BEA Fandango

So a mere two days after we arrived back Stateside, Justine and I threw ourselves into Book Expo America, a vast mass of parties, free books, and publishing schmooze.

The first thing you realize about BEA is that it is big. Thirty thousand people big. Here’s a photo of a tiny part of it:

Do you believe me now?

The first day at the S&S booth, Simon & Schuster staff were handing out sample books of Extras (not advanced readers’ copies, just the first three chapters. Scotty was late). They were being extremely good sports and wearing t-shirts declaring themselves to be uglies, pretties, specials, and extras.

That’s my jet-lag expression. Note dark circles under eyes.

On Saturday, I had a signing, where more sample books were passed out. Here’s the vast and intimidating autographing area where about 20 authors sign at the same time.

And here’s a view from backstage.

On the left you can see the hordes of people lining up in the maze of stanchions (reminding this Texan of a cattle yard). On the right, the boxes of books waiting to be signed. I’m pretty good with crowds by now, but passing through that curtain at the beginning of your signing is rather nervous-making.

Here’s me in action . . .

I signed about 200 sample books in my hour. The jet lag hit about halfway through, so apologies to friends I didn’t recognize, people I was weird to, and for all the misspelled names. And thanks for coming! You were all very sweet.

And suddenly it was over with five minutes to spare, so I put on an “I’m an Extra” shirt to pose with.

By the way, Simon & Schuster will be giving away loads of these shirts as October 2 comes closer! And I’ll be giving away any spare Extras sample books. Watch this blog for details.

Thanks to everyone at S&S for the posters, t-shirts, party invites, lunches, and other kindnesses that made BEA loads of fun.

So very soon I’ll be doing the following:
1) Trying to put up the videos I’ve been taking.
2) Put up promised pix of Singapore, etc.
3) Blog some of the books I swagged at BEA.

And don’t forget that you can pre-order Extras now.

136 thoughts on “BEA Fandango

  1. 101 hurry up!!!
    ok this is random but (its true) i had a dream that you posted up a blog thing and it was about your favorite fans….interesting

  2. Kayla – i like Daughtry, he’s good! ‘specially “Home” its such a touching song
    Alexa – dude, i like the band “One-X”, lol, i think..maybe…no probably not. lolol.
    I do hope that Scott does come here! *giggle* Pirates of the Caribbean rules!

  3. i kno it is very touching, home, home, home…but everyone hates me for liking himm!!!! my friends think rock is like the worst kind of music ever. i LOVED the 3rd Pirates movie!!!! i hope there’s more, even though it seemed like the end there. Scott will never come to my town. Living in the smallest state, no famous people come here.

  4. well they’re like he’s butt ugly and cant sing good and im like wtf??? hes such a great singer, i mean for coming off american idol and getting on mtv and all.

  5. Why don’t they like rock music?? And Daughtry can sing, like really really good! lol

    I think it’s time 4 a new post!!!!!!!

  6. Though I am not a huge Daughtry fan I at least know that they are not ‘screaming and guitars’ and that they do, in fact, make sense.
    As I said before, I’m not thier biggest fan. I prefer Augustana and The Fray and Switchfoot.

  7. i so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o want one of those shirts. i would want to have an “im an ugly” or an “im a special” shirt. i wouldnt want an “im a pritty” shirt because my friends will just think im bragging about my looks. i also do get the whole “im an extra” shirt. i dont get it because extras are not people. the book is called Extras because it is basicly extra stuff about what happens after the cure is spread.

    P.S. why are people talking about rock music on here?
    P.P.S. i

  8. i got cut off again!
    i was saying i love rock music
    and that the Uglies triligy will be better than Leviathan.

  9. I love the Fray!!! I like Augustana 2, but I’ve only heard one of their songs, Boston. And It’s been like 5 DAYS since this post was posted.

  10. i despise greenday, good charlette fall out boy
    i love ramones, nirvana, guns n roses
    no offene to any one else

    oh, and so this wont be totally off topic:

  11. We have to draw pictures of someone we admire… for French class. I do not know how that corresponds to French. My teacher does not speak the language. I picked Scott just because he was the first person I thought of and copied the one in all the dust jackets that only shows half his face. So now he is on the piece of paper looking all serious-like. And kind of ugly because I can’t draw.

  12. haha.
    i agree with your taste in music 🙂
    and why does no one know what Leviathan is?? look it up in previous posts.
    (is scott even writing it??)

  13. ME WANT T-SHIRT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i really want Extras 2 but i know if i get one of those 3 chapter things i’ll go insane waiting for the rest of it! in the mean time i’ll be reading ur other books. when i first came to ur site i had only read the Uglies trilogy and i hav decided to read the others in count down to Extras. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!! BEA sounds AH-MAZING!!! I so wish i could’ve been there! Its too bad you had jet lag tho. I’ve never acctually had it (darn parents dont take me anywhere) but i’m sure it kinda ruined ur day a little. o well. i shut up now.

  14. I want either the “I’m an ugly” or the “I’m a special” shirt. NOW!! and of course the Extras book thing. its really bugging me. october is SO far away! and WHAT IS AN EXTRA?

  15. BEA was awesome! I “stole” so many books, as you said. haha. And hsgoisnvfjghsrt about Extras not being there. Very sad-making.

  16. I haven’t been on the site in awhile (months to be exact, i know its blasphimy, i also know that it is spelled wrong). But to see that there is a fourth book to Uglies, well i almost fell out of my chair. I continuosly searched the web about it only to find it doesn’t come out for like 4 months (to my utter disdain) was a very sad-making moment. I will be checkin my lcal barnes and nobles tirelessly in october waiting for it to be on the self. And as a budding writter ( i use budding lightly due to my just entering high school age) i would like to know if Scott could e-mail me some pointers. I am always stuck on the whole actually starting the story part. Once i get it, it is as easy as… well something that is easy. But if anyone on the site has any ideas on my horrible writters block feel free to comment back! i’ll be checkin the feverishly for the next few days. (did i use feverishly in the wrong way, i did didn’t i…crap) oh and i thought of that easy thing … breathing, its common enough (i would hope… that would be a great part of a story wouldn’t it? a disease that stopped u from breathing) sorry got off the subject, any ways help is welcome and i cant wait for extras!!!!!

  17. i apologive for some missing words, i tend to type slower that i think… i need to work on that

  18. My brother and his friends are sitting there laughing at me because I keep spazzing out when I hear something about Extras.


  19. Wow that is so cool!those t-shirts are pretty amazing!!!I want a specials one!!or maybe a pretties? i dont know maybe both!!!! cannot wait till Extras comes out you have no idea!!! the books are amazong!!!

  20. i want one of those shirts super bad.
    i love love love the first three and i cant wait for extras.

  21. OMG!! When I found out there was another book. I flipped out. Haha its quite funny. I’ve been talking to my family and friends about everything that has happened in the trilogy and pretty much they are annoyed. I am trying to get my sister to read it but i was like shocked when she thought it was boring *glares at sister* Well I do think you should post the 3 chapters on here but it would seem like so much time spent on posting it. But what do I know. Well anyways…those T-Shirts are so bubbly-making. Sorry you had jet-lag. But BEA looked like fun.

  22. i thought that “i’m an ugly” t-shirt was funny, can’t wait to get my hands on Extras!!!

  23. I want Extraaaaaaaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!
    & an Extras Samplerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
    & an Extras T-Shirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt!!!!!!!!!
    (really really badley!)

  24. I think you should write a 4th and 5th book, because me and my friend are, and ITS AWESOME! Jessica gets unstuck from the midnight hour and ther’s new characters, you really should want to know about our ideas, they rock like you!

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