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For all you Peeps fans out there, an article in the NY Times today has tons of photographs from the underworld of New York City. These are exactly the sort of ancient sewers and abandoned industrial places that I had in mind while Cal was skulking around and chasing vampires.

If nothing else, this article proves that I didn’t make any of the underworld-y stuff up. This tunnel looks uncannily like one that Peeps spends many pages in:

photo by Steve Duncan, nicked from the NY Times

A gentle warning: One of the spelunkers in this article takes tasteful nude photos of herself underground. If the unclothed (but discretely concealed) human body melts your brain, don’t look!

Here’s the slide show version, with audio.

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    -headline news at
    one of the first things I read is “terrorism not suspected”
    (what is it with us and terrorists?)

  2. this is really cool! i have always liked art like this, i reminds me of thjis book i read once call ‘downsiders’ about people that live in the old subway areas.

    the pics have a very eerie feeling, it makes you think of vampires right from the beginning, one of these would have been a cool book cover.

  3. allichie i watched the news for over an hour w/ one of my friends this morning and that was the only thing they talked about! it’s crazy, i still can’t believe it. they had all of this video footage and interviews and pictures ans stuff…

  4. Taylor, are you from MN? you don’t have to answer if you don’t wanna, but I’m from MN and that’s all that is on the news. Still!

  5. Rachael-la,i think i know how to contact him. When you click contact Scott on the hompage, it gives you that thing that says: Scott AT…I forget the rest, but you know what i mean, right. Well, put the @ sign where the AT is. I think it was just a mess up. If it doesn’t work, then sorry!


  6. And oh, i forgot. You can post your question here or in mailbag. He reads these, (I’m pretty sure) And so he can try to answer your question!


  7. scott could you pretty please with sugar on top post tommorrow with a question or trivia or something…. (o something for contest you sould ask everyone that wanted the sampler to comment just saying sampler (they can only say it once) and then you copy paste cut them out and draw names randomly…) ta da stress free but a little work has to go into but please post tommorrow it my sweet 16!!!! aug 3rd rocks…. bye pplz

  8. no i’m not i’m from NY, but believe me the bridge story has probably been on every news station in the country today!

    and i hope he posts, too, kheidi-la! you’re lucky that your bday is before extras comes out! one of my friends bdays is on august 5th, two days after yours, but she hasn’t read scott’s books.

  9. ok, i am lately so obsesed with harry potter that i know when the 6th movie is comming out. it is comming out on november 21st, 2008. i am so lame to know this.

    11 days till school *cry*
    (we go back freakishly early)

  10. im going to a b day party on saturday. she hasnt read one of scotts books yet, maybe ill get her the first midnighters book!

  11. scott, post before i have to go back to school! the fact that i havent started school shopping yet and school starts in 11 days scares me!

  12. sorry for posting again, but should i change my name on this site? Amy-la is ok, but im tired of it. before i read the uglies trilogy, my mom called me Amila. so i changed it to Amy-la when i finally read the uglied trilogy. but now i want to be called something else. any suggestions?

    11 days till school

  13. Wow, that was amazing. I would love to do something like that. How do you get in contact with people who do that? Do they do it in more than New York? As I said, it’s amazing.

  14. Hey the 6th movie comes out a few days before my bday. Kewl.

    I just started reading peeps, and I’m allready 2/3 of the way through it. OMG IT IS ADDICTING!

    And don’t laugh at me for saying this, but…is that parasite that makes you a peep real? If it isn’t then that means that scott did a great job! (Well, all of his books are great) I know that the other parasites are real that he talks about…so just wonderin! THanks!


  15. Wow taylor, you are from NY!! Lucky!! I would LOVE to live there. All I do is stair into lakes…lots and lots of lakes. I think it would be fun to live in NY *drools at the thought of NY*

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