107 thoughts on “International Pixel-stained Technopeasant Day

  1. TLD was fawsome!!!! totally and yeah…he SHOULD make a fourth…but thats if he wants to or not…

  2. i just got it yesterday!!!! so far its good, but i only finished like the 1st chap. hopefully he’ll decide to continue the stiory!!!!! but with extras and all, i think we’ll have to wait. btw have you read Maximum Ride??? it is soooo awesome!!!!!

  3. Some people are saying that there should be a 4th Midnighters book. That would NOT be fool… even though Midnighters is my favorite series EVA! It would be dragging it out too much. I like how the ending leaves the rest of the “story” up to the reader’s imagination. It also makes for a sweet RPG. lol
    However, the fact that Extras is coming out is totally fawesome because the ending of Specials wasn’t as definite. Also, he’s not continuing with the same characters (main characters, at least) and it takes place in Japan, which opens up a billion new options.

    Anyone agree/disagree? I’d love to hear what you think. 😀

  4. I DISAGREE! sorry, but…that…is…wrong…i think there should be another, just to see what everyone does…he (scott) jst leaves you hangin’ and it bugs meee soooooo badddd

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