Stalking the Dead

After 28,000 miles of traveling we’re back in NYC, jet-lagged and getting ready for BEA. Lucky for 24-hour dry-cleaning, or we would be sartorially doomed for the next few days.

Of course, my posting is so far behind that there are still tales of Paris to tell . . .

Around the corner from our hotel was this graveyard. It was old and pictaresque, so I took the new camera over to shoot moody graveyard shots. Like this one:

Blah, blah, blah. Very artsy-fartsy.

But suddenly, I started finding famous dead people!

That’s the Baudelaire, the dude who translated Poe into French. And he was not alone; I was in the midst of a host of defunkt French celebs!

Without hesitation, I threw aside all pretensions of art, and became a paparazzo of the dead. This turned out to be much more fun than artsy photographs.

There were even honorary French people buried there, like American Man Ray, the guy who made the world safe for Dadaism.

Another yank there was Jean Seberg, aka the cute chick from Breathless.

Check out her birth and death dates. Drugs are bad for you.

But on the positive side, beautiful actresses get more flowers than philosophers. Even philosophers in pairs . . .

Hey, here’s one of my favorite playwrites:

I directed his play The Lesson in my senior year in high school. It was all about an etymology lesson, but I changed it to a tennis lesson. (Dude, I was so Dada, it still hurts.)

Okay, I think that’s all the good Paris photos. Singapore comes next.

And by the way, I just finished the copy edits for Extras. Yay!

Tired. But. Can’t. Sleep. Or. Jet-lag. Will eat me.

90 thoughts on “Stalking the Dead

  1. haha I watched all three they were hilarious!!
    Do the cicadas really do that? I think we call the Caddy Dids. Idk.

    Hmmm I don’t think I’ve ever been called emo. I get called a prep more than anything but I not. haha My grandpa told me I should goth one time because I hadmy black hoodie on with the hood pulled all the way down. I could pull off the look hah

  2. People at school call me emo to!!! It is soooo weird to, cause im like the farthest thing from it! But the only reason they call me that is cause I have a buncha emo music on my iPod. But who says I actually listen to it!! But i AM NOT EMO!!!

  3. Fawesome!!!! Good pictures

    Hey, guess what? Early this morning, my school caught on fire or something, and burned a lot, so school was canceled! But it’s not as fun for me since I woudn’t of had school today anyways…only the younger grades…but it’s still cool!

  4. hhuh i wish my skool would catch on fire….
    but yea the other 2 movies are funny!!!! i dont get called emo… just punk or skater for some reason. just because i wear big sweaters, jeans 24/7, died my hair red (a while ago) wear etnies, and listen to rock ALL the time does NOT make me one.

  5. hmm I wear blue jeans, berkinstocks and old navy shirts.. not preppy but not punk/emo/skater..just normalish i guess lol i love to wampus cat hoodies but its getting to hot for that

  6. All the emos at my school became… un-emo. It was like an emo revolution or something. Though instead of cutting they erase themselves. Like, they rub erasers all over their arms and get ugly weird scras. It’s gross. Very strange. But why are we talking about emo people?

  7. Except for Charles Baudelaire, I haven’t heard of any of those people. But those are fexcellent, fexcellent pics. And yes, jetlag will eat you. I love traveling, but I always fall asleep on planes, and that uber-confuses me when I wake up.

  8. (Sorry for the double post)

    They erase themselves? That’s interesting. Never heard of anyone doing that before.

  9. Yeah that sounds really gross!!! OMG… who would want 2 do that. Do they just like rub themselves raw?? I would never do anything like that!!!! Im sorry but erasing yourself is just WEIRD!!!

  10. so they earase themselves that sounds like what an emo elementary kid would do. i where stuff simalar to Ally exept i dont wear birkies as much more tenies and and my cool slip on shoes and i also wear my jacket constantly but..

    its getting hot:(

  11. Aww! Yay! Your back! I have missed your posts!

    Good luck with the jet-lag stuff. K.


  12. I wear same thing everyone else in my school wears, jeans, flip flops, and a T-shirt. It doesn’t matter how warm it is, we still wear jeans, cause girls aren’t aloud 2 wear shorts. We aren’t aloud 2 wear tanktops either. So when we see each other on the weekends everyone looks so different!!! Our school has a really stupid dress code though….as you can see.

  13. ours is stupid too. if we wear skirts, tanks, or shorts they have to be “3 fingers wide & arms lengths down”
    ewww thats creepy to erase yourself!!! i mean, even though cutting is worse, why would you want to make scars that way?

  14. my school has the arm and finger thing for shorts and no tanktops that dont cover your whole shoulder but no1 pays attention to it and sometimes its nasty

  15. I haven’t seen any tanktops like that either. But even if there were tanktops like that, we couldn’t wear them. Nothing less than a T-shirt @ our skool. And we have 2 follow the rules unless you want 3 days ISS. Which would stink.

  16. At my school you can basically wear anything as long as it isn’t “too revealing.” Mostly the teachers don’t care, but sometimes they will unexpectedly crack down on you. Strangely, you can’t wear pajama pants at my school. Supposedly they are “suggestive.”

  17. At my school the dress code is pretty relaxed. We HAVE one, but no one pays attention to it, so 75% of the girls in my grade go around in tiny little tank tops in the middle of frikkin’ winter (and summer, spring, etcetra)

  18. our school is all strict. if anyone wears any thing against the dress code we first get a warning, then have to wear sonething from the lost and found (ewww) and finally get detention. i hate my school so much!!

  19. Hey! Welcome back to the U.S. I can’t wait to hear about Singapor. (sorry, I really stink at spelling.) And Australia. (again, sorry.)
    122 days until Extras come out
    or 4 months
    or 10,540,800 seconds
    or 175,680 minutes
    or 2928 hours
    or 17 weeks
    I told you that I was still counting, Scott! I can’t wait!! Ekkkkk!!

  20. Im counting 2!!! Okay, but just days, not all the other stuff!! But still, im counting!! Cant wait!!

  21. According to my English teacher we have less than 10 days of ‘actual classes’. I don’t know what, um, non-classes are, but apparently we have about 6 days of them…

  22. Hmmm… thats weird, non-classes. Sounds like something id like 2 have year round. But Im on summer break, so im not thinking about skool till August 24th. Yay!!

  23. 2days, 1hour left of school!!!
    emos ersing themselves again ties into westerfans in disguise, like the pretty operation where you get new skin.
    but yeah, that is so gross, like they want to dissappear
    do all the emos do that?

  24. well i’m out of school aredy but we go in on July something and that sucks becouse we only have like a month for vacation :(.Jessie is right why is nobody posting it’s Sunday!!!!

  25. This is random, but has anybody else seen Pirates 3? I just did, and it *sucks*. It is an insult to your brain.

  26. haha so first of all, I saw how someone posted that youtube trailer for the uglies (haven’t read that series yet) and I like how there was a clip from the tv show lost in the trailer I think. I haven’t seen lost but it looked like the commericials from the show. Anywho, I couldn’t figure out the contact me thing on your site but I just finished the midnighters and loved it. I haven’t read any sci fi books since middle slash/early highschool but it sure rekindled my love for them.

  27. don’t die.
    from the jetlag.

    and you’re such an amateur photographer!! haha. but a good one.

  28. Krista: You’re gonna love the Uglies, they are so good!!!

    Thats all I can think of 2 say, other than….I thought Scott said he was going 2 post more offen now, or did I just read that wrong??

  29. wow iv been gone a long time!!! hehe 🙂 well i have to say i dont really now any of the people up thier… but o well its still fool! 🙂

    this is my last week of school!!! yeppe and its 3 half days and one 2 hour day!! so its not even a full week!! go summer yey

  30. Umm, I think that was the cemetere du pere lachaise (I’m too lazy to put the accent thingies in). I’m prolly totally wrong because all year long all I did was read your books in my French class. I did learn this though – J’espere que tu sois viole par satan- I prolly translated improperly, but it’s so mean it’s funny. Try it out on your French profs.

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