Halloween Plans?

Hey, we’re headed out of town in an hour, and blogging may be sketchy, but to keep you guys entertained . . .

Is anyone planning any Westerfeldian Halloween costumes? Specials? Pretties? Midnighters? Peeps? Or just plain old zombies?

Let me know, and maybe we can put together a photo gallery in early November.

And to fill your swag bags with more than teeth-ruining candy, Penguin is running a bookclub sweepstakes! Enter to win up to ten copies of six books, including my latest, The Last Days. Basically, that’s one copy of each book for all of your bookclub members!

Spread the word.

Ciao till next week!

64 thoughts on “Halloween Plans?

  1. I finished my costume today! Here’s a discription:
    1. Sunglasses (although I may not where those whiel walking outside. Not very safe). Out of all the thousands of pairs of sunglasses in my house, I picked the msot midnightery of them all.
    2. Black Dress. It’s actually a sort of gothic looking sundress. ‘This dress is charcol(sp?’Hahahaha.
    3. Black Spandez type things. So my legs don’t freeze.
    4. Black zip-up sweater. So my arms don’t freeze.
    5. White long sleeve shirt. The dress needs to be layered.
    6. Sparkly silver socks. I found these when I was out on the weekend and knew immidatly Im ust have them.
    7. Black leather shoes.
    1. 13 silver braclettes I made today using silver beads on stnailess steel wire.
    2. Ditto but in different bead pattern.
    3. Silver hoop earings with 7 silver beads on one and 6 on the other.
    4. 13 silver bangle braclettes
    5. 2 Silver rings.

    So that’s my Midnighter Coustume! The only thing else to add is I’ll be wearing black nail polish with a sparkly(silver) top layer.

  2. the only upsetting thing is that I can’t find sparklers this time of year…..
    where should we send the pics:)

  3. This comment isn’t related to this particular post, but I’m curious about the photo you’ve used in the banner atop the page. The eyes seem eery, not natural. Is the photo symbolically related to any of your books? I’m thinking of the Pretties and Uglies–a society aiming for perfection that can only come through surgical enhancements. Am I reaching?

  4. The picture is from the cover of Peeps (paperback version), Lisa. They are vampires, though they are pretty…

  5. I was going to be a special…but my sister said no one is going to grt it you should be some thing else insted…but i do want to get a special tattoo when i turn 18 wel bye

  6. Hola senor! Yeah Scotty you are pretty darn amazing if you ask me. Me and my friends Alexis, Hannah, and marina read your books all the time when we get bored. Which is quite often. I think you are rather atractive also. I mean, don’t you think ladies?!?! Wll anyways I love you (but not more than Jason) Peace out homie.

  7. oh my god avant garde i am going as the half darkling half midnighter this year! ive already started making it because it might take a while. i made my pirate costume for last year in two weeks but this one has to be perfect

  8. I am considering being Tally-wa (as a special) for Halloween, but my best friend Hunter wants me to go as Morticia(sp?) from the Adams family so that he can be Gomez for the Halloween football game…hmm. What do specials dress like anyway? Aside from sneak-suits and ugly-costumes? I hope its something I can march in… I’m in the color guard (we spin flags for those of you who don’t know)at my high school and we march in Halloween costumes for the homecoming game in October. I’m really considering being Tally-wa, because Gomez and Morticia were done a couple years ago by two of our soloists…. hmm (again..).

    If anyone knows, can you get cosmetic contact lenses with a perscription? I already wear contacts and I don’t fancy going back to glasses.*shivers*

  9. Next year I’m going to be a midnighter. Everybody’s going to think I’m just a goth, but that’s good too.
    I guess.

  10. I need to post a picture of me and Stuffy-kins ‘Specials’ costumes. We made them using eyeliner (My friend did our facial ‘tattoos’. She can’t read above a second grade level at the age of 15, so we look more like.. Umm.. Nonspecials whe nit comes to facial.) my grandma’s shawls (Which were grey) a black dress and so so. We looked like dorks, not specials. Mainly because I couldn’t finish my ‘Specials Overrals’ in time.

  11. Costume idea is so totally happy-making, i would have done it but not doing anything for Halloween,so thats totally unhappy-making!
    I’ll try 2 post something though!
    Scott has fawesomely cool ideas!
    Just got Extras, need 2 read it right now!


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