So I had big plans to continue my Elmore Leonard writing rules, but the heat in NY has reached Farenheit 741.5, the temperature at which it is only possible to read manga and graphic novels.

Luckily, other people are blogging about writing and are being extremely funny. Look on in awe as Maureen Johnson, author of The Bermudez Triangle and 13 Little Blue Envelopes, shows what it’s like to be on deadline with a book.

Pretty much like this:

Thanks to Justine for that link. And now I go back to Paradise Kiss.

35 thoughts on “Funny!

  1. kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i’m the first to blog!!!!!
    I live in New York to but tan island away, Staten Island and it is really hot outside. Thankfully, i have ac and am comfortably at home.

  2. You’re alive! I was beginning to worry. Oh well. I’ll get back to writing about the evils of censorship.

  3. Just finished reading Maureen Johnson’s “Look on in Awe”. I must say that this quite resembles me when i have those never ending projects due i school. I spend the last days before deadline worried my head off about how i will finish and promise i will never do that again when along comes another project that i procrastinate on…………….

  4. But i hope that it gets better for you, Scott. I can now picture you on the last day of work before the Specials deadline. You most likely worried about the ending but it was awesome.

    PS- and yes, thank god you are alive.

  5. yeah i live just outside of boston and it’s like a zillion degrees here too. i can’t even go outside. : (

  6. Dude, I know how you feel! I live in Greenwich, and I almost fainted yesterday. It’s hot, and I can’t go outside anymore, because the heat gets me. I keep myself busy by reading with pleasure at the fact that I know and have been to most of the places in So Yesterday. I also read specials…. fun fun fun….

  7. I really hate heat. I’m contemplating an attempt of survival in Antarctica. Nice and snowy. Hard snow. Rock snow. Ouch, ice. Nevermind, Alaska will do.

  8. Scott. I am dying to read The Last Days.
    Excited isn’t even the word.
    I wouldn’t be able to describe it with my range of vocabulary.

    I had nothing else to say; well I sort’a did, Manga is Awesome.

  9. Her blog is awesome, and she mentioned ZOMBIES…this almost makes up for your lame excuse for a post.::shakes fist:: Sorry, I’m in Chicago, and the heat just broke, so I’m almost drunk on fresh, unconditioned air.

  10. I just came from NY… Anyway I Love manga. Some good ones are Alichino (very involved, but good), Fruits Basket (A cute story…maybe not your flavor, but…). A good movie to watch that will make you cry for five days (I know, I did) is Grave Of The Fireflies. Well, anyway my sister always gives me a bunch of tips on writing stories, but I don’t really listen. I really want last days…badly! I have borrowed Peeps so many times from the library they are just ready to give it to me! Well I have talked WAY too much, so I’ll stop…hopefully.

  11. Manga rocks! Yeah, Fruits Basket is extremely cute… and Naruto is very popular. But you should watch Prince of Tennis anime, cuz it’s just sooo funny!
    My b’day on the 23rd!

  12. kentucky has also reached a boiling point. right now (8:00 am) it’s only 79, but it’s 93% humidity. ick. by this afternoon it will be near 100..and the humidity will stay the same.


    i’ve read runaways and fables, but no manga yet. any suggestions?

  13. pfft yall dont know the meaning of hot. yesterday the official temp was 107 with a heat index of 109 here in good ol texas πŸ˜›
    so i read my manga too (Fruits Basket!) and sat in the fridge

  14. man i live in the VALLEY of CALIFORNIA,
    so you don’t even know what hot is until you’ve been here.
    the locals here are happy when its 100 degrees!!!
    and i don’t get to read manga…
    i’m stuck at school,
    learning about statistics.
    and the ac doesn’t even work at this stupid school!

  15. liset–i lived in bakersfield for more than a year. and everyone there complained when the humidity got to 15%!!! trust me, i know what heat is….and i actually prefer the desert to this sweltering humid sauna!!

    (of course, my husband has it even worse, he’s in iraq where it’s regularly 120-130 in the shade, and 130-140 in the sun. yuck!!)


    (p.s. that’s crummy about the no ac.. πŸ™ )

  16. “YouÒ€ℒre alive! I was beginning to worry.”

    Me too! Maureen Johnson’s post was hilarious, thank you. I laughed a lot. πŸ™‚

    “pfft yall dont know the meaning of hot. yesterday the official temp was 107 with a heat index of 109 here in good ol texas”

    Yeah, exactly. πŸ˜› It was 102 today, and much hotter in my car, heh heh. I kind of like it though. I’m one of the rare people who actually appreciates humid Texas heat. Maybe I’m crazy. Or maybe it’s ’cause I can just go inside whenever I want to. πŸ˜€

  17. just like liset, i also live in the valley of california. right now it can reach up to 100 degrees!

  18. I’ve actually read some of Deathnote and was absolutely hooked. I think I got lazy with all of the downloading (and the fact that I heard that a certain someone that I love bit the dust D: ) and that is why I stopped. But yeah, that’s a really good manga too.

  19. I don’t get the manga thing, seriously. I had enough difficulty with comic books. My mind cannot simulataneously absorb text and pictures, it takes me, like, 5x longer to finish a graphic novel than a real one.

  20. also, a lot of the .hack stuff is good…but there;s too much of it @_@
    anime,manga,novels Dx
    they’re all good though.

  21. I feel so odd posting something that may seem so completely random. Hopefully, it won’t.

    Ahhh, manga. I love people who read manga, the sense of kindredship is overwhelming. ^-^

    And I totally agree that Naruto is the way to go. Addictive and the themes seem to grow up as time goes on. (If you join the fansite you can download the manga for free. of course, then that’s all you end up doing in your spare time but… sleep is over rated.)

    And I completely understand how people without AC are feeling. I don’t have any either. (And the extension cord for my itty bitty fan only goes so far! ;.;)

    Happy summer, all!

  22. Its way hot here too.
    I never really wanted to know what it felt like to melt.
    But thanks to the heat-wave, I now know.

  23. I hate summer. That’s weird, I know, and it probably contributes to the fact my skin is like, white. BTW, great picture.

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