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We’re at Reading Matters in Melbourne, Australia, having a great time. And yes, my posting has been pretty bad on this trip. So far so behind that there are still tales of Paris to tell!

Not to mention Singapore and Sydney. My apologies, but accessing the internets from hotels is expensive and painful. I will do better this summer. Promise.

Please speak amongst yourselves till we get back to NYC on . . . Tuesday!

77 thoughts on “Me Post Soon

  1. my momorial day sucks im at home sitting on the couch in my pjs and it looks like at any time its gona rain.

    pirats is ok i havent seen 3 though but at the end of 2 it confused my dad who hadnt seen 1

  2. happy memorial day! we are going to ahve a BBQ and lots of family over(but family that dosnt get along wi=th me) hope you all have TONS of fun today!

  3. Capt Cockteil – I do agree, Depps best acting was in 21 Jumpstreet, but he’s also very good in Pirates…if i can say so myself…lol.
    Happy Memorial Day Everyone! I’m staying inside cuz of the Cicadas…lol, they r coming to get mee!!!!!!!! RUUUUUUUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What state is Washington D.C. in? I know its a random question, but my history class is in a tizzy trying to work it out.
    PLEASE help me get some work done!

  5. jessie: since last yr? i think.

    haha. but i’m not being rude or anything.
    but i think people can tell anyway.

  6. It’s Tuesday! So where’s the fawsome story we’ve been waiting for?

    (Kidding, its way too early for it to be posted, but I WILL be back later!!)

    Isn’t it famazing how we can talk about absolutely nothing for so long?

  7. um…. Elmo washington dc is in vergina… my aunt lives thier and we go their like all the time for school trips so yea

    cassandra what do u mean story weve been waiting for?? oh Maximum ride-saving the world and other extrem sports comes out TODAY!!!!!!!!!1 🙂 yepppe

    get this my mom and me were in wal-mart. and she was looking at lightbulbs cuz i needed a new one for my room (i just got a celing fan in my room!!!) and i was like this is boring im going to the nail polish sectoin come get me when ur done. so my dad called me (my mom forgot her cell phone) and was like weres ur mom? so i went to go and get her… but she was gon so i went to all the places i thought she was and i couldnt find her. so i like ran around the store 2 (oh and it must have been like hot guy sunday or something cuz every were i went their was at least 3 hot guys and i mean really really HOT!!) so i called my friend cuz i didnt want to be walking around looking like more of a dork then i already am. and i was walking to the food section and i saw this lady at the check out line and tought she looks like my mom and it was!!! so i was like how come u didnt come and get me?? she said its not my job to find you. so i was like well u cant just leave with out me what were u gunna do go home then drive 30 min to come and get me again? she said well thats for you to figure out not me.
    so i like didnt talk to her for the rest of the night cuz comeon what kind of mother leaves their kid in walmart???!!! oh and sorry for the long comment! 🙂

  8. wait a minute-i thought washington DC wasn’t in any state. and it’s TUESDAY and it’s like 3:20 in the afternoon where i am so it’s like 4:20 in NYC i think…yea

    Oh a little note 4 those who saw pirates 3 … PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no spoilers unless you put a big huge notice in before it so i can skip over it! Thanx 🙂

  9. its in the District of Columbia people..its like its own little territory..we had a disscusion in class about it one day. (we have really random disscusions haha)

  10. i luv our history teacher, he acts out everything he teaches…and he’s funny and very animated! gotta luv History! ^_^

  11. Y do all of ya’ll have history?? We don’t have history @ my skool, just geography. And Geography is very boring….. we just kinda learn about where stuff is on the maps, nothing interesting!!!

  12. well i personaly say that DC is in vergina cuz it kind of is… yes it is its own teritory but its still kind of part of vergina…. cuz its in vergina!!

  13. Isn’t “Verginia” spelled Virginia?? If it’s like some weird way 2 spell it for some weird reason…. then someone tell me!! LOL

    Wasn’t Scott suposed 2 post 2day!!!! I thought he was so i keep getting on hoping somethings changed…. and I get this!!! LOL Anyways Scott PLEASE POST SOON!!

  14. Alexa-la i get what you mean.. its like the whole Rome being inside another country thing. I always thought Rome was a really big city inside a country but my hopes were crushed this year lol

    and yes its Virginia

    oh and Jessie I hated geography.. i had it last year in 7th grade. it was the most boring awfulest thing ever!

  15. Thanks so much…I think…So it is it’s own little bubble, in Virginia…cool…thankyou all so much, now we might actually be able to talk about our assignment…

  16. I am in 7th grade, and it’s sooooo boring. But it is easy. I usually end up with like a 102 in that class!! We do so much extra credit in that class. And the worst part is we have block schedualing so im in there for 1 and a half hours!!

  17. sorry you guys had to see my bad spelling!! lol… bad spelling runs in the family! no really it does like my mom dad grandma aunt uncle and so on.

    i love oreos and coke… good combination thats what im eating right now lol 😉

    today we got our yearbooks and we have this yearbook social were we all go and sigh yearbooks… well some kid (cody) drew a dick on the gym flor in sharpie so we all got in truble so now the 8 grade carnivle is cancled!! i hate when like one person does something and we all get in truble… it was pretty funny tho!! lol

  18. haha niice alexa-la.. at our year book party these 4 guys spray painted B.C.M.S. (Bob Courtway Middle School) on there chest and painted there hair and they were going to jump in our school lake but they got cought before they could get there. Our yearbook party this year had a water dunking both and one of our principals and some teachers got in it. And our main principal was giving out rides on his golf cart and other teachers were saling candy and ice cream. and we did that for 4 hours outside. oh yeah and we had a D.J.

    haha we know how to party

  19. Our school doesn’t have yearbook partys or anything… we’re lucky to get A party anytime in the year!! We didn’t even have a party for christmas this year!! I realy hate my school though, all the teachers are kinda…. “different” if you get what I mean… lol.

  20. I must say that D.C. is not in a state. It is a district (see the D) so that if um, terrorists or someone took over the White House they would not have power over the country. That’s kind of the whole point of it. So it is not really in Virginia at all. Virginia just… surrounds it.

  21. Elmo, washington dc is in verginia AND maryland. my aunt lives in maryland so thats how i know.

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