New Look

No, you’re not going insane . . . This is my blog’s amazing new look!

Because we all know that the old look was lame. It was one of those generic WordPress templates, which somehow seemed cool back in the ancient days of last year when I picked it. But it was lame and blue and not befitting.

This new template rocks, though. (Thanks, Justine!)

But what is that image at the top? Well, it’s a tiny fraction of the new cover for Peeps. You see, when Peeps comes out in paperback, it’s going to be wearing a new look too. One that goes better with the semi-secret The Last Days cover that you haven’t seen yet.

It’s all very complicated. Just repeat after me: “Everything’s getting slightly better all the time.”

And speaking of The Last Days, you can order it right now on Amazon. You will receive it September 7, or perhaps sooner in that myserious way of book release dates.

That’s it, except that Specials is holding at number 9 on the NYT Children’s Chapterbook list. Let the w00ting continue!

I know it’s a bit shakey and uneven right now, but it will be lovely soon.

97 thoughts on “New Look

  1. Hmm, I wouldn’t use Halloweenish to describe it, though it is pretty sf and scary-ish looking. I like it. =P

  2. ok i obviously dont have a life, cause like i have been staring at the eyes for like 10 minutes and something is bugging me about them. Well its really tiny but like i, having no life, noticed it. The glare reflecting off the lights is from like 3 different directions, like on the blue eye, it comes fromg the right, while the browns comes from the left, and the green well its farther away but its more dead on….just an observation

  3. Korbe, you have the designer’s eye. 🙂 But you could say that there’s several different sources of light. Although then, should the eyes have two reflections? I dunno. Interesting.

  4. whoo, new look, it looks really cool scott!
    the comments are even numbered! awsome. go #55!

  5. Oh yeah. I was gonna ask, what does registering to your blog DO? Like, email us when you update or something?

  6. Yeah, the blog registration thing just pops up automatically, so I left it there. All it does is put you on my mailing list. Of course, if you’ve written me any email directly, you’re already there.

    And choosing a password? That doesn’t do anything, except give you one more password to remember.

    Yes, the eyes are cat’s eyes (peeps eyes, really), except for Cal. I suppose the two girls are Morgan, in back, and Sarah. And on the lighting front: I added the lens flare in Cal’s eye, because I wanted it to be shinier.

    I’ll post the whole thing soon. Like, when I have nothing else interesting to post about.

  7. two of my cats (i have three) have blue eyes–they’re siamese. they aren’t that bright, creepy blue…….but they’re still beautiful!!

  8. Cool Website. Hard to see the leave a reply signal…i want specails so badly…i wonder if they have it at the library? Same with Magic Or Madness? Intrestng…

  9. Hey!
    Well, I just started reading the Ugly Trilogy in late May. I couldn’t stop reading Uglies. It was soooooo goood. Then I went to my little towns Hastings and they didn’t have Pretties. I was so mad. I couldn’t stand to wait for them to order it in and all and I had to know what happened next. (What a cliff hanger by the way! :D) So, I went to the Hastings in a nearby town and bought Pretties. It took me about a day to read it because I had to do chores and that sort of junk that teenagers have to do. So I finished Pretties and I had mixed emotions. I wanted to finish the trilogy of course but I didn’t know where you were going with it. So I bought Specials. I got home at about 10:30 that night and finished it at 2:32 in the morning. I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t want to go to sleep cause then I wouldn’t know how everything turned out. Then at one point in the book I put it down. I couldn’t believe that you just wrote what had happened. I seore I wouldn’t read the rest but within the minute i was reading again. You are a very talented writer. I can’t wait to read some of your other books. I really hope that you will possibly make another book but then it would no longer be a trilogy would it? Oh well. Well thanks for taking time to read this extreamly long post.

  10. i highly suggest the midnighters trilogy Sara Bell, i absolutely loved it, and so yesterday, and peeps! they are the best books EVER! i hope you enjoy them! ^.^

  11. i think i’ve decided that peeps is my very favorite of scott’s books. (that may change someday, of course. and that doesn’t mean i didn’t love them all!!) there was, however, one line in so yesterday that made me laugh so hard i literally fell off the couch from laughter. i was laughing like a loon in a loon factory. i seriously think i laughed for upwards of five minutes. and i don’t think any other line from any other book (or movie, or anything) has ever done that before. (in retrospect, it probably wasn’t *that* funny. i could have hurt myself. but i still laugh just thinking about it, so…kudos for the funny!)

  12. you know, it’s probably a good thing no one was home during the aforementioned incident. they probably would have put me in a loon factory. 😀

  13. jane-la, i have the distinct impression i’m being laughed at. but that’s okay, i don’t mind. 🙂

    loon in a loon factory…it’s something i picked up from the georgia nicolson books….kind of like “loony bin” aka, where they put you if you’re off your rocker. hee hee

  14. hey orangedragonfly, which line was it? or is it a spoiler line? i doubt it. but i do agree with you: so many parts of Peeps just made me crack up!

  15. jess–it wasn’t a peeps line, it was a so yesterday line. if you’ve read it…can you guess? (mostly i just wonder if i was the only one who went into hysterics 🙂 )

  16. “loon in a loon factory…it’s something i picked up from the georgia nicolson books….kind of like “loony bin” aka, where they put you if you’re off your rocker. hee hee”
    Those are some funny books, those are. 😀 And your mention of looney bin made me think of my cat, Luna. Hehehehe, I call her Luny Bin because of her name and also because she’s nutcase.

    “hey orangedragonfly, which line was it?”
    Yeah, which line? That whole book was full of funny stuff. I wanna know which one made you crack up. I know I laughed like loon, but can’t remember the specific lines anymore. I’m going to have to go look them up….

  17. “And speaking of The Last Days, you can order it right now on Amazon. You will receive it September 7, or perhaps sooner in that myserious way of book release dates.”
    Will definitely be doing that this time. \:|

  18. man when do we get to see the last days cover- well you mentioned a ‘new’ one so i dont know…it better be cool, all the other book covers are!

  19. Ah sorry, must have somehow skipped the words ‘so yesterday’… from the excitement of seeing the word PEEPS. lol.

  20. ahh..if you can’t guess on your own, you’ll just have to wait until morning…it’s after midnight, and i have to sleep sometime!

  21. rebecca–i have a nutcase cat too. we call her sarah, but her full name is sarah-bellum (cerebellum). we named her after part of the brain because she doesn’t have one. 😉

  22. Argh! I’m searching through pages…. I’m going to take a wild guess. Was it “You fiddle lucker!”? And do I get a prize if I get it right? Mmmm, cookies. 😛

  23. you’re right, rebecca! (and just reading it on the screen made me giggle…i’m hopeless) and if we’re talking cybercookies, why not go for chocolate cake? i make a mean melts-when-it-hits-your-tongue chocolate cake. 🙂

  24. I loved the google line. That book was really funny… I should go reread it. And about the Peeps eyes, have you guys seen those contacts that give you cat-eyes? Those things freak me out.

  25. i was thinking…what are some of my other sir westerscott lines? only…i can’t go look at my books, because *every one of them* is out on loan. *sigh*

  26. Mmmmmm, chooooooocolate! I’ll have some of that cake, please. 😀

    “i can’t go look at my books, because *every one of them* is out on loan. *sigh*”
    That’s my problem. Someone’s got my Uglies, and up until a few days ago I didn’t have So Yesteray either.

  27. ive stopped renting my books out cause its summer, and i prolly wont get them back, and im definately not ready to give up my books!

  28. well…my best friend was in town, and she hadn’t read *any* of scott’s books (can you believe it??) and when i started telling her about them she wanted them all. and i can’t say no to her, she’s my best friend. she took more than my copies of scott’s books, she took magic or madness too, and five or six others. the good thing is, she left me a stack of her books too. we share. 🙂

  29. orangedragonfly- i have a friend that i share books with, its really great. she is the only one that i let touch my westerfeld books. lol.

  30. korbe-wa…shell is my best friend in the whole world. we have been friends for almost 23 years!! (wow, i feel old..) i know i can trust her to treat my books kindly. 🙂

  31. I just finished Peeps and I postivly adored it! This was the most sensible place I could find to sya that, and I’m sure everyoen already guessed that, considering its such an amazing book. Back to the midnighters board…

  32. i looooved peeps, its the mose recent one ive read, and i plan to reread the midnighters series in the near future. but peeps is really great, the parasite thing is a bit icky, but still its awsome! *directed to kelly*

  33. so, every once and I while when I’m reading through the comments on Scott’s blog, I see someone celebrating because his next book is coming out on their birthday. I always smile and think I’m such a grown-up (30 yo), because it’s the book that matters, not that it just happens to be coming out on your birthday.

    But, then, today: ‘THE LAST DAYS’ IS COMING OUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Awesome! It’s extra special just for me!

    Thanks, Scott!

  34. How is So Yesterday? I read the back and i didn’t like the plot so much, but it’s one of Scotts books so i feel obligated to read it. Still i haven’t gotten it. Is it any good?

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