1000 Sk8rs

Update: It’s the 4th of July, so I won’t be posting today. Relax. Go watch fireworks and quit hitting refresh!

A few post ago, I covered the crumbling building across the street. Well, as my pal Scalzi mentioned on his blog, earlier that afternoon a horde of skaters roared down my street as part of Go Skateboarding Day.

I took video of them, but I was lame back then and wasn’t into posting video. But I am no longer lame!

I’ve finally joined the 21st century (or at least the latter half of the first decade thereof) and am posting video of the event:

They filled the avenue, baffled traffic, and took about ten minutes to all go by. The roaring was audible way up here on the seventh floor through double-paned windows! Reader, it stirred the blood.

And after you watch the video: Be kind, rewind.

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