Photos of Peeps-world

For all you Peeps fans out there, an article in the NY Times today has tons of photographs from the underworld of New York City. These are exactly the sort of ancient sewers and abandoned industrial places that I had in mind while Cal was skulking around and chasing vampires.

If nothing else, this article proves that I didn’t make any of the underworld-y stuff up. This tunnel looks uncannily like one that Peeps spends many pages in:

photo by Steve Duncan, nicked from the NY Times

A gentle warning: One of the spelunkers in this article takes tasteful nude photos of herself underground. If the unclothed (but discretely concealed) human body melts your brain, don’t look!

Here’s the slide show version, with audio.

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71 thoughts on “Photos of Peeps-world

  1. It really is beautiful down there. Oh and just out of curiosity is the contest still going on?

  2. The pix are cool. It’s so weird to think of something like that existing. I guess there are manholes and sewers everywhere, but no one ever sees the inside of them, so we don’t pay attention. And the ones in New York look way more extensive than any old sewer system.

  3. Just so you all know I am a girl. Jayden always seems to make ppl think of a guy but I’m not. Anyway whats up w/ all of the “fawesome”-ness??? I just don’t see why that word is so “in” (or trying to work it’s way “in”…sorry but I just don’t like it). Well I guess I’m gonna have to check out these pics becuz I myself am an obsessive Peeps fan!

  4. That was cool! Exactly how I pictured all of the Peeps settings underground. But I don’t understand why she was naked? Was it some sort of artistic expression? Well ignoring the nudity I liked that a lot.

  5. ummm…hey you guys i have to ask scott a question. do u know his e-mail address or anything?

  6. Scott, that WAS tasteful! And the tunnels happen to run under the University that I want to attend!

    -And sorry Rachel, the only email address that I know doesn’t work.

  7. nice pics but im just wondering along with others… is the contest still on, taking a break, or non existing anymore?

  8. well could you not figure out a “less stressful way” after the 11th? lol i’m in disney all next week and i’ll have no internet access (even if there are computers, my parents won’t let me use them—-they think i’m addicted. now where did they get a crazy idea like that?)

  9. after the 11th!!! I had my hopes up of possibly small chance that he would post a question on my bday and i could win… (like that would happen but a girl can dream cant she) but then again its unlikely to think a really good cant knock down idea by the 3rd… oh well maybe ill still have a chance at a tshirt (the 11th NO WAY! jk)

  10. oh well i’m leaving on the 6th so the 3rd is ok! lol wouldn’t that be like the awesomest thing ever if you won on your bday? mine isn’t till nov. 12 so i won’t be able to.

    and since i won’t be here when scott announces the lolya contest winners, i’m making my mom check the site (and my email) that day to see if maybe i won. i don’t think i will, but that would be TOTALLY AWESOME!!!

  11. oh wait, nevermind! i’m leaving on the morning of the 6th, but i just read the new insideadog post and it said that the winners are gonna be announced on the morning of the 6th AUSTRALIA time! so i’ll know who ends up winning without making my mom check for me. cool! although i might have to stay up a bit later than i’d like (considering the fact that i have to wake up at like 4:30 a.m. for the flight) depending on when scott and justine post. man, oh man, i can’t wait to see the winners…i might have to make another cover…need t-shirt!

  12. Those photos are really amazing; I personally love nudes. Clothes bring a sense of a time period, so the naturalness of nudity erases that. It’s even better especially since the underworld of NY is rusted and abandoned, so you aren’t really sure how long it’s been that way. It could be present day, ten, fifty, even one hundred years from now that those photos could have been taken, and I like that feeling.
    They were creepy in the sense that she made me feel like she was accepted as one of the creatures that actually lived there in the sewers among the rats and what have you.

    I wonder if every major city has an underground like that? Does Philly? How can I find out?

    Have you ever travelled under NYC to research for Peeps, Scott?

  13. The pic (i only looked at the first one) looks so fool!
    P.S trust me, you dont want to live in Australia at the mo, it freezing!

  14. thank you taylor for agreeing that the 3rd is a good day to poat a question… (now if everyone else would join in…) i still didnt think of anything to do for book cover but im gonna put one in just to say i tryed… o well

  15. Wow! Those tunnels look just like my dreams, where I am running down these tunnels, running past these platforms that have long been closed off, that squaters now occupy as homes. It is really beautiful. And so are those nudes of Miru Kim. Thanx Scott!

  16. scott, im bored. i have nothing to do online. please post again soon. (and bring back the contest)

  17. sooooooooo bored. I think I am in love with my friend Matt. I feel all fluttery in my stomach when I think about him.

  18. wow. thanks for the randomness of the fact that you are in love with your friend matt. thanks hillary!. and to hillary!, i don’t know what to do about the fact that you like you friend as more than a friend.

    p.s. scott post soon!

  19. OMG…changing subject…anyone hear about the bridge in MN? I live by that bridge! There’s nothing on our news except that!

  20. When I said there’s nothing on our news except that, I meant that the bridge has been on the air for nearly an hour and a half. It looks so scary!

  21. *boggles* kheidi-la, your birthday’s august 3rd? So’s mine, oddly enough.
    Well … I’m bored…
    *whistles in the daak*
    Random passerby number one: Do you mean whistling in the dark?
    Cat: Marmalade or blueberry?
    R. p. n. o.: …freaky kid *walks away*
    Cat: What a weirdo. It’s not my fault that we’re all living inside a novel. Beware of the Flying Saucepan Invasion and the Frying Pan Revolution, by the way. I think they’ve joined forces.

    ***the pantomime ends***
    *cat wonders when Scott will post*
    *the world ends*
    *cat keeps wondering when Scott’ll post unaware that Scott no longer exists nor does she*

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