series. The premise is original and thought-provoking, the characters are memorable. I thoroughly enjoyed all three books. I am gratified that I am not the only fan heartbroken over Zane’s death. It’s a relief, actually. I have read much, and yet I am still stunned at such an unexpected turn of events. If I may, are you planning another installment? Again,thank you.

  6. wow! she picks david even though zane dies. i can understand but WOW! im in the middle od specials right now…..so.

  7. It couldn’t be!!! Zane-la!!!!!!!!! my Zane-laaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaa I’m crying!
    My death-making wishes:
    -Dr. Cable dying!
    -Zane alive!

    I loved the book. When I stopped reading for really BOGUS and RANDOM reasons I just wanted more… HeeeY Scott, you writing is really ICY-Making!!!
    Don’t hate me guys but I think he’s better than Stephenie Meyer. REally better. She’s just bubbly. Scott is icy.


  8. I CANT BELIEVE ZANE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally started to like him more but then he goes and dies!!!!!!!!! =( i really like David though. Poor Tally. Im reading Extras right now almost done =) (got it Monday and its Wendsday!) I wish Zane was still alive. I wonder what ever happends to Andrew………. when i think of Zane’s death i start to cry and my heart hurts baaaaad! once i was in school and i was thinking about Zane’s death so i was trying sooooo hard not to cry! Man i’m crying right now! I’m getting ALL the books tomorrow so im really really really really really really really really really really really excited to get them ๐Ÿ™‚ (eoe that took me 2 minutes to write that!) i still like David a little better though. GO DAVID!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!! i might be on David’s side and i might be on Zane’s side! i dont know yet. I’m still alittle confused about Extras though. It was really random with Aya and all. I STILL <3 DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER CHANGE MY MIND!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I admit, I have not been on this webpage in a long time… nonetheless it was another joy to see It is such crucial topic and to avoided by so many, even pro. I thank you to succor making people more enlightened of possible problems.

  10. Why Scott? Why kill Zane? I was so sad…he was my favorite character. My favorite characters always turn evil or die…*sigh* but at the same time I understand becuase I want to be an author and when I write stories I actually find it great fun to kill the characters. haha.
    But anways..it was a great book. You have great skills.

  11. I wish Zane wouldn’t have died!!! Well…..at least she ended up with David!! Of course that’s in Extras so…….! PLZ PLZ make another Uglies Book though!!!! They are awesome!!!!! Thank you for writing them!! I want to be an author someday and I hope this is the kind of reaction I get to my book!!!

  12. totally think david and tally were good together and i never really likedanyway he always seemed kinda fake to me at the end of pretties i was just likeTALLY DAVIDS BETTER FOR YOU!!!! but in the end it worked out fine and i was like good that puts my mind to rest also this should sooooo be a movie seriously!

  13. So I read Uglies in one day, and I was so upset with the ending that I just now spent a couple hours looking up what happens in the rest of the books.

    I seriously almost cried when Shay became a pretty. So imagine my devastation when I found out Tally never became normal again, much less a Special!

    Maybe I’m just a total sap, but I really wanted all of them to become themselves again. Shay was the one who didn’t want to a pretty in the beginning- she deserved to be an “ugly” again! (Instead she becomes a “cutter”? Really??) Or at least, I so badly wanted Tally to be with David… But apparently some people think they are together? Somebody clear this up for me please?

    Regardless, I hope to buy the rest of the books. Soon!

  14. I just finished reading Specials and was competely dumbfounded that Zane died! I keep thinking\hoping that maybe he’ll come back in one of the later books! I loved Zane and after David being so pushy towards Tally I only really liked him in uglies. I think Tally made a bad choice by jumping into the ocean when she could have kept Zane alive by just satying with him and sooner or later getting him turned to a special. It made me cry when Zane-la died definetly sad- making! I love Zane!!

  15. Why??Why?? Oh WHY? Why did Zane have to die mr. westerfeld? Zane la was my fave character and i hate being a rusty i mean its obvious that the prehistoric rusties that scott describe are us u and me anyone who is alive today is a rusty ๐Ÿ™ !! I hate how Tally wa descrbes zane la as quivering or crippled it made me cry fo 20 minutes when it said Zane was dead!! i dont really beleive that hes dead because Tally walked out of the room when the machines were still beeping and stuff. I hope mr. westerfeld will write something like this:Tally and david are in a rusty skyscraper and an authority has found that there are people living in old abandonded building in the rusties so he sends an agent out to claim them.
    ” Ma’am please step out of the building it is not stable and could fallon you at any second.”
    Tally turns to david and puts a finger to her lips.
    She steps out into the bright sunlight the figure before her is in the brilliant sunlight so tally cant make out his details.
    ” Who are you?” Tally asks the man.
    ” My name is Zane”
    ” Zane – la is that you ?”
    ” are you the leader of the crims clique?”
    ” YEs who are you”
    ” Tally, dont you remember me zane?”
    The man steps out of the sun and Tally can tell that its her one and only Zane.
    ” I thought you died.”
    “Well turns out i didnt .”

  16. Hello, fellow Rusties!
    Scott, I really did cry for a long while when I read that Zane-la died. He was such a bubbly-making person in not only Tally-Wa’s life, but mine!
    At first I thought “Screw Scott!” then after a few seconds I replied to my sudden outburst with a “No, This is Diego’s fault! Can’t they see this is ZANE?” I later went on to “This is Tally’s fault, if only her brain wasn’t… DR CABLE!!! IT’S HER FAULT!” I felt satisfied with my accusation until I remembered who’s fault it really was. Shay’s. She had to turn Tally into one.
    Well, I never liked Shay that much. Always stuck me as kinda scary. Like a grenade with the pin still in, but loose.

    If you ever come to the DC area, tell me first so I can make some awesome fan art and figure out what to wear to look like a Pretty as much as I can.

  17. Oh yes, and yesterday I was sooooo bubbly! It was really happy-making to hear about the possible movie and I got really bubbly. If I had a flash tattoo it would have been going crazy!
    Aspiring actress really wants to see the movie! Wish I could be at least a background person in it! That would be fun!

  18. Poor Zane. I loved that guyy. ๐Ÿ™ officially tallys fault. i like tally and im not being mean.. but she was the one that let him go free. ya kno?

  19. all i have to say to you is that you are EVIL for killing off Zane! although the sene made me cry, was intense, and romantic, and even though you r the best writer EVER (that includes Shakespear) I HATE YOU!

  20. zane!! nooo!! why??????
    zane was the best and you ruined it!!! i hate you!! rewrite specials just rewrite it kill dr. cable not zane ugh you idiot everyone is team zane dumbass

    …your stories would have been a hit if u didnt kill zane… i still love your writing i just hate your choice in guys

    you should have made shay fall in love with david and zane with tally

    (I havent even read special yet im on like the 1st page iits just killing me inside to find out)

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  22. Zane to the very end!!! David never appealed to me.
    I am devastated about Zane’s death. It REALLY SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!!!

  23. hey i read the 4th book in the uglies trillagy well gues last pages david and tall go off to the pleasure garden togther

  24. *Sobs* why did Zane have to die?! I’m not a HUGE fan of David. Well I started to like him again in Extras a little bit. But I like Zane better.

  25. Hi I am on Pretties. These are really good spoilers!!!!!!!
    I love David and I do not know who Zane is so I don’t really care if he “dies” or whatever at the moment.
    Anyways!!!! I NEED TO READ THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i Prefer Zane; i mean like tally said..”he made me bubbly again” but david truly saw her like she really was, when she was an ugly…but umm if you read extras the last part like the last page…tally threw herself to david..in the garden…So, they got back together, i think…

  27. i am now depressed. i love zane sooo much..david is cool but i dont know something about zane and everything he went through.. he loved tally and i feel like tally really did love him…they went through so much together.. ahhh

  28. Ok i was actually really upset over the pretties ending with shay and the specials ending with zane. I really wish that tally didnt even become a special, and that shay listened to tally before she was forces into it. In the specials i wished she ended up with zane instead of him like dying! He was so nice to her and never judged her about anything because he understood better. He even kept quiet about his head so he doesnt worry her. But am i the only one who remembers david judging her in the pretties. He has always been judging because of maddy. I kind of am happy about david because she really cared about him but kind of want a twist and zane to come back in the picture. Now i HAVE to read the extras

  29. hiiiiiiiiiii anyway i think this is off topic but i was planning to write a story somewhat similar to this soo yeah back to this book… i would have stayed special stayed with zane and live in new pretty town… just my opinion kay

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