Appearance in Sydney

This coming Saturday, Justine and I will be doing an appearance at the wondrous Kinokuniya bookshop. Deb Abela and Michael Parker will also be there, and the four of us are going to have a long, meaningful debate about science fiction.

Or maybe a spitting contest.

Kinokuniya Books
Galeries Victoria
500 George St., Sydney

Saturday, January 20, 2PM

Who: Deb Abela, Michael Parker, Justine Larbalestier, and Scott Westerfeld

To better the world.

43 thoughts on “Appearance in Sydney

  1. well. i’ll be in germany, not austraila. but i sure would like to see a spitting contest.


  2. ohhh spitting contest, very close but not qutie as cool as a bule-flaming contest. tell me who wins! and take lots of pictures!

  3. when are you going to come to southern californis? you came to SF once. but that is 6 hours north of me.
    i dont understand the notebook comment, explain please.

  4. Too bad I’ll be in the states! I wish I were rich enough to fly out there in a moment’s notice to see you guys. Hmph.

  5. Again, you HAVE to come to Wisconsin! We ♥LOVE♥ you here! PLEASE 🙁

  6. Yeah! Kenzie and Capt. are right! Seattle wants you back, Scott (plus I have more books for you to sign…)

    YEAH! A NEW SPECIALS BOOK…called Extras? Are you currently writting it? Is it finished? What is going on???


  7. I say you come to Nebraska because no one ever comes to Nebraska! All we get this year is the guy who wrote This Side of Paradise…I forgot his name. I mean Sydney’s cool and everything, but a spitting contest would be way cooler in Nebraska because it’s so gosh darn cold here, I bet your spit would freeze!

  8. Yay! Going with my friends and everything. Thank God i only live half an hour from the city and just in time for my birthday!

  9. I know you probably get so many of these comments a day, but I absolutely love your books, well the three I’ve read: Uglies, Pretties, and Specails.

    I read a lot of Harry Potter, and I am huge fan, but now I’m a Tally Youngblood fan even more.

    I just finished Specials and I got my best friend Kassie to read your books, and she finished Uglies in 4 days, she loved it so much. I know she will be writing to you soon.

    I want to tell you that your books about Tally are wonderful! But I HATE! HATE! HATE! HATE! That you killed Zane! I hate that. (If you haven’t noticed)

    I read the detication on Specials and I laugh, yep though I didn’t write to you I did throw the book a couple of times and cried more than once.

    The reason I am checking out your site is to do a school project on my favorite author.

    Your Sincere Fan,

  10. hey common Taylor dont be so rash with the hate word good cant always happend i meen i know how you feel i cryed when he died its funny though i was reading it in class and my teacher is such an ID10T he started playing some sad music just as i got there and i fell into tears but we cant always have what we want then it just wouldnt seem real.

  11. I would not be Tally’s mom. What the heck, Topaz. I would be myself, sneaking into a scene as a random passerby. So there.

  12. hey omg taylor i HATE HATE HATE HATE YOU! save that for the spoliers page! i didnt get there in specials yet and now you KILLED IT FOR ME!!!!!!! im not actually that mad but please next time dont tell people that beacuse, like me, THEY DONT KNOW THAT YET AND NOW YOU KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! but seriously what does scott have with killing or doing something to all the cool characters? (ie zane and someone from the midnighters who i will not mention in case any of you have not read it yet. im still devestated about what happened at the end of blue noon. why?????? WHY??????????)

  13. oh and i would be Jonathana or dess. Jonathan because i like Jonathan and hes wicked awsome and i would die to be able to fly and the midnighters quiz i took said i would be 72% him. i would be dess because although im not a polymath, i am pretty good at math. i have a 93 in math and im year ahead of everyone in my class. (im in a class with all sophmores and 3 freshmen) and “it’s good to be the one who does the math” gotta love dess.

  14. Next year I’ll be in a class with all sophmores. And you guys are reading the comment of a math genius right now. My team made it to state in MATHCOUNTS. And I’m the only girl on the team..yeah I’m totally representing all the girls out there! Plus, I’m the ONLY one in my math other girl is smart enough to take Algebra as an 8th grader. Ha..and I’m workin’ a little on Geometry too to prepare myself for state.

  15. Go 8th graders in Algebra! Yesh, I am one, too. And yes, I did mean to type ‘yesh.’ But there are more girls than me in my class. Practically all the eigth graders are in Algebra. 7th graders, too. I think there are only about four or five 9th graders. We have taken over! Go us!

  16. Haha..there’s only 8 of us at the middle school..and no 7th graders–thank gosh! But then there’s only about 50 people in our that sucks!

  17. Haha wow that sucks. I used to live in a town of 300 people and there were only 15 people in my class. I thought you said you lived in Seattle..isn’t that a big city with lots of people?

  18. Argh, why does everything always happen in Sydney! It’s so annoying that you do a signing in the country, a state down from me, and it’s a two day drive to get there! Come to Brisbane! You have fans here, as in, you can’t get your books in the bookshops because they’re sold out!

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